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Review brief: SUPERSTARS OF PORNO VOL. 1 (2010, Cal Vista Classics) is a compilation of mid '80s sex scenes that appear to have been shot on video. Here is a review.
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Review brief: This is a compilation of classic porn presented in a manner unworthy of anything classic, but it is still interesting to watch.
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Review brief: An anthology of early 80s era porn. A couple people actually deserve the "superstar" status but most don't. The credits (and lack thereof) defy logic. Video quality is so-so, but the audio is unlistenable. It's a decent DVD if you're a fan of the performers and you want to see someone again, but overall it's mediocre at best. Lower your expectations and you may be satisfied.
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Review brief: An anthology of clips from Juliet Anderson (Aunt Peg)'s films. You either have to be a fan of hers, or be interested in the Golden Age (70s/80s) to appreciate this. If you are, it's a lot of fun. If you don't care for that period, then you'll probably find this too vanilla for your tastes.
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Review brief: VCX has released a compilation of scenes from the career of Juliet Anderson called AUNT PEG ULTIMATE MILF. Here is a review.
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Review brief: Thirteen scenes from what some say is the golden age of porn. Unfortunately many of these film prints have gotten a bit faded through the years and aren't restored to their glory here. We are so used to hardcore today, that some of these scenes aren't quite fulfilling anymore...and the musical soundtrack is certainly something I'm glad has gone the way of the eight track tape player. Anyhow, here is a listing of the scenes and if hardcore, it is mentioned. Flick is narrated by Jim Holliday who adds a few tidbits about the women.
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Review brief: A collection of gold and silver-era big-boob stars in clips from their films. The sex is definitely from that period--less harsh but a little less explicit. This was transferred over from VHS and the video quality is lacking, sounds is uneven. It's a good compilation if you like that era of soft bodies and (mostly) natural boobs, but the video quality makes this less attractive than most "regular" videos.
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Review brief: Barbara Dare a sexy bisexual role model. When my boyfriend told me that Barbara Dare was one of the early girl/girl specialists from the 80s and 90s, I was expecting this to be a girl-only video. It isnt, but I was still pleasantly surprised. There are four scenes with women only; two where Barbara sucks and screws with men; and a nice two-girl threesome. It was funny, but watching this video reminded me of a MTV music video documentary. For the men, the hair styles are fluffier, and the pants are cut tighter. The guys dicks are also more normal-size and not the enormous nightsticks that we only see today. For the women, their hair is also bigger or more feathered (as it is for Barbara). And their bushes are neatly trimmed and not shaved which would be totally impractical today since little tufts would then peak out from underneath a girls thong underwear. (How gross!) The boy/girl sex was very straightforward, taking place in mouths and pussies only. But the cumshots a few of which were delivered orally were certainly a pleasant surprise.
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