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Boxcover for Urotsukidoji: Perfect Collection
Urotsukidoji: Perfect Collection 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 2/17/2000 by cereal-killer

Studio: Central Park

Directed by: Hideki Takayama
Review brief: Let it be said that I am a huge anime fan. Adult anime, known to genre fans as "hentai" anime have sort of been a genre I never was interested in. I've seen only one hentai title previous to this. The experience proved to be a trying one. There was rarely any "straight sex" as it were. There were demons, nazis, zombies, all raping young(high school aged) women. I was just turned off to the idea. Then I had read glowing reviews of a title called Urotsukidoji: The Legend of the Overfiend. I heard it was considered the best of the hentai genre. So I became a little interested and a two disc set would be soon available. Then I heard it was created by the man who made the first hentai I had seen. Oh boy, was I in for a surprise. And I was, Urotsukidoji is now one of my favorite anime's.As it turns out Urotsukidoji is the name of a series of four films. The first two of which have been broken down to five episodes and spread onto the two discs.
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