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Boxcover for South American Suckers
South American Suckers 

Release date: 11/19/2004
Reviewed on: 5/9/2006 by misternogood

Starring: Sylvia, Suzzy, Isabella, Darlini, Emannuella
Studio: CDI

Review brief: Whenever I watch a blowjob movie from CDI, it is often a bit disappointing. When I put this movie into my dvd player, I was expecting yet another mediocre effort from them. To my surprise, this movie is one of the better bj movies from CDI. Shot mostly in POV, this movie has five attractive ladies that you may not have seen before. None of the ladies here speak english, so instead of an interview before their scene, they do a nice striptease to music before they orally please a lucky guy. All of the blowjobs here are on the seductive side, with alot of slow licking. One of the scenes has a bit of forced deepthroat and gagging that lasts for a short time. All five of the scenes here are one on one. The camera work here is decent, and there are tons of closeups of the girls pretty faces. The five girls here perform well, and make good eye contact with the camera while slowly sucking on the guy. The audio and video quality were average, and there is a South American music soundtrack during the scenes.
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Boxcover for Oral Fantasies 4
Oral Fantasies 4 

Release date: 4/14/2005
Reviewed on: 12/13/2005 by misternogood

Starring: Brandi Lyons, Vicky Vette, Christie Lee, Staci Thorn, Jasmine Vega
Studio: CDI

Review brief: I have been disappointed with the first three in this series, perhaps things will be better in this one. Up first is the attractive blonde Vicky Vette doing a good job slowly sucking and titty fucking a guy. Unfortunatly, she does not make good eye contact with the camera. Another attractive blonde, Stacy Thorn, does a very rough bj scene, with alot of forced deepthroat and face fucking, and it looks just awful. It is even worse with no eye contact with the camera and poor selection of camera angles. Christie Lee does a nice bj scene slowly sucking on a guy and deepthroating him. She uses both hands and jerks him off onto her boobs, which is always disappointing to see in a bj movie. Brandi Lyons does a good bj scene taking a guy deep into her mouth and getting lightly face fucked. The last scene is an okay bj scene with Jasmine Vega, holding the base of a guy dick and softly sucking him until he jerks off onto her chin.
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Boxcover for Oral Fantasies 2
Oral Fantasies 2 

Release date: 1/10/2005
Reviewed on: 11/19/2005 by misternogood

Starring: Nikki, Dominica, Madison, Alex Divine, Victoria Sin
Studio: CDI

Review brief: This is an all bj movie where the girls use a slow seductive style, with a little bit of light facefucking and some deepthroating. No rough bjs here. The movie starts out with a nice blowjob scene with the very attractive blonde Nikki Hunter. She does an inverted bj, gets lightly facefucked, deepthroats, and the guy jerks off onto her pretty face. Next is the cute Alex Divine, giving a nice slow bj while holding the base of his cock with her hand. Unfortunatly the guy ends up jerking off onto her boobs and her cute face is not onscreen. Dominica, a nice looking blonde, softly sucks on a cock while using her hands to stroke him at the same time, and the guy ends up jerking off a large load onto her chin. The black haired beauty Victoria Sin turns in a good scene as she slowly sucks a dick and gets lightly face fucked. Unfortunatly this scene ends in disaster as the guy ends up jerking off onto her boobs and her face is mostly out of the picture. The last scene has no set up at all, the attractive blonde, Madison, is already sucking a cock.
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Boxcover for Oral Fantasies 1
Oral Fantasies 1 

Release date: 8/23/2004
Reviewed on: 11/13/2005 by misternogood

Starring: Julie Night, Summer Tyme, Barbara Summer, Ciera Sage, Makayla Cox
Studio: CDI

Review brief: This is a blowjob movie that also includes things like footjobs, 69s, and hand jobs. The blowjobs here range from seductive to very rough. Up first is Julie Night, slowly removing her white lingerie. She energetically sucks on a guys dick and deepthroats him. The guy grabs the back of her head, and violently face fucks her, causing alot of spit and drool to drip down. Julie lays on her back for an inverted bj, then she gives him a footjob. She gets back to giving a blowjob and she jerks him off onto her boobs, while her face is out of the picture. Just an awful scene. This scene has alot of the things that I hate to see in bj movies, such as an inverted bj, footjobs, and rough facefucking. To make it even worse there is no eye contact with the camera, and her face is not in the picture for the cumshot. Perhaps things will be better in the next scene with Ciera Sage, a cute blonde. She starts out taking him deep into her mouth and then she 69s him. Unfortunatly thru much of the scene her hair is blocking the action.
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Boxcover for Oral Fantasies 3
Oral Fantasies 3 

Release date: 2/11/2005
Reviewed on: 3/7/2005 by misternogood

Studio: CDI

Review brief: The cast:Ashley Haze,Brooke,Victoria Sin,Alica Bliss,and Olivia Saint. Directed by Arnaldo Lima. There are only five scenes in this movie, the first two take place outdoors and the rest inside. For the most part, this movie is filmed from the side, so you dont get that P.o.v. experience. The movie starts off well with Brooke teasing the camera and giving a slow bj, but instead of cumming in her mouth or on her face, the guy jacks off on her boobs, which was a letdown. The second scene with Victoria continues the disappointment as the guy grabs her by the head while she is giving the bj, and keeps forcing her head back and forth, and all we can really see is his arms that are blocking the camera. Halfway thru the scene, the guy screws her doggie style for a few minutes (which I really hate to see during an all blowjob movie). After returning to the blowjob, he jerks off on her mouth and chin. Things improve alot in the next scene with Ashley Haze giving a good bj and the guy jacking off on her chin.
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