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Boxcover for Dribble, Squirt & Shoot
Dribble, Squirt & Shoot 

Release date: 11/24/2003
Reviewed on: 4/23/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Boiling Point

Review brief: DRIBBLE, SQUIRT, & SHOOT has a basketball motif, but thats only a very thin thread from which to hang the scenes. There is no plot to speak of and the guys are only average lookers, but the sex is some of the most scorching I have seen on film. Maybe its a question of average guys try harder and/or maybe its the inspired direction of porn star Sam Dixon, but whatever it is this one got my full and upright attention. It opens with Sean Decker putting a video into his VCR (do they still make those?). When the video begins he is surprised to see the name of his friend Taylor McKinley listed in the credits and then engaged in a sixty-nine. He cuts off the film when he hears someone coming. Its Taylor and another friend, Cody Quest, returning from shooting some hoops. As they settle next to Sean on the sofa, he tells Taylor that his secret is out. Taylor admits to being in porn but says he doesnt bottom. I do, Cody quips. And thats all that's needed for the scene to get underway. Taylor starts kissing Cody and Sean starts giving Cody head.
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Review brief: YOUNG MEN ON THE PLEASURE TRAIL is also found on some sites as simply PLEASURE TRAIL. Three twosomes take their woodies into the woods while a final duo decides its better to save the exertion of walking and just stay home and fuck. The first twosome is a handsome one with two blonds, Sandy Sloane and Scott Davis. It is a beautiful location they choosebeside a burbling brook. There no foreplay, we just suddenly find Sandy kneeling and sucking on Scotts big one. It would be quite an idyllic scène it werent for the fact that the editing doesnt stop long enough for us to appreciate it. Again, with no preparation, we find Scotts cock pumping away in Sandys ass as the editors frenzied dance continues. I swear I have never seen such rapid editing since the shower scene in Hitchcocks Psycho. Here were beautiful men in a beautiful setting but I was unable to get involved in any way because of being constantly thrown off balance.
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