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Review brief: Vices Italiens 1 & 2 Though infamous Italian director Mario Salieri may have acquired a reputation over time for directing elegantly debauched movies shot with great style and attention to detail, this was not always the case, as Vices Italiens (a re-packaging of Sex Camorra, which Id suggest is possibly even older than the 1992 original release quoted by EGAFD) readily proves. This tawdry tale is a rough and ready melodrama, a latter day morality tale trawling the Neapolitan underworld, laden with hammy acting, poorly staged shoot-outs and terribly static camerawork that gives the whole movie the look and feel of a particularly cheap soap opera. Vices Italiens stars Roberto Malone as a degenerate low-level mob boss who, over the course of the two parts and several sleazy scenes, plumbs increasingly desperate depths of depravity.
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Boxcover for Mamma

Release date: 2/24/2004
Reviewed on: 2/24/2004 by lee-o

Studio: Colmax

Review brief: MAMMA Studio: Colmax Run Time: 1.52:14 Director: Silvio Bandinelli Extras: trailers , photos Date Made: 1998 Video: 4:3 Cast: Deborah Wells , Andrea Nobili , Ursula Cavalcanti , Francesca Zante , Maria Sallontai , Mike Foster , Zenza Raggi , Jolth Walton , Joe Calzone , Frank Gun Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Type: feature Region: 2 , PAL Condoms: 0/8 scenes Lingere: 6/8 scenes THE STORY Directed by Silvio Bandinelli with Antonio Adamo as DP , this is a period feature set in Second World War fascist Italy . All the period costumes and details look totally accurate which really adds to the feel of the piece , the hairstyles are particularly well done . Plenty of money , time and effort has been spent on making this look very mainstream in quality . To go from some other features into this is quite a shock , believe me .
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Boxcover for Roma Connection
Roma Connection 

Release date: 12/29/2003
Reviewed on: 12/29/2003 by lee-o

Studio: Colmax

Directed by: Mario Salieri
Review brief: ROMA CONNECTION Studio: Colmax Run Time: 70.41 minutes Director: Mario Salieri Extras: Trailer , Photo Gallery Date Made: 1991 Video: 4:3 Cast: Angelica Bella (Gabriella Dari) , Deborah Wells , Christoph Clarke , Ashley Nichols , Cristina Stevens Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Type: feature Region: 0 (all) Condoms: 0/7 scenes Lingere: 6/7 scenes INTRODUCTION This is an early 90's feature from the famous Italian director Mario Salieri . The first thing to note is that you can watch it in either English or French . Both are dubbed , so as an English speaker you'll gain little by using the French option . The English dub is ... adequate , nothing more . It's a fair deal better than most porn dubbing I've heard , but struggles against the multiple languages the cast must've been using . Some parts are down right hilarious while others are genuinely effective , a really mixed bag .
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Boxcover for Adultere

Release date: 10/16/2003
Reviewed on: 10/15/2003 by hardware

Studio: Colmax

Review brief: Title: Adultere (Illecit Intimacy) Director: Alex Perry Cast: Lea Martini (Jean Martini), Eros Barbaro, Anita Dark, Liane Prince, Robert Waldream, Terry Thot, Jeff Abbbott, Erik Burk (one of these is Bruno SX) Cut to the chase: Despite the services of the lovely Lea Martini and dazzling Anita Dark, this movie fails to be very arousing. While it may have been a dick-stiffener in it's day, the fact is that most sex shots are either very close-up, or distant. The result just doesn't stand up to today's standard. Of course, if you're a hardcore fan of either lady, you may still want to include this DVD in your collection. The story: A young man comes to tutor the daughter of a sick count. The count's young wife (Lea) wastes no time in seducing him. After a short while, the daughter (Anita) decides she wants him for herself.
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Boxcover for CKP

Release date: 10/13/2003
Reviewed on: 10/13/2003 by hardware

Studio: Colmax

Directed by: Mario Salieri
Review brief: Title: CKP Director: Mario Salieri Cast: Selen, Joy Karin's, Michela Soavi, Maria Sanchez, Eliana Dante, Judith Rastik, Olivia Del Rio, Nikita, Serena Ippolitit, Mauricia Parker, Federica Silvestri, Elvira Storace, Ekat Porel, Sandy Foster, Emanuala Ponti, Maria Grazia Rovelli, Rosa Gentile, Elia Antonelli, Francesco Malcom, Roberto Malone, Valentino, Don Fernando, Silvio Evangelista, John Walton, Tony Hackster, Danny Moriello, Marco Tidona, Sergio Santini, Massimo Palazzi, Salvadore Cafiero, Sergio Musumeci, Filippo Battaglia, Eric Silvestri, Franck Cremona Note: As usual for Salieri's works, I can't identify many of the players, however one of the actresses is actually Lea Martini. Cut to the chase: This is a movie about the war in Chechnia and families who end up on opposite sides in the conflict. As usual for Salieri, the sex tends to be non-consensual, however the sex scenes are longer than his usual fair. They don't come close to the gonzo standard, but they're usually more than a minute or two.
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Boxcover for Concetta contre la Mafia
Concetta contre la Mafia 

Release date: 10/11/2003
Reviewed on: 10/10/2003 by hardware

Studio: Colmax

Directed by: Mario Salieri
Review brief: Title: Concetta contre la Mafia Director: Mario Salieri Cast: Selen, Anita Dark, Diana Stevens, Flavio Gioia, Angela Benni, Anna Turchesi, Adelina Pryor, Dalila, Margherita Dominicis, Don Fernando, David Perry, Luigi Salomone, Franck David, Joe Melly, Nicola Torrisi, Joe Calzone, Mario Massetti, Mateo Biseti Note: a change in format - Due to the fact that this is not a gonzo flick, I have revised my usual review formula to (hopefully) deliver the additional information I feel a plot-driven picture requires. Also, this film is dubbed in French, so my observations as to plot are derived from the pictures, not the dialogue. Cut to the chase: This is a movie about the mafia, sex and violence. It is part two of a series, 'Concetta Licata' being the first. I should note that a Salieri sex scene does have a point in the plot, usually an unpleasant one. Salieri's sex scenes also tend to be very short. They're usually about power, or male gratification, or some other unhappy motive.
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