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Boxcover for Countdown (Centaur)
Countdown (Centaur) 

Release date: 8/18/2004
Reviewed on: 10/31/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Centaur

Review brief: Those who dont own an all-region DVD player can be extremely grateful to Chip Daniels and his Centaur studio for releasing Cazzos Bei Anruf Thom (Thom Barron Calling) in the U.S. It is a stunning film, made all the more so by first-time director Sven Jungbluth who shows a mastery that many long-time directors fail to achieve. The film opens with young, sexy Franco Potente getting a phone call from Thom Barron (well-known to American audiences). Thom tells Franco that if he wants to get it on he must meet him in a certain mens room in two hours. So Franco begins his cross-town odyssey to link up with Thom and his big dick. Butlike Homers heroFranco encounters many distractions and hindrances along the way. Problems begin when skinhead Eduardo Cortez snatches his cell phone. Following after the thief, Franco watches Eduardo succumb to his master Jake Corwin. Eduardo has pierced ears, nose, nipples, tongue, and cock. He sucks his masters toes and lies back to get fucked. With Jake and Eduardo lost in their climax, Franco manages to reclaim his cell phone and start out again.
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Review brief: In Navy Blues, director Chip Daniels has added another winner to his growing list of super-hot films. It opens with a group of seamen heading off for shore leave. Everyone except for Brent Everett who has been caught stealing vodka from the supply room. Brent is an adorable twink with a super cock, a gap between his teeth, and bee-stung lips that are just made for sucking dick. He is brought before Brock Masterswho has an even bigger dickto receive his punishment. Brent tries to keep from being sent to the brig. Now the script co-written by Sean Storm is pretty good, but hes certainly not going to win the Pulitzer for the old clichéd exchange of dialogue that follows. Ill do ANYTHING Brent pleads Anything? Brock says with overdone suggestiveness. How often has this trite exchange been the sloppy set-up for sex? The dialogue is much better with the next line: Then get those pouty lips around my cock. Which, of course Brent does. He also takes Brocks big boner up his butt as they go though positions 1-5 of the gay Kama Sutra.
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Boxcover for Wild Rangers
Wild Rangers 

Release date: 7/10/2002
Reviewed on: 7/25/2003 by joe-shaver

Starring: Brock Masters, Brad McGuire, Dylan Scott, Adam Wolfe, Kirk Kelley
Studio: Centaur

Review brief: WILD RANGERS is a winner! It has been many moons since I have enjoyed a film as much as this one. Set in the Sawmill Camp about an hour's drive from either Tampa or Orlando, it has it all: great production values, top-notch direction and photography, nice scenery, hot guys, and even hotter sex. The film is reminiscent of the TV show Cops in that the rangers talk to us as if we are privileged to go with them on their patrols and manhunts. Big good-looking, gravely voiced Brock Masters is the head ranger patrolling the camp. He rides through the camp on horseback and rides well. (Be sure and watch the Behind the Scenes in the bonus section to see that the horse was not always so co-operative or Brock so commanding. Its very funny.) Brock cums uponnope, thats latercomes upon two trespassers, Kirk Kelley and Cory Foxe. Cory is sucking away on Kirks candy stick and doing a very good job of it. Kirk is a spirited little twink; Corywho is making his debut hereis a real sweetheart.
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Review brief: Im always a little wary of porno compilations. Theyre typically filled with crap, and if youre lucky, theres maybe one scene that floats your boat. Chip Daniels usually puts out some quality material, so I had high hopes for this one. Hot Cops Joe Romero, Jeff Jagger Joe Romero is a big butch cop working over little twinkie boy Jeff Jagger on a deserted road. Jeff must be trying to weasel his way out of a speeding ticket or something, and quickly wraps his lips around Joes big cock. Joe loses his uniform, and before you know it, hes shoving his dick up that tight little ass. Theres some great fucking there, and Joe blows a mighty load. Hot Cops 2 Shawn Justin, Kyle Branden There isnt much of a cop theme to this scene, but these two big beefy studs are more than capable of generating heat without the aid of cheesy uniforms. They both have nice thick cocks, and start out with a little 69 action before Shawn starts shoving fingers up Kyles ass.
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Boxcover for Time Cops
Time Cops 

Release date: 6/26/2000
Reviewed on: 4/2/2001 by netguy

Starring: Brock Masters, Zachary Scott
Studio: Centaur

Directed by: Chip Daniels
Review brief: First of all make sure to watch as there is an edited and unedited version of this. I saw the edited version. Chip Daniels has done it again! Time Cops has it all! Cops, hot sex, cowboys, hot sex, and a fairly decent story with high production values. Except for the cheesy time machine that belongs in a "B" sci-fi flick, but that's a minor fault. Starring , Brock Masters, Zachary Scott, Tony Scalia, Christian Wilder, Scott Davis, Kristian Brooks, Bret Ford, Brian Roberts, Bruno Demarco, Sandy Sloane, and Nick Chavalier. Brock Masters stars as Bob Ford who on his first patrol day with his brother Charlie (Zachary Scott), ends up in a botched arrest, during which Charlie dies. Brock must then go back in time to try and rectify the situation. And believe me he rectifies it! Instead of going back a day in time he goes back 100 years to the days of cowboys and Jesse James. One of the hottest scenes is the very first one that involves Zachary Scott and Nick Chevalier and it just starts the movie right.
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Boxcover for Mountain Patrol
Mountain Patrol 

Release date: 8/19/2000
Reviewed on: 2/26/2001 by netguy

Studio: Centaur

Review brief: Mountain Patrol is a great dvd! Although there are no extras the filming, story and cast are all top notch, and the quality is superb. The running time might be a little long though as the filler in between sex scenes is a bit tedious. But its well done and you almost feel like you are really watching a live docudrama. The basic premise is like the television show "Cops", where we follow some sheriffs on their daily patrols and what, or should I say who, they encounter. It all takes place in and around a ski resort. It begins with the hot and hunky Logan Reed who is on patrol and rescues John Ross from a skiing accident. He takes him back to his cabin and there Reed gives Ross some tender loving care! Reed massages his leg before moving on to Rosss stiff, hard cock. The two of them take turns sucking each other in between caressing, licking and kissing each other. These two are really a great pair! It continues with Ross bending over and Reed licks his ass and fingers his hole, getting it all primed for whats to come.
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Boxcover for Naval Escort
Naval Escort 

Release date: 8/23/2000
Reviewed on: 2/13/2001 by joeblow69

Studio: Centaur

Review brief: Navy boy Buck Meadows gets the news that his boyfriend, Anton, has run away from home and is trying to make ends meet working at a sex resort. Hey, if I was Bucks boyfriend, Id be running away too! Buck goes AWOL to try to rescue his love from the grips of the slimy sex resort pimp. Twinkie Anton is the star of the show, and I hope you think hes cute, because hes in half of the scenes. Hes blond, pretty short, kinda scrawny, foreign, and very smooth. Antons first trick is a hunky older Russian, Yuri Breshnev. Yuri looks like he has a good 20 years on Anton, so there is a serious daddy/son thing going on here. They both seem to get into the sex, and Yuri really works up a sweat as he slams his cock into the twinkies ass. Once they both cum, Anton heads out back, and runs into another trick, Rory Mason. Jeez, Anton sure seems to attract older men! Rorys aching to get a piece of Antons ass, and wastes no time with foreplay. He fucks Anton for a little while, then they both cum. Theres something weird about Rory, though.
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Boxcover for Off Limits! (Centaur)
Off Limits! (Centaur) 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 2/13/2001 by netguy

Starring: Casey Williams, Peter Wilder, Duncan Mills, Franco Gorgino, Mikal Jante, Brad Hunter, Brock Masters
Studio: Centaur

Review brief: Off Limits is a pretty good fuck fest presented by Chip Daniels who makes a cameo appearance as the Sarge. It stars Brock Masters along with 10 other well endowed hot men in this military themed film. It opens with Casey Williams and Duncan Mills who are doing punishment time and are seen shirtless digging a trench, their muscular chests basking in the sunlight. Meanwhile inside, Jeremy Brooks is smelling Brock Masters underwear when he hears Brock coming and hides inside a locker. Brock has received a letter from his buddy in Prague and as he reads it his buddy tells him of the hot time hes had there. In Prague we see Richie Miso, Vladimir Lacek, Vladam Velka and Franco Gorgino in a locker room stripping off their clothes. I dont know, but every time I see these Czech boys I get hot! They have this look about them as well as nice hard bodies and stiff big cocks. Well as Brock reads the letter, Richie tells him about the goings on between him and his new found friends.
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Review brief: If youre not familiar with Jean-Daniel Cadinot then you dont know what youre missing! Street Boyz features ten French boys and ten sex scenes in just under 2 hours, that's a lot of fucking and sucking! The sex's quick and some of the action scenes are edited a bit choppy but theres no fooling around here! They get right to the action! The boys are all young, uncut with slender bodies but with dicks to die for! They grow them big in France! It begins with Russian tourist Youri Sakarine hitches a ride to Paris with Claude Menard. The foreplay begins in the car, but when they get back to Claudes apartment it's off with the clothes! Lots of sucking, fucking and 69-ing, with Youri shooting a massive hot load of cum! Wow! On leave, Guilhem Thomas is walking along when he takes a break on a park bench. Antoine Mory, who is an undercover policeman stops and propositions him. Antoine is really hung like a horse and they suck and fuck on a park bench, and Guilhem rides Antoines huge cock and jerks off while hes doing it.
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Boxcover for Man Academy 1
Man Academy 1 

Release date: 11/28/2000
Reviewed on: 1/18/2001 by joeblow69

Starring: Chad Johnson, Sean Storm
Studio: Centaur

Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> When I was young, my mom would often threaten to send me to Military School if I didnt behave. I wouldve taken her up on it, if I had known it would be anything like this! Sean Storm is the youngin who gets dropped off at Man Academy, where young boys are taught what it means to be a man. Sean wastes no time as soon as he gets his bunk, he strips down and starts fingering his hole. Sean is a definite cutie, and is constantly stuffing fingers, dildoes and big cocks up that tight little ass of his. Peter Rascek walks into the room clad only in a small towel, and catches Sean sniffing a jock strap. The two eye each other up for a little bit, before Sean pounces on Peters meat. Peter is one of the most gorgeous men Ive seen on film in a long time. Hes buff, tan, furry, and has a great big uncut cock. After a little 69ing, Peter gives Seans ass a good tongue probing and fucks him silly.
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