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Boxcover for Teenage Hustler (Classic X)
Teenage Hustler (Classic X) 

Release date: 10/15/2001
Reviewed on: 12/13/2015 by flash

Starring: Olinka, Franklin Clemente, Rick Martino, Glenda Turner, Barbara O'Farrell, Liz Wilson
Studio: Classic X

Directed by: Ricado Malatoté
Review brief: Teenage Hustler is a quickly produced and poorly made adult film. The story is a loss and the sex scenes aren't very good, those that aren't softcore that is. Classic X Collection has done a horrible job with this release which is of bootleg quality.
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Boxcover for Secret Of Stage Five
Secret Of Stage Five 

Release date: 8/23/2001
Reviewed on: 5/1/2015 by fu_q

Starring: Cara Lott, Paul Barresi, Karen Summer, David Sanders, Stephen Raye, Alan Royce, Steve Douglas, Frank Brandt
Studio: Classic X

Directed by: Paul Lyons
Review brief: It's a flashback to 1939 when a mainstream studio's old porno reels are discovered, dusted off, and screened in "Hollywood Confidential: Secret of Stage Five". An overall good, nostalgic release from VCA, this 1983 fuck-flick features two young actresses, Karen Summer and Cara Lott, who would ultimately go on to star in literally hundreds of X-rated films between the two of them and who would also both achieve Hall of Fame status over at AVN.
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Review brief: This release of Cornholed Hussies is seriously lacking for a lot of reasons.
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Review brief: INTRODUCTION My newest XXX movie review is a peek at a delightful, group-sex themed porno, known as Hot Slut Orgies. Hot Slut Orgies was originally released in 1976 and many people consider the 70's THE decade for porno, with movies like Hot Slut Orgies who could blame them? This movie is entertaining and doesnt fail to deliver group sex in more than half the scenes, but whether the average joe will find this movie sexy in the traditional sense is up for question. There are a lot of people out there who like to watch porn containing generic looking porn starlets with perfect silicone tits and plastic bodies to get themselves off, (and who can blame them since their girlfriends are so ugly.) If you are one of these types then Hot Slut Orgies probably isnt for you.
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Review brief: INTRODUCTION The first pornographic review Ill ever write is for a cheeky little film by the name of Teenage Hustler. The film is based around the antics of a young sex maniac by the name of English Billy who always puts women first and often gets into trouble as a result. Teenage Hustler is a light-hearted romp that will most likely keep its audience smiling, but at the same time the movie as several flaws that cannot be ignored and keep it from being a legendary masterpiece. The film opens with a female narrator with an English accent setting the scene in Hollywood, California. No matter their reasons for coming to Hollywood, they come, and come, and come. one of my favorite opening lines from a film.
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Review brief: Year of Release: 1981 DVD Runtime: 1 hr. 16 min. 13 sec. Credits (As they appear) Starring Debbie Truelove Toni Reenee Charles Antony Jerry Davis with Andrea Martin Rick Valenzio Sunny Summers Kelly Mathews Harry Moran Angela ODay Starr Johnson George Beaumont Photographed & Edited by Hans B. Anderson Written, Produced, & Directed by Cindy Lou Sutters MTVs Real World, CSI, The Casino, Dr. Vegas, Father of the Pride, American Casino, etc. Television is quickly turning Las Vegas into one of the most recognizable cities in the world. The glamour, the lights, the mega resort casinos. Was Vegas always this big and clean? Why not take a trip to the Vegas of yesteryear and see how much it has changed. The story of Indian Lady if you can honestly call it a story has Debbie Truelove roller skating back and forth across early 1980s Las Vegas, voyeuring her friends during their most intimate moments.
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