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Boxcover for Nude Football/ Basketball
Nude Football/ Basketball 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 3/31/2007 by endorphin

Studio: DG

Review brief: Pros: Girls having fun while naked. I'm not sure if they are thinking "Guys get turned on by such stupid things" or "Wow. This is so fun. Why are people so hung up on clothes?" Cons: bodies aren't the mostathletic. Slow mo fillers, one girls seems to be wearing a bad wig Features: umm..there are interactive menusand a slide show Overall: This is a fun DVD. Though some of the bodies aren't very athletic, and in some cases this would knock a hardcore review down a notch, I had complete admiration for their willingness to shed the clothes, set inhibition aside, and just have fun. I like to wonder what women are thinking. And in this case I could easily imagine that these women were either thinking about how silly it is that society gets so hung up on clothes..or..they got amused by the thought of men and their infatuation with naked women in just about any situation, but they werent judgmental. It is very entertaining, and somewhat refreshing.
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Boxcover for Totally Nude Yoga & Tai Chi
Totally Nude Yoga & Tai Chi 

Release date: 10/10/2003
Reviewed on: 1/7/2004 by endorphin

Studio: DG

Review brief: Overall: Totally Nude Aerobics (a different DVD) totally appeased my juvenile side. This DVD, particularly the yoga portion, is more appeasing to my erotic side (though my juvenile side is still happythese chicks are still naked after all). They both have an instructional element, but it is hard to concentrate on the lecture when there are boobies showing (mmmm..boobies). Totally Nude Yoga Starring: Tasha Roome, Lisa McGraph, Barbara Doll Totally Nude Yoga offers a divine tribute the female form at its best. It is sensual, soft, and erotic. A hypnotic voice over, satin floors, soft lighting, flowers, glitter, candles, mist, and three lovely naked bodies make this an exploration in eroticism. Imagine an erotic photo album brought to life. Note: Compared to Erotic Nude Yoga, which I also reviewed: Totally Nude Yoga is far superior even without the exotic locales. Not to mention this disc also offers. Totally Nude Tai Chi Starring: Stevi Conrad, Claudine Jennings, GiGi Lamour, Cori Lane, Doria (formerly of Playboy's Night Calls), I.M.
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Boxcover for Erotic Nude Yoga
Erotic Nude Yoga 

Release date: 5/30/2003
Reviewed on: 1/6/2004 by endorphin

Studio: DG

Review brief: Starring: a naked woman Pros: hypnotic, sensual, exotic, erotic, naked woman manipulates her body, instructional Cons: several wigs does not more than one woman makeso just lose the wigs, deceptive box cover, do I need to have a house on the beach in order to perform this pose? Features: has an interactive menu. You can choose to play movie OR select a scene. Don't you just love technology? Overall: The box cover may indicate that there are several women who perform, but it is the same one wearing different wigs. This is disappointing, not only because there is only one woman, but also because I had to see crummy wigs instead of natural hair. However, this DVD may fill a nice niche in a DVD collection for those that may be interested in seeing a naked woman contort her bodyerI mean may be interested in learning more about yoga. There are several scenes broken down by different goddesses and different wigs on the same woman. Each scene contains hypnotic narration performed by a woman sure to seductively use innuendos.
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Review brief: A nude workout video that will never go out of style! As a woman, I think I actually have more appreciation for soft porn titles than would a guy. But this is a non-hardcore release that my boyfriend genuinely liked as much as I did. This disc is really two movies in one. The second video features beautiful girls in thonged leotards working out to jazzy, disco music in the background. And the first movie actually highlights the same girls doing the identical workout absolutely naked! All aspects of a workout are covered. Theres some sexy stretching and cooling down moves at the start and at the finish, with some serious aerobics in the middle. The exercises went so fast, though that I couldnt even keep up! (Yes, I actually gave the workouts a try!) I vaguely remember seeing the clothed version of the video as a real exercise program on TV back in the 90s. But I was much younger then, and I really didnt understand the bisexual urges coursing through my body and my mind at the time.
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Review brief: I totally love "Totally Nude Aerobics". I much love it. I wanna see naked chicks! I wanna see them in motion! It is not what I expected or hoped for,i.e not a lot of sweating and a woman saying "work it! work it". But, it is an absolute, undeniable visual feast. The women are good looking and there are plenty of great shots of beautiful body parts. It totally satiates my cheesy side (as you may call it, but I am down right proud of it) right down to the cheesy music that makes me giggle and clap. If you're tastes are more tame than hardcore OR you just want to see just how beautiful flesh can be you may want to check this out...over and over and over again. BTW, I never bothered watching the clothed portion.
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