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Review brief: TEMPTATION AT THE BATHS, also known as PHARAOHS BATHHOUSE FANTASIES, is one of the most beautiful gay porn films ever made. The performers are jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Its an awesomely incredible assemblage of the epitome of male beauty! The setting is one of the most erotic interiors I have seen outside of the male brothel in Pompeii. The walls are covered with expertly painted murals of stunning men engaged in various sexual situations. (I wish the location had been identified in the credits as it would be well worth a visit. Hell, I want to live there!) The elegant and revealing costumes that the hunks wear add greatly to the exotic and erotic atmosphere. The sexual encounters are all threesomes or foursomes as one would expect in a bathhouse in any age. We have a foursome up first. Two of the performers here are more than special: Frank Miller (I think it hysterical when Eastern European porn stars adopt American noms de porn) and Lucio Maverick. Franks pectorals are so developed that it would be more accurate to call them tits. Huge protruding nipples add to that illusion.
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