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Boxcover for Bear Booty Call 2
Bear Booty Call 2 

Release date: 1/9/2006
Reviewed on: 6/7/2006 by wizzerbud

Starring: Anthony Mengetti, Cowtown Bear, Camo Kub, Cow Bear UK, Dean Ferguson, Fuzzy Cub, Titan Kub
Studio: Cyber Bears

Directed by: Ken Slater
Review brief: I decided to step out of my normal comfort zone and take a stab at reviewing a bear film. Bear Booty Call II is an hour-long video featuring three scenes with large fat men with hairy chests. Luckily none of these men were the all over hairy back and shoulders looking that you would normally associate with bears. Since these types of men are not appealing to me, I wouldnt call them hot, but I am sure there is an audience out there that is attracted to big fat hairy chested men. The first scene opens with Dean Ferguson in his hotel room on the phone inviting a friend up to his room. There is a knock at the door and in walk two guys. One is Cowbear UK a heavy white bald headed man and Cowtown Bear, a large black man. The three are quick to start making out kissing one another and working on each others nipples. The clothes on Cowtown come off first to reveal a pierced nipple. The guys continue sucking and pinching nipples along with kissing. Cowbear has a thick uncut cock, while Cowtown and Dean have short stubby dicks.
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