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Boxcover for Her Cock Is Bigger Than Mine
Her Cock Is Bigger Than Mine 

Release date: 12/14/2006
Reviewed on: 12/30/2009 by chodemasterj

Starring: Celeste, Melanie, Lucy, Cynthia, Lia, Mariana
Studio: Damaged Productions

Directed by: Faith
Review brief: A decent, at best, tranny JO film with some slightly attractive trannies. A good flick is JO films are you cup of tea.
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Boxcover for Moose Knuckle
Moose Knuckle 

Release date: 2/15/2008
Reviewed on: 4/29/2008 by joe-shaver

Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: Five bareback scenes with average and sub-average twinks. The film is just average, too.
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Boxcover for Sloppy Endings
Sloppy Endings 

Release date: 11/23/2006
Reviewed on: 3/8/2008 by joe-shaver

Starring: Benji Hanson, Chet Wall, Dickie Martin, Geoff Gillooly, Stuart English
Studio: Damaged Productions

Directed by: Shane Furley
Review brief: Although it lacks the slickness of a studio production the film features some very cute young things (some of whom have no pubic hair) enjoying what they are called upon to do. Unfortunately the repetitious pattern for all of the scenes and the fact that things go on too long make it somewhat wearisome.
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Boxcover for Dirty Letters (Damaged Productions)
Dirty Letters (Damaged Productions) 

Release date: 5/7/2007
Reviewed on: 2/21/2008 by sean-renaud

Starring: Vanessa, Samantha, Jennifer, Mia Lelani, Mindy Olsen
Studio: Damaged Productions

Directed by: James Justice
Review brief: Dirty letters is a movie completely made up of those stories that we all send in to Penthouse about how we met some hot chick, or our sisters best friend or some other crazy shit like that came along and we had the best sex of our entire lives. It has an amateur feel to it which is a nice change of pace.
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Review brief: "Nantucket Housewives" was another dvd where I wasn't sure if it would be gonzo style or feature style. Would it be styled after the television show of a similar name or would it be a MILF style flick? All I knew for sure was that Kristen Price was appearing, which was good enough for me to take it for a spin.
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Boxcover for One Woman Party
One Woman Party 

Release date: 8/2/2006
Reviewed on: 7/17/2007 by endorphin

Starring: Tina, Nikki, Amber, Katrina, Samantha, Brooke, Eva Lopez, Vicky Vixen
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: This DVD provides nearly 4 hours of women masturbating. Most will find at least three of those hours enjoyable to one degree or the other provided that they are OK with mediocre audio/video and they don't require that women look like contract girls.
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Boxcover for Pussy Play 7 (Damaged)
Pussy Play 7 (Damaged) 

Release date: 1/5/2007
Reviewed on: 4/8/2007 by jayo

Starring: Sarah, Ashley, Kendra, Ice La Fox, Darcy
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: A better than average-produced collection of 8 girls getting it on with fingers and toys for your amusement. The girls are very pretty and there's a lot of variation. However, they all look like they're putting on a show for you, not really masturbating to please themselves.
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Review brief: A (somewhat) QUICK REVIEW: First detail: Transsexual Performers Look Rating is 2.5 This title has been out for about a little over a year, the front cover looks great, but due to circumstances beyond my control, it's taken me a while to get a chance to review this. I almost forgot I had it. So I'll make this review fairly quick, giving enough info to aid in buying or renting decisions if someone should so need it. The chapter index is nice, but makes the scenes look formulaic, like the action follows a script, from the striptease at the beginning to the cumshot at the end, all that's in between doesn't seem spontaneous, as well it shouldn't, I guess. The first thing I notice is the lack of credits identifying who is who to open this movie, and there's no director credited here or on the boxcover. First tranny up is a decent looking brunette, not the hottest, but certainly not the worst I've seen, passable and big tittied with some scarring under from the augmentation. She only has panties on, so her striptease is rather short.
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Review brief: Latin Motherfuckers Yo Momma! Director: John T. Bone Studio: Damaged Running: 110 min Est. Genre: Tabu - Anal Release: 2005 Can someone answer a question for me? What is wrong with parents today, especially mothers. Dont get me wrong. I know fathers have a role, if not job to do, but when you got a title called Mother Fuckers with Mom & Daughter in the same scene, we got issues. Does porn have some kind of Bring your daughter too work day that I dont know about? Is that how Ice LA Fox got her lucky break? All I know is I dont want to see my mother in a pair of shorts, let a lone with a dick her ass. Well, blame it on the economy of Brazil of wherever they shoot this stuff, cause hijinx like these dont take place on American soil. In the first scene, the girl takes on two guys doing vag, anal, and double anal. She has a pretty tight frame, but the sex isnt all that impressive.
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Boxcover for Brotha Fuckers (Damaged Productions)
Brotha Fuckers (Damaged Productions) 

Release date: 9/27/2005
Reviewed on: 11/26/2006 by the-pocketcomb-pimp

Starring: Sophie, Noname Jane, Capri, Lolita Dita, Holly Wells
Studio: Damaged Productions

Directed by: Kronik X
Review brief: Brotha Fuckers Brotha Fuckers, How Ironic Director: Silvio Studio: Black Bird Running: 120 min est. Genre: IR Gonzo Release: 2005 Capri This gap toothed girl was a nasty somebody. Her face wasnt much to start your engine, but her body was straight gold. She had dem itty bitty titties, but the legs and ass were serious as fuck. The scene started with head, a bit too much in my opinion. The upside is the fact that once Silvio was swollen, he put in a solid days work. Silvio took a page from the Marcus book sporting a fitted cap for the entire scene. Unfortunately he doesnt have the heat, intensity or energy that Marcus brings to his work. Silvio hit this every which way but anal. If you ask me anal couldnt have saved this scene. Ive seen much worse, but in short in looked like two people being paid to fuck. Sex without chemistry is boring.
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Boxcover for 3-Way Or The Freeway (Damaged Productions)
3-Way Or The Freeway (Damaged Productions) 

Release date: 10/19/2005
Reviewed on: 10/30/2006 by tongue-in-groove

Starring: Dasani Lezian, Airel, Amparo
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: I havent watched a lot of amateur porn in my life, so I might not be the best source to decide if 3-Way or the Freeway is worth a viewing. But if all amateur smut is like this, I cant understand how anyone in this line of work makes a living. I certainly would never buy this crap. Start with basically unattractive girls, throw in abominable camerawork and terrible editing, add in a pinch of horrible audio, and top it off with boring sex and this is what you get. Im stunned that an established label such as Damaged would handle this 138-minute catastrophe. I guess anyone with a thousand bucks (that would be his total budget) can produce an adult movie these days. Just hire hard-up skanks for $50 apiece, give your cousin $25 to hold the camera anywhere he wants (not focusing on the proper angles, if there are any), ask your buddy at the local A/V store to cut the scenes up any way he wishes (even after hes been out drinking all night), and toss a C-note at the nerd next door who composes obnoxious hip-hop music on his computer to score the whole mess.
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Boxcover for A Few Hard Men
A Few Hard Men 

Release date: 7/5/2006
Reviewed on: 8/17/2006 by joe-shaver

Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: We start right off with Benji Hanson the cover boy. Unfortunately you cant see him here because some fundamentalist Christian nit seems to have forbidden this site to show the covers. (Isnt it amazing that they believe we are created in Gods image and then find Gods image obscene? Explain that paradox!) Anyway, Benji and cute brunet Jefferey [sic] are discovered kissing. As they start to undress we CUT TO: them already naked with Benji sucking Jeffereys dick. Benji is not hard. Now that doesnt bother me as I find an uncut cock in its flaccid state extremely aesthetic, but as the film is title A FEW HARD MEN it seems rather odd. (Perhaps it means only a few are hard. Another paradox, eh?) Benji sucks. WE JUMP CUT TO: Benji getting doggy-fucked. This goes on for a few months. JUMP CUT TO: Benji getting fucked missionary. This goes of for some days too. Benji is not hard. JUMP CUT TO: Jefferey cumming on Benji. (Benji does not cum which is not surprising really as he never ever got hard.) A threesome follows with Chad, Alan & Serge. (I dont know which is which.) They undress.
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Boxcover for Cytherea Falls
Cytherea Falls 

Release date: 4/11/2006
Reviewed on: 6/27/2006 by tongue-in-groove

Starring: Angela, Monica, John West, Cytherea, Bridget Sloan, Cindy Silk, Jessica Rivers
Studio: Damaged Productions

Directed by: Jimmy D
Review brief: Cytherea Falls is packaged in possibly the most misleading box cover in porn history. And the movie aint much better. What do the phrases The Ultimate in Squirting and Squirt-A-Thon! conjure up to you? Personally, I thought it would be non-stop, wall-to-wall squirting from all the performers. Well, it isnt, as Cytherea is the only girl to do the squirting thing. Granted, she does it 10-12 times in her lone, 21-minute scene, but that hardly makes a two-hour flick a Squirt-A-Thon. Okay, its the porn industry and we should just accept the hype and move on. That would be fine, except aside from Cythereas romp, theres nothing of value here. The other five non-squirting, unidentified, below-average looking girls barely got my attention. Theres a two girl/two guy scene in a pool, and three one-on-ones. The final girl does anal. Not a facial in the bunch. So, not only do we NOT know who fucked and sucked in the final four scenes, we dont really care.
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Review brief: Latin Motherfuckers #2 Look Out Mamma, Here I Cum! Director: John T. Bone Studio: Damage Running: 120 min est Genre: MILF-Gonzo Production: May 2004 I copped this title because I dont think MILFs are getting all the good attention that they deserve. The irony comes in the fact that this title only has one female that convinced me that she has experienced motherhood. This title is directed by John T Bone. I recognized the name, but it wasnt until I did my post review research that I saw that he was behind some of the most hyped productions of the late 90s. Ill let you do your own research on that, its time for the review.
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Boxcover for 3's Cumpany Season 2 (Damaged)
3's Cumpany Season 2 (Damaged) 

Release date: 9/2/2005
Reviewed on: 1/30/2006 by dandaman

Starring: Dolly Golden, Alba Del Monte, Lady Rox, Chipy Marlow
Studio: Damaged Productions

Directed by: James Justice
Review brief: 3's Cumpany Season 2 Studio: Damaged Productions Category: All Sex Director: Are you Kidding? Starring: Dolly Golden, Jessica Fiorentino, Gianna Super short Review. There's no secrets of what this one is about: 2 on 1, every scene, with some familar faces but no name to match, this is a hard to review, the sex is not real, real bad, but the picture is kind of odd, this should be consider for extrange porn hall of fame, and maybe the grand finale is the best proof, with a kind of gangbang in spanish, lol.... Overall Thoughts I'm blank, sorry. DVD Quality Audio and Video quality aren't the best you seen in your life, gallery, web info and so on.
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Boxcover for Fuck'em Young (Damaged)
Fuck'em Young (Damaged) 

Release date: 10/8/2005
Reviewed on: 1/4/2006 by tongue-in-groove

Starring: Brooke, Lyla Lei, Sydnee Capri, Brandi May, Romina, Angelina Rio
Studio: Damaged Productions

Directed by: Antonion Del Toro
Review brief: Fuck Em Young is a great idea. Too bad none of the girls is this Damaged production could be remotely considered young. Id guesstimate the youngest girl in the group is 23-24 years old. Not exactly what the title implies. The sex aint bad. Director Antonio del Toro does a pretty good job matching partners with similar chemistry. And he keeps the action fairly hot throughout. But the girls are strictly B-Listers, at best. Asian brunette Lyla Lei hasnt been eating too many salads recently, if you get my drift. But shes a screamer, yelling nasty expletives at her ebony partner throughout the opener. He takes him up the ass, does some A2M, and opens wide for a mouthful at the end. Brooke is a veteran with a horrible fairy tattoo on her tummy. She seems less than enthused, as evidenced by her Behind the Scenes bonus feature demeanor. Shed rather be at an IRS audit.
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Boxcover for Latin Lolitas
Latin Lolitas 

Release date: 6/28/2005
Reviewed on: 12/21/2005 by nutty-buddy

Starring: Mayara Rodrigues, Veronica Bela, Geana James, Pamela Li, Tabata Lima, Paula Moreno
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: Latin Lolitas STUDIO:Damaged Productions DIRECTOR:Uncredited CAST:Geana James, Veronica Bela, Mayara Rodrigues, Pamela Li, Paula Moreno & Tabata Lima Q U I C K I E REVIEW: This is the first I've seen from Damaged Productions. I admit I was avoiding their titles. The cover to this title is watercrest-tasteless like a few others I've seen so that's probably why I avoided this studio. I gambled on this because I didn't recognize any of these Latinas, which probably means this is foreign-which I like. I didn't hear a lick of English throughout but I can't really say what kind of Latin it is. I'll bet on Brazil though because I may have seen one of the male performers before. Anyway, I'm not a big fan of the pigtails and tartan skirts in every scene theme but I had a feeling this would be decent. The first scene is with a slim Latina wearing a few dookie braids, taking on two guys and the fucking is good and hard. Very rough dp, slapping, spitting and revealing gaping anal. The fourway with Mayara Rodrigues and Geana James was a stepdown.
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Boxcover for Teen Factor
Teen Factor 

Release date: 7/30/2005
Reviewed on: 12/8/2005 by tongue-in-groove

Starring: Anastasia, Claudia Claire, Bibian Norani, Lisa Lee, Salma de Nora, Dragana Presley
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: Teen Factor is another throw-away from Damaged Productions in Europe. Why do they even bother packaging this trash? Maybe it sells over there, but I doubt it will ever catch on in the U.S., where viewers tend to be very selective and expect a good product for their dollars. Where to startokay, only one of the six girls is even remotely close to being a teenager. The star (and I use that term loosely) is Bibian Norai, a blonde who might be old enough to have teens of her own. I cant tell you which girl is the youngest because, like most of Damageds products, there is no (zero, nada) attempt at identifying the performers. No director is credited, although I cant blame the person responsible for this mess for seeking anonymity. As usual with cheap Euro junk (as opposed to the classy films of companies like Private), the voice-overs are in pretty good English, but the dubbing of the performers voices reminds one of a typical conversation at Ellis Island. To their credit, the girls (whoever they are) avoid perpetually staring at the camera, another Euro tradition I hate.
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Boxcover for Anal Hazard 3
Anal Hazard 3 

Release date: 8/23/2005
Reviewed on: 11/9/2005 by dandaman

Starring: Sandra, Zita, Jessica May, Renata Wife, Nicole Taylor
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: Anal Hazard 3 Studio: Damaged Productions Category: Anal Starring: Sandra, Zita, Jessica May, Renata Wife, Nicole Taylor Synopsis Not very familiar with Damaged productions, so I will try to do my best effort and be honest as always, just by judging the box cover Nicole Taylor has the Daman's "SEAL" of approval, that and some anal sex will do it for me, the rest of the gang includes Jessica May, Renata, Sandra and Zita, all of them should have some backdoor action let's see..... scene 1- brunette Very forgetful scene with some kind of silly plot, and very bad lightning, they do some BJ, mish, spoon anal, doggy anal, and money shot in the mouth. Scene 2- blonde Next scene occurs in a gym, with a pretty blonde indeed, she does a BJ kind of weird wearing the training gloves, she gets fuck from behind, then mish with PTM, before giving the butt in mish, nice some ATP and visceversa, a good shot in RCA where she takes some good strokes, then spoon anal, she shows a good attitude during the pop in her mouth, but didn't swallow it. Scene 3- Jessica May If I remember well, thi
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Boxcover for Oral Intake 3
Oral Intake 3 

Release date: 9/5/2005
Reviewed on: 10/22/2005 by bono-one

Starring: Katie
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: Here is a fairly simple review to write. This is an oral series as the title would lead you to believe. Then the emphasis falls on how well these girls suck cock and also how it's presented-- throat gaggers style or more towards the sensual side of oral and I'm happy to say it's more sensual which I prefer. The girls are ID'd before each scene begins and then they appear usually stroking their pussy or maybe playing with their tits. Next they are joined by the guy walking up stroking his cock and soon his hand is replaced by theirs and then their mouth. I thought the scenes all had good coverage for the blowjobs with some excellent close ups and the side views also worked well. All the scenes were pretty close in their quality, some of the loads weren't the best but I thought the way the ladies all "made love" to the cocks more than made up for any deficiencies with the pop shots.
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Review brief: European Teen Dream may be what the French, Germans, and Slavs enjoy in porn, but it doesnt fly well on this side of the Pond. If this was all porn has to offer, the industry would die a fast death. Combine average (by Euro standards) girls performing barely warm sex with a poorly-dubbed voice-over soundtrack and you get this abomination. Throw in poor camerawork (often out of focus or too close to the performers) and you can just about discount it completely. The scenes take place (in order): in a field next to a grave (on a cement wall that looks terribly uncomfortable); on a couch (with two girls doing their soccer-watching boyfriends); on a porch (with a hubby/wife team seducing their maid); in an art gallery; and on the outdoor set of a TV or radio talk show (where one girls does two guys). No performer ids are offered, so a cast/scene breakdown is impossible. The box cover lists Silvia Lancome, Lucy Lee, Anastasia, Dragana Presley, Claudia Claire, and Salma de Nora as the actresses, but I couldnt tell you who is who.
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Boxcover for Asian Desires 2
Asian Desires 2 

Release date: 6/13/2005
Reviewed on: 10/13/2005 by ryder7

Starring: Serena, Akiko, Sara Mitsuki, Yukari Mizuno
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: Synopsis: Amateur Asian girls, worse than amateur Asian guys, creampies and boring direction follow Vol.2 in a series I have no intentions of revisiting or even bothering with Vol.1 Scene 1: Opens in the midst of action (if thats what ya call it) We have a homely looking red haired Asian guy holding a vibrating bullet to a girls clit while she gives him uninspired head. They move into some RC & CG and its clear this guy is out of shape and doesn't know how to fuck. At first I thought the girl was kinda cute, but when he went for some doggie, I counted no less than 5 major zits on her ass and that was it for me. I was turned off for the rest of the 26 minutes...what almost made me swear off porn for good was the most extreme disgusting close-up of creampie I have seen on a TV...*shudder..ick... Sex Rating: -0/10 Scene 2: Holy crap..this was essentially the same as scene 1! Same room, same guy, same vibrating bullet and almost shot for shot the SAME sex scenes! The differences are a new girl briefly using a Hitachi Magic Wand.
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Boxcover for Pussy Play 1 (Damaged)
Pussy Play 1 (Damaged) 

Release date: 2/24/2005
Reviewed on: 10/9/2005 by jayo

Starring: Angelina, Brooke, Lacey, August, Delilah Strong, Ava Ramone, Nicole Brazzle, Samantha Ryan
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: I like female solo-masturbation videos, so I see a fair number of them. The best ones for me are the ones where there's a variety of looks, styles, etc., because there's a greater chance I'll find once scene with a combination of things I really like. There's always a chance that a DVD will find that sweet spot and have all the scenes do it, but the chances are much greater that they won't. So if all the scenes are very similar, you're either going to be in heaven or you're going to be disappointed in the whole thing. Pussy Play 1 is a good example. Eight girls, all moderately attractive. They all look to me to be around 20. They're all slender, they have small to medium-sized breasts. They all introduce themselves with some variation of "hi, I'm Mary I'm going to masturbate for you" and then they lay back on the bed and get to it.
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Boxcover for Maxed Out (Damaged Productions)
Maxed Out (Damaged Productions) 

Release date: 5/22/2005
Reviewed on: 10/9/2005 by md-james

Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: Title: Maxed Out Released by: Damaged Productions Reviewed by MD James "I couldnt take any more!" Or so the DVD cover exclaims. I have to admit that I was intrigued by the notion of women being pushed beyond their sexual limit. To be fucked and fucked and fucked until they just cant take it any more. Thats usually the stuff of fiction writers like yours truly. So lets see if Damaged Productions can live up to the claim of showing women fucked beyond their limits. We start off with a streetwalker standing inside some abandoned warehouse, doing a little show for a guy standing in front of a limousine. He comes up closer to her and opens up is pants. She reaches in and pulls out his cock and starts sucking on it. She gets pretty nasty with the blowjob, and he gets pretty nasty with her, spitting on her and sticking his fingers in her mouth when she comes up for air. Then we see her fucking him in reverse-cowgirl position. He pushes her off and has her deep-throat him some more.
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Boxcover for Monica Sweetheart Is Damaged
Monica Sweetheart Is Damaged 

Release date: 7/30/2005
Reviewed on: 9/11/2005 by morbidthoughts

Starring: Monica Sweetheart
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: Okay, the title of this movie is Monica Sweetheart is Damaged and in a way it is literally correct. This is a Monica compilation and the video is not crisp which is a great injustice to her beauty. I have only the Private compilation to compare this movie to though. Unlike Private Story of ____, all of the scenes are culled from how we see her today with the brown hair, nosejob, and the lobster tattoo on the back. I recognise one scene from From Dusk til Dawn and another that must've been an outtake from it because I see fangs on one of the performers (and he bites her on the neck after blowing his wad). This outtake features the late Lea DeMae. I feel funny when I unexpectedly see her in a movie although it's appropriate since the two are supposedly the best of friends. However, in comparing to Private's compilation, the picture just doesn't compare technically with the video being not as crisp.
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