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Boxcover for Dirty & Kinky Mature Women 21
Dirty & Kinky Mature Women 21 

Release date: 5/27/2004
Reviewed on: 12/7/2013 by xxx-guy

Starring: Kristina St. James, Lauren, Kelli Cage, Pantera, Matrixxx
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: Worth buying for two of the female actresses alone - Lauren and Matrix. Exceptionally beautiful and reasonably good sex action.
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Boxcover for Black Mature Women 6
Black Mature Women 6 

Release date: 7/13/2003
Reviewed on: 5/10/2009 by evgriff

Starring: Raven, Nina De Ponca, Teddy Bare, Bijan Sudaan
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: This is a series of videos dedicated to older, mature but still sexy black women. In this one, we get Bijan Sudaan, Raven, Teddy Bare and Nina DePonca! I'll be honest, I mainly bought this feature because of Nina. I remember her from my viewing days in college and I always thought she was sexy. I viewed this one to see how she looked now. Of course, to be fair, I watched this film as a whole.
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Boxcover for Chunky Chicks 14
Chunky Chicks 14 

Release date: 4/8/2002
Reviewed on: 6/16/2005 by matt47

Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: What I Liked As always, I enjoyed the chubby, natural looks of several women in this volume, mainly in the first and last scenes. I loved the ample curves on the lady in the first scene, she looks great with the two men who alternate between her blowing them or they penetrating her vaginally in various positions. I also loved the last scene being all anal, from rimming, fingering and onto the cock pounding away. This almost made the purchase worthwhile. What I Disliked I was disappointed that only one of the four scenes included any anal action, when the reason that I purchased this volume was that a review on a different DVD site noted that there was more. Big bummer. The second scene never fully engaged me, just standard one-on-one but not staged interestingly. The third scene is a solo scene, which disappointed from both the standpoint of the woman herself and the bland action.
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Boxcover for Chunky Chicks 24
Chunky Chicks 24 

Release date: 1/13/2004
Reviewed on: 6/2/2005 by matt47

Starring: Taylor, Vanessa, Gia, Echo
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: What I Liked I was certainly attracted to looks and bodies of the performers, I love the curves and found them definitely alluring. I was hoping each scene would include some anal sex, but while this is only in 2 of the 4 scenes I still enjoyed the others nonetheless, due to the women themselves. Vanessa caught my eye first, hers is the 2nd scene and she has an extensive tease showcasing her ample rump, before joined by a fella where they exchange oral and then move onto to vaginal intercourse, ranging from missionary to doggie and cowgirl. The 1st scene with Echo is also good, includes a few minutes of anal near the end. The 3rd scene with Gia I really enjoyed, I found her very hot. She starts solo before being joined by 2 men, where they proceed to trade off on oral and vaginal pleasures. Gia is very into it all, really seeming to love every second, then we hit the DP and it sends her overboard (as it does me!). Finally, we have Taylor.
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Boxcover for BBB: Big Big Babes
BBB: Big Big Babes 

Release date: 12/9/2002
Reviewed on: 2/11/2005 by gotgame

Starring: Taylor, Yoko, Trinity, Lani James
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: This is a oodone for BBB lovers! I know your out there. And this movie is worth seeing. Especially if you like big asses. We start with Yoko a huge Japanese girl I'm guesing. She has a round ass and huge titties. Face is ok. But for a big girl she can move here. We watch er strip and tease. Then she suck and rides RC and CG. The only problem I had is we couldn't see the huge ass when she was in doggy. Taylor another huge ass girl is ok. I thought the box suggested more teasing but not so much from her. She does her thing here and we get to see her from all positions. Taylor is yet another huge ass. Round rump and ready to pump as well. We can see her ass well when she is taken from behind. Thisis probally the 2nd best in the BBB series after the 2nd one.
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Boxcover for BBB: Big Big Babes 9
BBB: Big Big Babes 9 

Release date: 1/15/2005
Reviewed on: 2/11/2005 by gotgame

Starring: Mercy, Sasha Brabuster
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: I almost bought this one but was glad I only rented it. BBB9 seemed like it was going to a cool title but it was more of the same. Old guys and big girls who are only mediocre. Sasha Brabuster the cover girl gives a pretty good scene as she is put in a position I've never seen a girl that big do on her back and her head laying on the floor. Pretty interesting. But as for the rest of the girls here, the sex just lacked. The last girl whos name I didn't even bother to look at was just plain nasty to watch. Don't waste your time here and if you want to, at least don'twaste your money.
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Boxcover for BBB: Big Big Babes 6
BBB: Big Big Babes 6 

Release date: 6/16/2004
Reviewed on: 1/16/2005 by gotgame

Starring: Katrina, Adora, Electra
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: Ok so here we go for all you BBW lovers. This vid is is very OK at best. My overall comments are that this video is reminisent of every Big Girl video in that all the guy performers are so damn old! We begin with Electra. Her face is ok, and I think her body is decent. She has a nice huge ass that we don't get to see from very good angles except for when she modeling. Unfortanately, she has to fuck a very old bald guy that dosen't have much power to him and she seems bored throughout. The best part is when she ride CG nad we can really see her huge ass. Weak pop ending. Next we have Carmencita. She sux off two guys and then fucks the black guy. They both take turns fucking her the angles are okay, but again more weak pop shots end this. Adora is the highlight here. Her body seems nice but there must be something wrong cuz she never removes the black dress that cover her belly. I like her BBW type body and she gets fucked by two guys decently. Not a bad facial ending. Katrina the last girl seems aimed for those who like the alternative style of girl.
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Boxcover for BBB: Big Big Babes 3
BBB: Big Big Babes 3 

Release date: 8/5/2003
Reviewed on: 1/12/2005 by gotgame

Starring: Seanna, Dixie, Angel Baby
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: The thing wrong with the big women videos I guess is the action and the girls. I never can understand why there are never any big women with a pretty face on these videos. Also the action is ussually with an older out of shape porn guy who is 20 years out of his prime like Don Fernando, making for slow paced action. This video is no exception. We start off with Angelwho is big girl with a bigbody and not a good mug. Some guy goes through standard positions with her and pops. Redd is the highlight here. She takes on two guys while wearing a red body stocking. she's a lil hotter and the only reason I scored the video the way I did. The black guy here pounds her up pretty good and she actually seems a little excited. Seanna isn't that bad either. Big ass and very nasty. she fucks outside and her pussy must smell pretty bad cause flies show up in this scene. If you like your porn that nasty than this is for you. Dixie, to tell the truth was so bad looking I couldn't finish watching the scene.
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Boxcover for Solo Over 40 2
Solo Over 40 2 

Release date: 7/8/2001
Reviewed on: 10/28/2004 by em

Starring: Savannah, Lauren, Tia, Shelby, Raquel, Amber, Danielle, Morgan, Rikki, Barbie
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: Solo Over Forty: Volume 2 Highlights: Older damsels, masturbation Data: 1999, Channel 69, 86 minutes Models: Amber, Barbie, Danielle, Lauren, Morgan, Raquel, Rikki, Savannah, Shelby, Tia Featured Screenshot Special Features Notable Older Damsels: [2/6] Raquel, Tia, Shelby Anal Play: [0/6] None. Deep Oral Penetration: [0/6] None. Footsies: [0/6] None. Kissing: [0/6] None. Summary Purchase Recommendation: [2/6] Overall Rating: [2/6] This is a sequel to Solo Over Forty. Apparently filmed in 1998, but the haircuts suggest a date ten years prior, or at least some sort of Wellsian travel in time must have hapened for the women to look so outdated. Essentially, nothing improved. Nothing at all! Some models, again, should never be selected. Some, two precisely, look like transvestites. Sure, had the video been labeled as such, we'd have been well informed, and have acted acordingly. Instead, we got a lemon.
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Boxcover for Real Big Tits 17
Real Big Tits 17 

Release date: 5/2/2003
Reviewed on: 7/27/2004 by coyote22

Starring: Gina, Lisa, Victoria, Luna
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: Reviewed By: Coyote22   INITIAL THOUGHTS: Okay so here we have a series that is devoted to real big tits (hence the title). On the cover we have four pairs of them, big melons!!! Now from the looks of things there are only two decent looking women with the other two looking, well I wouldnt do This dvd is brought to us by Channel69 and I have never seen a film from them so this is my first time. So without further delay I will get down to the gritty! VIDEO/AUDIO: The video was in full frame and it wasnt too grainy but wasnt up to par with other studios.
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Boxcover for Hot Latin Lesbians 2
Hot Latin Lesbians 2 

Release date: 1/5/2004
Reviewed on: 7/10/2004 by em

Starring: Melody, Katrina, Cherokee, Dana, Aurora, Dulce, Farren, Adara
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: Hot Latin Lesbians: Volume 2 Highlights: Lesbian Love, Kissing, Analingus Data: 2004, Channel 69, 75 minutes Models: Adara, Aurora, Cherokee, Dana, Dulce, Farren, Katrina, Melody Featured Screenshot Special Features Notable Older Damsels: [1/6] None. Anal Play: [3/6] Very good. Long, explorative oral action in almost every episode, especially the last. Deep Oral Penetration: [3/6] Two eipsodes. Quite good. Footsies: [0/6] None. Kissing: [3/6] Some kissing in all episodes. Very hot scene in the last episode. Summary Purchase Recommendation: [3/6] Overall Rating: [4/6] Time flies! No doubt about that. Once upon a damsel, Channel 69 produced one misnomer after another. Their beginnings were indeed humble. What their output had been before 1997 we do not want to know. The mature women series from the late nineties were godawful. Lesbian Mature Women is one series, Solo Over Forty is another. Both have delicious titles, but the viewing experience is simply horrendous.
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Boxcover for Solo Over 40
Solo Over 40 

Release date: 6/22/2000
Reviewed on: 5/21/2004 by em

Starring: Kristina, Fiero, Lynn, Danielle, Shelly, Tavia, Cali, Ana Lisa, Pantera
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: Solo Over Forty: Volume 1 Highlights: Older damsels, masturbation Data: 1999, Channel 69, 86 minutes Models: Danielle Blond, Cali, Delanea, Fiero, Kristina St. James, Ana Lisa, Lynn Ross, Pantera, Shelli, Tania Featured Screenshot Special Features Notable Older Damsels: [0/6] Some are quite nice, but given that they are all green or orange on the video... eh, waste of breath. Anal Play: [0/6] None. Deep Oral Penetration: [0/6] None. Footsies: [0/6] None. Kissing: [0/6] None. Summary Purchase Recommendation: [2/6] Overall Rating: [2/6] This video might very well be used as an instructional material... how to not make videos. Where should we start? Perhaps it is best to start with the title. Solo Over Forty.
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Boxcover for Lesbian Mature Women 1
Lesbian Mature Women 1 

Release date: 5/27/2003
Reviewed on: 5/9/2004 by em

Starring: Temptress, Sarah, Kristina, Candy, Kelly, Kenya, Gia, Gipsy
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: Lesbian Mature Women: Volume 1 Highlights: Older damsels, lesbian love Data: 1997, Channel 69, 90 minutes Models: Candy, Gia, Gipsy, Kristina St. James, Kelly, Kenya, Sarah, Temptress Featured Screenshot Special Features Notable Older Damsels: *===== 1 episode (Kristina St. James). Very short button massaging. Anal Play: **==== A minute of analingus in an interracial scene. Otherwise very little, and nothing spectacular. Deep Oral Penetration: **==== A few good moments, especially in the first episode. Footsies: ====== None Kissing: *===== 1 scene (Kristina St. James and Kelly). Very short, merely tentative tongue touching. Summary Purchase Recommendation: **==== Overall Rating: **==== Most fans of older women will probably do best to steer clear of this DVD. The women are largely unattractive, with the notable exception of Kristina St. James, whom we love dearly, as do many others.
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Boxcover for Dirty & Kinky Mature Women 45
Dirty & Kinky Mature Women 45 

Release date: 3/5/2004
Reviewed on: 4/27/2004 by richard

Starring: Vicky, Countess, Leeza, Blonde
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: I got this video as the "get one free" part of a buy one get one free deal at a local porn shop. The other dvd I bought sucked and this one the free one is a keeper. I have never bought one of these older women, mature women, MILF, etc. dvd's but I will now. There is something exciting about these more mature chicks. I especially liked the first girl Leeza. She just flat out gives me wood. She is definitely older, but classy and incredibly beautiful. She reminded me of a Jr. High English teacher I fantacised about for a couple of years in my school days. She gets it on with two younger guys and appears have a great time. The next girl Countess is and exotic biker babe looking kind of girl and she also puts on a pretty good show for the camera although Leeza is clearly the star of this one. The third girl Blondie or Barbie something like that is chuncky and kind of cute but uninspiring. Finnaly the fourth girl Vicky struck me as kind of goofy but has a pretty good body except the achne around her pussy was kind of a turn off.
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Boxcover for Chunky Chicks 22
Chunky Chicks 22 

Release date: 11/24/2003
Reviewed on: 1/27/2004 by lindi

Starring: Candy, Christina, Poison, Shanelle, Zarah Stone
Studio: Channel 69

Directed by: Urbano
Review brief: Description Unskinny women have sex. General Impression I liked this one. It's amateurish, there's nothing wild about the sex, and it can be real-time slow, but it's earthy and real, and I had a nice feeling from some of the scenes. Most of the women are not truly obese -- they are all shown on the front cover of the box. Sex Zarah is shy and rabbit-like, smiles infrequently, and is rather quiet. But there's nothing artificial about her. Her pussy is trimmed but not shaved, and she has a few stretch marks. Her hair is in little barrettes or something, but it's not super fluffy-shiny-clean, either. She isn't actually fat, just pretty normal. A fairly nice looking guy kisses her all over, and is hard just eating her pussy. My husband and I both got the impression that he was her real-life husband. She sucks him, and they get into cowgirl with no condom. She's pretty quiet and placid, but there's something touching and poignant about these two -- it just seems to invite a story, and it's too bad there was no little interview preceding the sex.
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Boxcover for Dirty & Kinky Mature Women 42
Dirty & Kinky Mature Women 42 

Release date: 11/7/2003
Reviewed on: 1/25/2004 by lindi

Starring: Christine, Brooke, Lexi, Cheyanne, Wanda Sex
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: Description Fit and attractive women, aged forty give-or-take a few years, have some decent, not circus-like sex. It's much like looking in your neighbors' windows. General Impression It's closest in tone to Up & Cummers, but with older women. We get a tease or an interview, then the sex. A couple of the men look like Fred Mertz and Allen Funt, but the camera wisely avoids them, and the other guys are attractive. The scenes get better as we go. I was hoping that with the women being older and more experienced, they would be a lot less servile and passive than young girls, and more full of heat. That's not quite what I saw, but what I saw was fine. From the trailers I noticed that some of the women in this series of movies are a little scary looking, but all the women in this particular volume were attractive. I have to mention that the boxcover shows Cheyenne, sleek and smooth, posing on the upper right. On the lover left of the boxcover, she is shown again, and this time we faintly see a tattoo on her chest, but her arm is draped across her pelvis, covering it.
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Boxcover for Repairman, The
Repairman, The 

Release date: 12/27/2001
Reviewed on: 1/7/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: Although the title on the cover says THE REPAIRMAN, the film itself is THE REPAIRMEN. That is indeed more accurate as there are three repairmen in this traditionally four-scene film. It begins with five bored guys sitting around with a board game. They decide to call in some repairmen to fix their boredom. The first repairman who comessupposedlyto fix the washing machine is a muscular hunk with a pizzle to go with his incredible body. Somewhat unfortunately he is paired with the least attractive guy in the film. Nevertheless, hunky repairman goes down on his client before getting his own tool charged. After eating out the guys ass, the repairmen inserts a string of ben-wa balls into the guys ass to prepare him for his hefty cock. Regrettably we dont see its magnificent entry, its just suddenly in and fucking. The scene is very well photographed. Good close-ups and a variety of angles that are just right. The householder shoots a great load with the repairmans cock still in his ass.
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Boxcover for Chunky Chicks 6
Chunky Chicks 6 

Release date: 12/14/2002
Reviewed on: 8/28/2003 by brunob333

Starring: Lori, Lauriel, Kathryn, Jackee Lacious
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: For a detailed rundown of my porn tastes and preferences, please refer to this, which I established extensively in my first review. You can pick right away which scene recap you want to read (Kathryn's, Laurie's, Kathryn with Gail or Lauriel's), or just go right ahead and read the whole thing... here goes: Synopsis In this movie, four scenes featuring a decent variety of sex showcasing chubby beauties. These girls are big, but much smaller than what I'm used to seeing in bbw movies, which will definitely make them more appealing to the typical porn fan. If you like somewhat overweight natural girls with the appreciable attributes (big tits, ass and nice curves) that can be expected from that kind of physique, chances are good you will find at least a couple scenes here to be very interesting. The audio and video quality are ok, there are no major problems, there's a bit of overexposure causing slight washing out and too bright whites in the first two scenes.
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Boxcover for Black Anal Machine
Black Anal Machine 

Release date: 6/23/2003
Reviewed on: 7/7/2003 by wallys-quicky

Starring: Andrea, Sophie, Bamboo, Celine, Esther, Jany
Studio: Channel 69

Directed by: Joachim Kessef
Review brief: What I liked: Fisrt let me just say that this is the first time I ever watch anything from this porn company. So I was getting into the unknown when I got the dvd but if you care to see the cover of the dvd case you'll see the reason why I gave this movie a try. Yes the beautiful brunette is Black Widow (Adela) but we'll talk about her later. ..What I liked about the video was the scene with Kata Hillton if you don't know her she is a very cute brunette that I saw for the first time in Evil Angel's Initiations #6 and her scene in Black Anal Machine is quite good. A black guy fuck her in the ass in reverscowgirl, sideways and doggy (lots of gapes). The camera work is great, capturing perfectly her body (legs) during the sucking and fucking. The other scene that did it for me was the one with Esther (Vanessa Virgin) just be careful because her name appears on the cover next to Black Widow (Adela). They are two different girls. Vanessa does anal and gets a decent facial.
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Boxcover for Big Clits Big Lips
Big Clits Big Lips 

Release date: 9/21/2000
Reviewed on: 4/10/2002 by apuleius

Starring: Randy, Tia, Nikki, Francesca, Kenya, Danielle, Kitana, Channel, Haven
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: I was intrigued by the title of this movie, not just because I delight in big clits but because I couldn't imagine how the producers set about casting it. Are there, I wondered, talent agencies whose index cards read, "38-27-37, clitoris 3 centimetres?" Clearly, no such thing. They trawled a pond, threw back the best-looking pussies and shot their film with the rest. Not that the title is misleading. The stars of this movie indeed have enormous clits, and pussy lips like bat wings. One by one, they present themselves - lying back naked, legs spread, pussies agape. For a while they stretch them, stroke them and pop out their clits, until some unfortunate looking guy arrives and sticks his cock into the accomodation offered - a thing I wouldn't have done on a bet. Oh yes, for those interested in breasts (and why not indeed?) they are mostly large, hanging somewhere about the bottom of the rib-cage. There is no point in describing separate scenes. They are all the same: some missionary thrusting, followed by some doggie-style.
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Boxcover for Big Clits Big Lips 2
Big Clits Big Lips 2 

Release date: 7/8/2001
Reviewed on: 2/19/2002 by snides

Starring: Angela, Taylor, April, Candy, Brianna, Sin, Moira, Ariel, Althea, Fellatia
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: Most of the women in this DVD aren't beautiful and most don't appear to be professional porn stars They're nice looking on their own and become better looking as it seems they're genuinely interested in sharing that which makes them special. All of the men are downright hideous. But if you have a curious, near gynocological interest in female genitalia, this DVD is for you. I have never seen clits which protrude this way, nor have I seen lips which hang this way. They are dark, engorged, musky, and quivering. It is, quite honestly, fascinating and extremely erotic, unless you're the kind of viewer who wants his/her pussy trimmed, manicured, and perfumed. If so, BCBL is unquestionably not for you. The sex itself isn't hot. Were it not for the anatomical nature of this DVD, it wouldn't be worth a second look. Given my interest in the subject, however, I have no finer DVD in my collection. Hirsute fans will probably also enjoy this.
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Review brief: Let me start by saying that I like Latin and Hispanic men. And I like hot sex. And I even like trade. What I don't like is street urchins lured by drugs & cash to do something in which they have to interest and into which they put no soul. The three couplings in this DVD are lackluster performances by three pairs of young (?) men who I am sure were street hustlers past their prime when this video was originally taped and who have hopefully long since retired. A/V quality is lackluster; extras are non-existant (as is plot); acting is poor and, with one very marginal exception, based on the performers' looks, even the cat wouldn't have dragged them in.
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