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Boxcover for Monica Sweetheart Is Damaged
Monica Sweetheart Is Damaged 

Release date: 7/30/2005
Reviewed on: 9/11/2005 by morbidthoughts

Starring: Monica Sweetheart
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: Okay, the title of this movie is Monica Sweetheart is Damaged and in a way it is literally correct. This is a Monica compilation and the video is not crisp which is a great injustice to her beauty. I have only the Private compilation to compare this movie to though. Unlike Private Story of ____, all of the scenes are culled from how we see her today with the brown hair, nosejob, and the lobster tattoo on the back. I recognise one scene from From Dusk til Dawn and another that must've been an outtake from it because I see fangs on one of the performers (and he bites her on the neck after blowing his wad). This outtake features the late Lea DeMae. I feel funny when I unexpectedly see her in a movie although it's appropriate since the two are supposedly the best of friends. However, in comparing to Private's compilation, the picture just doesn't compare technically with the video being not as crisp.
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Review brief: I watched this several times and I can't follow the plot. This is the second time I've noticed this from a Damaged european import. Either important parts of the storyline are just edited out or the dubbing is not expressing the plotpoint clearly, I don't know. I suspect it's the first point and I don't understand why when the video is grainy and there aren't many extras that things are being chopped out. The title is From Dusk til Down and I don't see that much similarity in the Robert Rodriguez film other than the occassional fangs in some of the performers. You have two characters that dress like the Clooney and Tarantino brothers but you don't even know how they fit into this porn storyline. As far as the sex, it was fine with plenty of anal and dps when the opportunity presents itself. Most of the chicks were beautiful and nasty.
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Boxcover for Asian Thighs, Creampies
Asian Thighs, Creampies 

Release date: 5/28/2005
Reviewed on: 9/6/2005 by morbidthoughts

Starring: Yumeko Ayanokoji, Rio Kikkawa, Natsuki Mizushima, Satoko
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: As some readers of my reviews and my posts may know, I'm not really into any strict ethnic lines in porno. That includes strictly black, hispanic, or asian. The reason why is that I feel this forced quota to have a certain race lowers the likelihood of casting an attractive girl. For some reason one or another there's not enough beautiful asian, hispanic, or black women that are in porn to fill out a series at a given time. I see them out in the streets but I ain't seeing enough of them on video. With respect to Asians, my friends joke or actually believe that I don't find them attractive. I'd like to think I have higher standards in evaluating their beauty compared to the guy that gets hard simply cause their eyes are slanted, their hair is black, and their skin is yellow. However I wanted to check out this movie because I've always been curious about Japanese porn. I always imagined it to be videos with a black circle on the action.
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Boxcover for Double Down 1 (Damaged)
Double Down 1 (Damaged) 

Release date: 7/2/2005
Reviewed on: 9/2/2005 by md-james

Starring: Margaret, Tina, Rebecca, Leslie, Shelly, Grace, Beverly, Venice, Lindy, Jina
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: Title: Double Down #1 Released by: Damaged Productions Reviewed by MD James I normally dont like blowjob-only movies. Part of the reason is that I think that too much time is spent on blowjobs on regular sex movies. Its something of a waste to get a girl naked and then have her only use her mouth to get a guy off. But I think Ill make an exception for Damaged Productions video "Double Down". If there is a blowjob-only movie that Id want to watch, this is it. "Double Down" deals with two girls and one guy. The two girls basically do tag-team blowjobs on the guy. Everybody is naked. There is no dialogue. There are no plots or storylines to get the scene going.
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Review brief: Silver Label (aka Sensual Blend) has a plethora of technical problems, all of which could be overlooked if the girls were decent looking and the sex was hot. Unfortunately, neither of these factors is addressed by Damaged Productions or director Antonio del Toro. Problems? Where to start? Okay, how about the amateurish camerawork. The cameraman needed a couple more cups of coffee that morning, as his shaky hand is evident in just about every position change. When he wasnt shaking, rattling or rolling the camera, he was trying to get fancy by turning his camera sideways MTV style, often resulting in out of focus shots. Who started this obnoxious trend in porn? In addition, the camera cuts away from the money shot to show the guys face. We know what grimacing and straining looks likejust leave the camera on the girls face! Then they cut away from the girls face after the frosting way too quick. So much for the technical issues. The girls are average looking, at best. Alysin Chaynes used to be a very hot cutie.
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Boxcover for Interracially Damaged
Interracially Damaged 

Release date: 5/19/2005
Reviewed on: 8/2/2005 by picman

Starring: Betty, Gianna, Isabel Caruso, Mysti, Laci
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: Prologue I'm feeling adventurous, so I'm reviewing a video from a company I know nothing about, Damaged Productions, with performers I've never seen before. I do recognize Lee Bang on the cover so I know there'll be at least one scene with a fat, deformed cock. Beyond that I'm in virgin territory. Mysti is a fleshy, curvy dirty blonde. The cameraman is goofing with her for the interview/tease. I hate the way he's jumping around with the wide angle close-ups and panning back and forth quickly. It's making me queasy. Lee Bang comes up on Mysti while she's bent over and fingers her pink hole. She finds his cock and starts to tug and suck, He has such an exhaggerated curve to the left that if she deep throated him, he'd poke out through her right ear. When she gets him hard he pulls her panties off, spreads her on the couch and mounts in mish. Lee's very thick and Mysti lets you know she's feeling filled right away. She does a CG ride and responds positively to some spanking. A nice broad ass with a touch of cottage cheese. Cut to Mysti sucking dick again.
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Review brief: This is a euro feature that made no sense. Supposedly some ruthless business was having sex with Lea DeMae and his wife Rita Faltoyano outside in some car before a plane crashed into them killing everyone. Then some investigator is trying to find some girl. It could be the daughter years later or just some other next of kin like a sister I guess for the inheritence. He decides on a different number of candidates and gets them together in on a vacation hideaway and sends a sleazy photographer (a la Matt Dillon in There's Something About Mary) to try to take pictures to help identify the girl. The numerous candidates all have sex around this retreat. Hell there wasn't even an ending as it seemed like the movie was chopped up. Well the girls look great and gave up every hole to cheesy music. The date of production for this movie says 4/05. Uhhh Lea DeMae has been dead for a while and Daniella Rush isn't in a wheelchair so they must mean the translation and conversion of this movie.
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Review brief: Title: The Art of Sex Released by: Damaged Productions Reviewed by MD James "The Art of Sex" is Damaged Productions version of a super-spy/vigilante movie. The title is a take on the Wesley Snipes movie "The Art of War", but the sultry star moves and acts like the main character of the TV show "Alias". Tavalia Griffin, the brunette babe wearing the black lingerie and holding the gun on the box cover has that look that has this reviewer comparing her to Jennifer Gardner, but obviously Tavalias character does far more than what Ms. Gardners character would ever do on TV. We start out with our sultry star wearing coveralls and washing a nice sports car We also find out that her name is Nikita as in "La Femme Nikita" which is yet another spy movie reference. A couple of girls show up looking for a car, and Nikita is quick to defer them to her manager, who ushers them into his trailer for a little game of "find the keys in the coveralls". Did I say "girls"? They looked more like ladies of the evening.
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Review brief: I'm staying with my solo girl kick for this release but this time the majority of the girls aren't stacked with huge tits so the nipple licking is to a minimum. Instead the emphasis for this title lies squarely between the sexy thighs of each and every lady, namely the pussy!! I would use this dvd as a good warmup to further action featuring a cock or another girl, just sometimes one needs a little warm up and these girls are here to do just that. To touch on a few girls that impressed me I'd start with Jamie who begins her scene already naked and in prime pussy stroking position. The moaning was real good as her fingers did the requisite walkin between her thighs. The picture quality was also very good as it was clearly visible and you had some real nice close ups too. Another girl who got my motor humming rather nicely was Grace and not coincidentally her scene also features the best self nipple licking so my cock quickly rose to attention once she started doing this fun activity. Really that's about it, you see a pretty naked girl do some fun finger work to her pussy.
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Boxcover for Asian Desires
Asian Desires 

Release date: 4/5/2005
Reviewed on: 5/28/2005 by rld-fiend

Starring: Noriko Aota, Mizue Kato, Lina Kawa, Aya Seto, Kaoruko Wakaba
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: Asian Desires Studio: Damaged Productions Director: Unknown Year: 2005 Feature Time: 1:54:49 Extras: Bonus Scenes and Trailers (0:47:47) Starring: Aya Seto Noriko Aota Mizue Kato Lina Kawa Kaoruko Wakaba Themes: Asian, Straight Sex Cover Quote: "5 Asian Hotties! 5 Bonus Scenes!" This is my first foray into movies from Damaged Productions, and I have no clue what to expect. I got this one because it seemingly had authentic Japanese porn stars in hardcore action. Usually I shy away from Japanese porn because of the censorship issues; genitals in Japan, from what I know, must be censored on screen (pixellated). Nothing's censored here; we have five extremely cute young Japanese girls getting fucked on camera. This is also my first venture into "authentic" Asian porno. These are not Asian-American starlets; these are real Japanese guys and girls getting it on; nobody speaks English throughout the entire movie. Scene 1: Noriko Aota and a guy Noriko Aota is a really cute Japanese girl, with a shy smile and lots of baby fat on her petite frame.
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Boxcover for Oral Intake 2
Oral Intake 2 

Release date: 4/23/2005
Reviewed on: 5/19/2005 by tongue-in-groove

Starring: Jessica, Eva, Jamie, Dana, Grace, Tori, Jessica Dee, Lindy
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: Oral Intake #2 is an all-blowjob feature from Damaged Productions. Ive seen better titles under this genre, but Ive also seen a lot worse. This volume has a couple serious drawbacks, but the action is hot enough to sustain the moment. The girls, of course, and their techniques are the focus of any all-oral flick. Here, the girls are B-listers, at best, looks-wise. A couple (notably Lindy and Dana) give outstanding performances. The others are decent, but nothing to write home about. The problems come from the camerawork. If there is such a thing as X-Rated (as opposed to XXX-Rated) blowjob movies, this one might qualify. The camera is often situated behind the girls head checking out her hairdo and his face. What is that about? Get the camera around the front and watch her gobble his knob! One guy appears to have serious wood problems, which is understandable based on the average, plain girl giving him head. Its like shes his sister or cousin. There are eight girls in this volume. In order, they are Lindy, Tori, Grace, Jina, Dana, Jamie, Eva, and Jessica.
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Review brief: Ok. This title from damage productions will make you do a double take. It features a great variety of fucking and sucking, but what will make you rent this title is the cast. It is not just any cast. Beautiful women to be sure, and they do what the title says. It is not Tabu in the sense that they swing from a chandelier while getting fucked be a group of midgets, and it doesnt include a reverse shemale gang bang, but it does have something that will have your eyes open. The first and third scenes have two sets of identical twins, with the first set being banged by two men, and the other sharing one lucky guy. The first is by far the best, with each twin getting it well from each guy. They do seem camera shy in the beginning, but they soon warm up and get DPed for all itss worth. The second set of twins are nice looking, but either seem to be terrified to be on camera, or are just calling it in. You be the judge. The second scene has the absolutely gorgeous Aphrodite.
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Boxcover for Oral Intake
Oral Intake 

Release date: 3/14/2005
Reviewed on: 4/1/2005 by misternogood

Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: There is no cast list on the dvd and it appears to be a foreign made movie. First up is a blonde girl sitting on the edge of sofa sucking the guy standing in front of her. She uses her hand often to stroke him while sucking on the head, and eventually the guy jerks off on her lips. A very pretty blonde girl is on a tan couch and she is giving head to a guy standing in front of her. With some good eye contact with camera, she sucks him while stroking him with her hand. Eventually the guy sits on the couch and she eagerly sucks him while laying next to him. The guy stands up to jack off all over her pretty face. The third scene has another blonde laying on a tan couch masterbating. A guy walks over to her and she quickly moves up to suck on the dick that is hanging in front of her. While blowing the guy, she often masterbates at the same time. Eventually the guy jerks off in her face. A girl with black hair is on a black couch blowing a guy. Unfortunatly in some parts of this scene the girls hair gets in the way and blocks some of the action.
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