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Review brief: European Teen Dream may be what the French, Germans, and Slavs enjoy in porn, but it doesnt fly well on this side of the Pond. If this was all porn has to offer, the industry would die a fast death. Combine average (by Euro standards) girls performing barely warm sex with a poorly-dubbed voice-over soundtrack and you get this abomination. Throw in poor camerawork (often out of focus or too close to the performers) and you can just about discount it completely. The scenes take place (in order): in a field next to a grave (on a cement wall that looks terribly uncomfortable); on a couch (with two girls doing their soccer-watching boyfriends); on a porch (with a hubby/wife team seducing their maid); in an art gallery; and on the outdoor set of a TV or radio talk show (where one girls does two guys). No performer ids are offered, so a cast/scene breakdown is impossible. The box cover lists Silvia Lancome, Lucy Lee, Anastasia, Dragana Presley, Claudia Claire, and Salma de Nora as the actresses, but I couldnt tell you who is who.
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Review brief: Title: The Art of Sex Released by: Damaged Productions Reviewed by MD James "The Art of Sex" is Damaged Productions version of a super-spy/vigilante movie. The title is a take on the Wesley Snipes movie "The Art of War", but the sultry star moves and acts like the main character of the TV show "Alias". Tavalia Griffin, the brunette babe wearing the black lingerie and holding the gun on the box cover has that look that has this reviewer comparing her to Jennifer Gardner, but obviously Tavalias character does far more than what Ms. Gardners character would ever do on TV. We start out with our sultry star wearing coveralls and washing a nice sports car We also find out that her name is Nikita as in "La Femme Nikita" which is yet another spy movie reference. A couple of girls show up looking for a car, and Nikita is quick to defer them to her manager, who ushers them into his trailer for a little game of "find the keys in the coveralls". Did I say "girls"? They looked more like ladies of the evening.
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Boxcover for Oral Intake
Oral Intake 

Release date: 3/14/2005
Reviewed on: 4/1/2005 by misternogood

Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: There is no cast list on the dvd and it appears to be a foreign made movie. First up is a blonde girl sitting on the edge of sofa sucking the guy standing in front of her. She uses her hand often to stroke him while sucking on the head, and eventually the guy jerks off on her lips. A very pretty blonde girl is on a tan couch and she is giving head to a guy standing in front of her. With some good eye contact with camera, she sucks him while stroking him with her hand. Eventually the guy sits on the couch and she eagerly sucks him while laying next to him. The guy stands up to jack off all over her pretty face. The third scene has another blonde laying on a tan couch masterbating. A guy walks over to her and she quickly moves up to suck on the dick that is hanging in front of her. While blowing the guy, she often masterbates at the same time. Eventually the guy jerks off in her face. A girl with black hair is on a black couch blowing a guy. Unfortunatly in some parts of this scene the girls hair gets in the way and blocks some of the action.
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