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Review brief: Nothing but trouble (...and sex...) follow when an investigation into the "Boner Bandit" leads Ginger Lynn (as Suzy Cox), a young P.I. from Des Moines, Iowa, to Beverly Hills, California. Such is the case in "Beverly Hill's Cox", a very good, mid-80's release from Caballero and Paul Vatelli.
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Review brief: Filled with frat-boy pranks and sorority-sister skanks, "Coed Fever", an exceptional, 1980 release from Caballero and Robert McCallum, offers up some of the best that the Golden Age has to offer in terms of collegiate comingling, copulation, and carnality.
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Review brief: With one of their bosses as a predatory a-hole (Herschel Savage) and the other a heartless, selfish bitch (Juliet Anderson), Annette Haven and the girls of the Osborne Insurance Office take matters into their own hands. Such is the case in "8 to 4", a very good adult takeoff on the 1980 mainstream flick featuring Dolly Parton and company, "9 to 5".
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Review brief: Lovely Taija Rae is our hostess for SEXRAGEOUS (1986, Caballero Home Video) as her banter bookends a wild Burd Tranbaree French film LES FEMMES MARIEES aka LES DAMES DE COMPAGNIE from 1980. Richard Lemieuvre stars as Philip, a catalyst for much of the action between swinging couples in and around Paris. This wacky film packs plenty in its 80 minutes and this dubbed in English version rarely hinders the terrific little sex flick. Standard frame.
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Review brief: Kemal Horulu directs and edits WOMAN IN LOVE (1980, Caballero Home Video) with the lovely Laurien Dominque playing Christine Warren, a bored wife, who breaks from her dull hubby and their life on Long Island for a new job and other encounters in Manhattan. In a major role, Vanessa De Rio plays Simone Foster, a sex crazed catalyst for most of the sexual shenanigans that Christine encounters. Cinematographer Larry Revine beautifully captures the indoor and outdoor adventures of Christine as she must decide between two very different life styles. Standard frame. 85 minutes.
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Review brief: Jane Bond Meets Thunderballs is your average mid-to-late 80s shot on video feature movie, it is light on plot but features decent sex scenes. Caballero's presentation of the movie is adequate.
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Boxcover for License To Thrill, A (Caballero)
License To Thrill, A (Caballero) 

Release date: 9/17/2006
Reviewed on: 8/1/2014 by flash

Starring: Heather Wayne, Kari Foxx, Dan T. Mann, Tony El-Ay, Athena Star, Chanel Price, Tammy White
Studio: Caballero

Directed by: Jack Remy
Review brief: License to Thrill is your average 80s shot on video production. It is a movie that you don't pick up for the plot but instead you only pick up if you like one or more of the cast members. Caballero has done an acceptable job with this release.
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Review brief: Warren Evans writes, produces and directs HOT DREAMS (1983, Caballero Home Video) with Sharon Mitchell as Lisa Curtis, a married photographer, who finds herself having vivid sexual fantasies in this terrific 84 minute flick.
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Boxcover for American Desire
American Desire 

Release date: 1/26/2006
Reviewed on: 2/28/2014 by t0mbone

Starring: Mai Lin, Veronica Hart, Dave Ruby, R. Bolla, George Payne, Lisa Thatcher, Candice Daly, Jake Teague, Alan Clement, Ray Stuart
Studio: Caballero

Directed by: Lasse Braun
Review brief: Lasse Braun's AMERICAN DESIRE (1981, Caballero Home Video) is a marvelous fuck flick from The Golden Age of Porn. A long-time couple, Sheila and Bob, (Veronica Hart and R. Bolla) embark on separate sexual odysseys that cross paths in a strikingly shot three-way finale with a strange hitchhiker (Lysa Thatcher) along for the ride.
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Review brief: 80's porn queen Barbii gets quite the 21st birthday surprise when she's transported to Hell and ends up with her long-lost twin brother, "Jason" (played by Tom Byron), in "Friday the 13th, Part Two". An overall-good porn flick of yesteryear from F. J. Lincoln and Caballero, this release finds the young starlet transformed from an innocent goody-two-shoes into (more or less) a diabolical harlot by the film's end, all under her brother's watchful tutelage. Not taking itself too seriously, the plot is fun and the sex scenes--though short--are fairly hot. With both Barbii and Tom as demons who are bent on causing trouble for humanity, there's enough of a storyline to hold this one together well...and things do get a little kinky at the end. For fans of porno nostalgia...and fans of Barbii...this one is worthy.
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Review brief: With their "breeder prince" having left their home-world high and dry and their species on the brink of extinction, aliens Candie Evens and Blondi make their desperate way to Earth to find their missing royal and bring him back home. Such is the case in "Sex Aliens", a good late-80s release from Caballero Home Video. Chock-full of hot sex and hot girls...and sporting a cheesy 80s plot...this release really hits that naughty nostalgia spot in the right way. Indeed, Candie and Blondi--both in top physical and sexual form--alone make the disc worth the minimal price of purchase. They're awesome, and this release ends up being a lot of quirky, sci-fi fun.
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Review brief: A medicore movie from the "golden age" of features (1982) it's patterned after "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" with Annette Haven as the madame and Mike Horner as the sheriff who loves her. The movie is so-so but the DVD transfer is feces. If you want to see the movie, find it on VHS or Beta or on streaming video.
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Review brief: "Showdown" is a mid-80s, western-themed production from director Henri Pachard and Caballero that, despite many promising moments, never really follows through strongly enough to be worthwhile.
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Review brief: The distinction between reality and fantasy becomes a blur for Alicia Monet, as her work as a scriptwriter uncovers a real-life 1930s murder mystery in “Once Upon a Temptress”. A classic adult film from Caballero and Henri Pachard, this sexy little fuck-flick features Monet as a writer who’s been tasked with producing a script for a film about the lecherous grandfather of her former flame, producer John Leslie.
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Review brief: A mystical sexual relic has been pilfered from a Chinese temple, and a sexy stripper (Barbii) is its unwitting carrier in "Eye of the Tigress", an excellent late-80s production from Caballero and director Bruce Seven. Indeed, fellow dancers John Stagliano and Sharon Mitchell have conspired to plant the stolen artifact--the Eye--on Barbii so as to evade any pursuers. Upon returning home from China, the real trick for them is to get it back from her, with Stagliano having given it as a "cheap" gift. Of course, those in China responsible for its safe return also get in on the act, hiring a goofy detective (Mike Horner) to hunt it down. As they all find out firsthand, the Eye has an eerie ability to temporarily transport its holders (and those around them) to their fantasies, bringing them to life. What ultimately ensues is a fun, sexy, and fast-paced fuck-flick that's both strong on the plot and steamy on the sex...another fine, forgotten gem from Bruce Seven and Barbii.
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Boxcover for Violation Of Tori Welles, The
Violation Of Tori Welles, The 

Release date: 5/12/2000
Reviewed on: 9/25/2012 by fu_q

Studio: Caballero

Review brief: "The Violation of Tori Welles" is a good 1990 release from Caballero that’s essentially a compilation and that brings with it something of a bizarre twist. Weaving the various scenes together is an interspersed sequence of an intruder who’s apparently broken into Tori’s home. He rifles through her photos, magazines, and pictures…and he watches her videos, touches her AVN award, and ultimately sniffs and steals a pair of her panties. All of this is inter-cut between the five segments that make up the disc.
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Boxcover for Coming Of Age (Caballero)
Coming Of Age (Caballero) 

Release date: 1/30/2004
Reviewed on: 5/18/2012 by fu_q

Starring: Porsche Lynn, Tori Welles, Tammy Monroe
Studio: Caballero

Review brief: "Coming of Age" is an overall-good flick--released by Caballero and director F. J. Lincoln--from the late-80s featuring Tami Monroe and Tori Welles. In this one, Tami's a diminutive 18(+)-year-old bumpkin from the backwoods of Montana who runs away from her grandfather after he shoots her boyfriend and rival clan's member (Tom Byron) upon finding the pair getting it on. She ends up at her aunt (Cheri Taylor)'s "home", which turns out to be nothing more than a high-end brothel. Always the curious youngster, Tami ultimately gets involved in some of the goings-on at the house of ill repute and brings about some trouble for herself and, more so, the others involved. While not the most elaborate of plots, it's enough to frame the action well and to keep things moving.
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Review brief: "Sex Games" is a fun little fuck-flick from the early 80s and Caballero that features Kevin James as a young horndog who, bored with his girlfriend, turns to the newfangled technology of computer dating to sate his carnal desires. Of course, given the date of the production, "computer dating" is a totally different affair in this release when compared with what the viewer may be used to from today. Indeed, Kevin's computer is ancient, and it simply uses a dial-up modem to interact with the dating agency's computer. Regardless, he still manages to "hack" their system, create a fake profile, and use the various ladies' details that he finds as scouting reports to get them in the sack. Ultimately, he gets found out, but it's not before he samples some high-end 80s quim...including the likes of the late, great Shauna Grant (rest her soul).
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Review brief: A feature from the early 80s. Kay Parker is a therapist brought in to coax withdrawn teen Tom Byron out of his shell. Mainly MF sex with one FF bathtub scene, one solo-female scene, and a brief j/o by Tom Byron. Your opinion will largely depend on whether you like Playboy or Hustler, as this is definitely the former. Sex is vanilla and not so explicit as modern stuff. Kay Parker is only in one sex scene. But overall it's fun and well done.
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Boxcover for Anal Security Squad
Anal Security Squad 

Release date: 2/19/2007
Reviewed on: 3/19/2012 by fu_q

Starring: Tom Byron, Randy Spears, Randy West, Bionca, Jon Dough, John Leslie, Fallon, Nina DePonca, Eva Allen, Renee Morgan, Barbii
Studio: Caballero

Directed by: Bruce Seven
Review brief: "Anal Security Squad (A.S.S)" (Caballero / Bruce Seven) is an unexpectedly exceptional production from the late-80s featuring the likes of Barbii, Fallon, Bionca, Nina DePonca, and Renee Morgan. In a nutshell, the A.S.S. is an instrument of a tyrannical government bent on prohibiting anal sex amongst its populace. Those who are caught enjoying the pleasures of the backside are imprisoned immediately and without due process. Barbii plays the role of an A.S.S. agent who, after going into deep cover in the "Underground", has seen the errors of her agency's ways and has decided to go rogue...aiding the very people whom she was sent to investigate and arrest. What results is a fun tale of the tail that has its ups and downs (and ins and outs) before closing on a high (and sexy) note.
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Review brief: "Jane Bond Meets Octopussy" (Caballero / Jack Remy) is a fun and clever porn flick from yesteryear that features the legendary Amber Lynn as Jane Bond and Kristara Barrington as her lesbian arch-nemesis, Octopussy... hence the title. What results is an enjoyable adult film that features some hot boinking and that doesn’t take itself too seriously, all the while providing a loose, tongue-in-cheek parody of the popular, mainstream spy series of a similar title.
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Boxcover for Prom Girls
Prom Girls 

Release date: 7/5/2006
Reviewed on: 9/20/2011 by fu_q

Starring: Aja, Shanna McCullough, Megan Leigh, Eva Allen, Renee Morgan
Studio: Caballero

Directed by: Alex deRenzy
Review brief: "Prom Girls" is a very good (strong 4-star) late-80s film from director Alex DeRenzy that focuses on the high jinks of the students at an academy as they prepare for their upcoming prom...and also on the attempts of the mucky-mucks at the school to try to curtail their good times. What the viewer is treated to as this all progresses, of course, is a good deal of hot sex featuring both the students and administrators alike...most of whom are quite attractive and into their respective scenes.
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Boxcover for Hello Molly
Hello Molly 

Release date: 3/18/2006
Reviewed on: 9/18/2011 by fu_q

Starring: Mike Horner, Megan Leigh, Molly O Brien, Chrystal Cluster
Studio: Caballero

Directed by: John T. Bone
Review brief: “Hello Molly” is a good, late-80s production from Caballero and John T. Bone that stars cute blonde Molly O’Brien as a Senator’s nymphomaniac wife whose sexual escapades have attracted the attention of a determined stalker (Marc Wallice).
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Review brief: “Flesh and Laces Part II” is a good production from the early 80s that features Jamie Gillis as an ailing patient in a hospital who, despite his illness, still manages to get it on with everyone from his nurses to his lawyer to (*gasp*) his (adopted) daughter. As one might expect, there is enough untamed bush in this one to match the untamed desires of its star, but everything still works out to good effect…particularly given the age of this release.
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Review brief: I have decided to take a walk back into the past in watching and reviewing “Smoke Screen” from Caballero. This late-80’s / early-90’s release stars Megan Leigh who, along with being one of the first actresses I saw in a porno as a young man, also met with a tragic and untimely end…(rest in peace, Megan). In this stroll down memory lane, one finds all of the trappings of porn that one would expect from this era.
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