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Boxcover for Sauna, The
Sauna, The 

Release date: 5/14/2003
Reviewed on: 6/28/2003 by joe-shaver

Studio: Bronco Studios

Review brief: There is an old joke about rabbits. A male rabbit that is about to mount a female says to her, This wont take long; did it? I kept thinking of that joke as I watched the first two scenes of this DVD since it was the quickest sex I had ever seen on film. The DVD opens with Jiri Panocha, the sexy dude on the cover, climbing a flight of stairs and entering the sauna as snow swirls around him. Once inside he strips to reveal a nice slim muscular body. He is admired by a twink wearing only a towel who steps forward and shows his admiration for Jiris physique, running his hands over the chest, nipping at the nipples, and making his way down the belly to the uncut cock. The fellatio is so brief that if you drop your remote you will miss it. Jiri hurries him into another room, bends him over, slaps his dick on the bubble buns, and starts screwing. In less than a minute the fuckee shoots, Jeri doesnt; and the brief encounter is over. (Jiri is listed as Jerry on the cover.) Josh Hart, a truly adorable twink, comes in.
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Boxcover for Young Seamen
Young Seamen 

Release date: 4/2/2003
Reviewed on: 5/26/2003 by joe-shaver

Studio: Bronco Studios

Review brief: If you are into foreskins and uniforms, you will probably like this one. Its another one of these films that show us what pleasures were hiding behind the iron curtain in the former Soviet Union. There are seven scenes so its likely you will find something here to lift your spirits. 1. We open with a young sailor loafing and smoking in a prohibited area. He is discovered buy an MP who gives him a long bawling out in rapid Russian at the end of which the smoker is made to suck the MPs cock. He also gets fucked. ** 2. After lights out, a cute sailor has slipped down to the rec room in the wee hours of the morning to jackoff to a fuck film. (Its the film BORDERLINE OF DREAMS. See review.) He is surprised by an MP who forces him towell, you know.*** 3. Close-up a beautiful foot sticking out from the covers. The camera pans up to reveal the smoker from scene one. He is dreaming of his buddies back at the base. He dreams of a young sailor being fucked by a. guess. Thats right! By an MP.
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