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Boxcover for Major Slut
Major Slut 

Release date: 5/31/2002
Reviewed on: 3/19/2006 by neobumcleaver

Starring: Marc Wallice, Don Fernando, Tony Martino, Shaunee Cates, Tiffany Wong, Natasia
Studio: Cream

Review brief: Introduction Major Slut is the first and hopefully last film I ever view from Cream Entertainment. It deals with the adventures of a hot slutty army chick who happens to be named Major Slut. This is one of the more unimpressive pornos Ive seen in a while. The first thing that happened when I put Major Slut in the dvd player was I was treated to a bunch of advertisements, mostly for phone sex numbers. The movies menu called the commercial a trailer. the funny thing about it is Ive probably watched these commercials more than Ive watched the movie. These one minute little clips are better than the film Major Slut. Most of them are just a girl sucking a dick and telling you to call the number, but they say some pretty hot dirty talk while theyre trying to get into your wallet so its kind of hot. When all the advertisements were over the menu for the movie came on. I clicked on play movie and my adventure, or perhaps misadventure with Major Slut began. Plot The entire movie of Major Slut seems to be a series of dreams playing out in the character, Major Sluts head.
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Boxcover for Tight Slut Club
Tight Slut Club 

Release date: 5/19/2001
Reviewed on: 4/14/2003 by the-gynecologist

Studio: Cream

Review brief: If you want an example of how grainy and crappy porn used to look, then by all means pick this up. Those currently spoiled on high quality gonzo from companies such as Red Light and Evil Angel probably shouldn't watch this. I happened to receive this DVD for free and would not say it's worth 1 cent if you happen to pay for it. The first scene starts out with the ever-cliched "pizza delivery guy" bringing a blonde bimbo a pizza (I don't recognize her, it probably doesn't matter anyway.) She then asks him to apply oil to her body. Claiming he has to get back to work, but then agreeing, he fingers her ass and pussy. She gives him a BJ, and then he proceeds to fuck her d-style. This ends quickly and next we see her in mish ass-fucking. At first only the tip of the cock fits in her ass, then after a position change, her rectum accommadates the full length of the cock. Next is reverse cowgirl anal, and the blonde's marvelous silicone boobs bounce quite nicely. He then sprinkles her face with cum.
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Boxcover for I Never Knew Kendra Jade was Such a Cock Up Her Ass Gang Bang Slut
I Never Knew Kendra Jade was Such a Cock Up Her Ass Gang Bang Slut 

Release date: 5/31/2002
Reviewed on: 6/24/2002 by 655321

Studio: Cream

Review brief: That was not an exclamation of surprize. "I Never Knew Kendra Jade was Such a Cock-Up-Her Ass Gang Bang Slut" is the name of this gem. When one acquires a DVD centering on one performer, one runs a basic risk. I reviewed the DVD My Plaything: Gauge, and was very happy. Unfortunately, I had never seen (though I had heard of) Kendra Jade and took a stab because the DVD was cheap. This is one astonishingly unattractive adult film performer. From her sagging belly, to her pimpled and bruised ass, to her ski jump nose, this is not a fun person to watch have sex. Prevaricating wooden puppets don't have honkers this big. The only way she'd have a problem with a gag reflex is if the guy had a 20" dick. The Navy could land F-18s on her schnozz. Of course, she improved things with tattoos. (Not!) A scene by scene review is unnecessary. This is a compiliation of Kendra Jade's "best" scenes from previous Cream productions.
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Boxcover for Blow It Out Your Ass (Cream)
Blow It Out Your Ass (Cream) 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 1/13/2000 by baronvonrik

Starring: Zoe, Jasmin St. Claire, Candy Hill, Nikki Starr, Summer Collins
Studio: Cream

Review brief: Cast: Jasmin St. Claire, Zoe, Summer Collins, Niki Starr & Candy Hill. Summary: Interesting film anal enthusiast with a freaky sideshow quality to it! Before each scene get's started on this the DVD their is a short interview with each girl. They are asked about their views on anal sex, to which most reply they love it! Which is what most people watching this DVD probably want to hear. The first up is Zoe who in her pre penetrative interview tells us how she likes anal sex and has never had anal sex. ??? Apparently she was nervous :o) Zoe is quite pleasing to the eye but I wouldn't compare her to infamous blonde porn star Savannah unlike the director seemed to think. After this somewhat paintful interview we see the guy fingering Zoe's pussy and arse while she lies face down sticking her butt in the air. Her drools spit inside her and the proceeds to dig his fingers in like he's searching for something. Zoe then gives him a blow job of very poor quality, I found myself fighting the urge to hit the forward button.
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