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Boxcover for Jason Crew: The Making Of a Porn Star
Jason Crew: The Making Of a Porn Star 

Release date: 9/1/2005
Reviewed on: 12/23/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: Jason Crew
Studio: Body Shoppe

Review brief: Whether hes called Speedy as he is in these Body Shoppe productions or Jason Crew as he is in productions from major studios, this kid is one hell of a turn-on! Slender, hung, handsome he literally exudes pheromones that certainly attract males and, I assume, have the same effect on females. In short, Speedy Jason Crew is a very sexy young man. As it did with Mike Roberts, Body Shoppe has culled the appearances of Jason (then known as Speedy) into a single DVD entitled Jason Crew: The Making of a Porn Star. (Actually they call it Porno Star but the cover corrects it.) Although I am not a fan of their films, this was one I had to see. It opens with a solo. Ive been fucked a lot lately, Speedy Jason informs us; and then proceeds to fuck himself. With his hole in a perpetual pout, he bends his lengthy dick down and pushes the first couple of inches into it. I started fucking myself, he continues, so I didnt have to use a dildo. Unlike most of the Body Shoppe performers hes quite amenable to Uncle Dons groping. Its big one, Uncle Don exclaims in the understatement of the year.
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Boxcover for Celebrating American Military Cock 2
Celebrating American Military Cock 2 

Release date: 11/11/2005
Reviewed on: 12/12/2005 by netguy

Starring: Alex, Ryan, Rex Ruben, Snake, Steve-O, Dolph, Big G
Studio: Body Shoppe

Review brief: I recently watched another Body Shoppe production Reflections of Flesh, that I rather enjoyed but Celebrating American Military Cock Film 2 is a real dud and I can see that their productions are most likely hit or miss, this is a miss. This time around there are clearly no standouts and I found the guys to be for the most part unattractive and boring. The director Don Ross also needs to learn that most of these guys dont want his grubby hands on them so he should leave them alone and not even talk, he brings everything including their cocks to a halt. In any event, this film consists of the usual segments whereby he lures some straight dudes into what appears a seedy hotel room where they think they might be getting some pussy, gets them to strip, then just stand around playing with themselves in front of mirrors, squatting on them, lying back on a mattress, and then jerking off onto a mirror or their stomachs.
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Boxcover for Mike Roberts: The Making Of a Porn Star
Mike Roberts: The Making Of a Porn Star 

Release date: 9/8/2005
Reviewed on: 12/10/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: Angel, Mike Roberts, Cain, Cory, Skyler, West, Pee-Wee, Auzzie
Studio: Body Shoppe

Review brief: Those of us who were fortunate enough to pick up the September issue of Freshman Magazine were blown away by the pictorial spread of the cover man Mike Roberts. He was positively godlike. Young, beautiful, muscular, hung, and uncut. How could he be human? This is how he looks in Matt Sterlings A MATTER OF SIZE 2. But before he got the makeover he appeared in a number of Body Shoppe films as Angel. I remember seeing him listed as such in the Adam Gay Directory for 2005 and thinking, why isnt he in any of the films I have? Of course he was just the rough cut of what he is now, but he was handsome; he was built; he was hung. Now that Mike has emerged as someone with superstar potential, Body Shoppe has released a compilation of his films for them and have entitled it MIKE ROBERTS: THE MAKING OF A PORN STAR. The title on the DVD itself says porno star. (Yuck.) We begin with an outdoor scene (probably his first) where he is paired with Auzzie (Aussie in the Adam Gay Directory). Aussie chews gum. Hes cute and has a nice dick. In later scenes Angel/Mike has a small goatee.
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Boxcover for Reflections Of Flesh 3
Reflections Of Flesh 3 

Release date: 4/14/2005
Reviewed on: 12/8/2005 by netguy

Starring: Scott, Alex, Smitty, Cain, Rod, Quinn
Studio: Body Shoppe

Review brief: The rating is a bit low but thats because there really isn't any plot or actual sex. Occasionally I enjoy a decent amateur film and seeing some average looking guys as opposed to the makeup clad, model looking, studs. Reflections of the Flesh 3 features a handful of straight, young guys that you could easily find in your local gay bar or walking the streets, and although a bit tedious at times, it was fairly enjoyable watching these goys jerk off. The highlight of the film comes at the end, or should I say cums, when we get treated to a three-way and even a bit of boy on boy action. It begins with a young, thin, skater boi, named Alex who says he has skipped school because Uncle Don has promised him some pussy. He hopes its a blond. Lets hope not! Im certainly not in the mood for any pussy! As he waits for the pussy Alex strips and begins playing with his cock while he watches some porn in a seedy room. Hes covered in freckles and they shouldve stayed clear from the close-ups as hes really in need of some acne medication. I remember when I was 18.
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Boxcover for Taboo Sex Acts
Taboo Sex Acts 

Release date: 12/24/2004
Reviewed on: 4/16/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Body Shoppe

Review brief: My dictionary defines Taboo as: prohibited or forbidden by tradition. A prohibition placed on certain acts which makes them unmentionable. So one would expect to see something called TABOO SEX ACTS to feature incest or, at the very least, barebacking. Well, forget it. This is just another typically dull unimaginative piece of limp-dicked drivel from this repetitive and tiresome studio featuring less than average guys attempting to engage in bad sex. We begin with two guys in military fatigues. One is a skinny smirking redhead with a nice dick and pink pubes. Seeing his feet, it appears he has nail fungus. The other is a semi-pump brunet with a sore at the side of his mouth that may be herpes. You wouldnt want to climb in the sack with either. I suggest you turn the sound off or fast forward through the usual obnoxious banter that always begins these scenes. Talk of pussy and the guys telling when they last had some when probably the closest theyve come to ever seeing a naked woman was in getting a glimpse of Janet Jacksons boob at the Super Bowl.
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Boxcover for California Sweet Cum 1
California Sweet Cum 1 

Release date: 3/2/2005
Reviewed on: 3/21/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Body Shoppe

Review brief: With CALIFORNIA SWEET CUM #1, Body Shoppe has inadvertently produced a comedy of errors. It begins with three cute twinks Cory, Peewee and Tyler. All wear baseball caps, which they never remove perhaps for fear their cocks might fall off if they did? Cory has a lot of tattoos for being only 18. There is a line of Chinese characters moving up his left abdomen, flames on his bicep, and a snake of some sort (dragon?) on his shoulders. Peewee is full of himself (although he has no real cause to be) Tyler has rings in both nipples. [He and Cory are on the cover] They strip, and pull their puds trying to get hard as they watch a straight fuck-film. Tylers low hanging balls flop as he and Peewee get a mite hard. Ordered by Uncle Don, the cameraman, Peewee kneels to suck Tyler. I dont want to be a good cocksucker, Peewee informs Uncle Don. (He neednt worry, he isnt. On a scale of 1-10, Peewees cocksucking would rate a 1. In fact hes so bad, that Tyler loses his erection.) They go back to jacking off and Peewee cums on a full-length mirror. Cory follows suit.
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Boxcover for When Homey Cums Marchin' Homo
When Homey Cums Marchin' Homo 

Release date: 6/7/2004
Reviewed on: 2/24/2005 by marinesrock

Starring: Luis, Rico, Darryl, Andrew Jackson
Studio: Body Shoppe

Review brief: This flick opens on Mark Woods, decked in a sailor's hat, and acting as our narrator. He may have horrible teeth and be comically unable to read, but don't let that turn you off from watching the jack-off scenes of real military bucks that follow. First up is Darryl, a black sailor who at 6'2", 175 was the captain of his basketball team in high school. He coaxes out a big, white load onto his tight, chocolate stomach. Droplets even go as far as the base of his neck. Next, we are treated to Dustin, a marine just back from Iraq. Actually he isn't the best looking (he's pale, his too many intrusive tattoos, and has a little more baby fat than the other boys)--however, the fucking dude has just come back from Iraq and is going back as far as I'm concerned he deserves to dump his load whereever he sees fit. While in Iraq, Dustin worked in explosives. Unfortunately, that experience wasn't needed here since his cumshot was a mere dribbler. In my opinion, the hottest guy is 20 year old (Woods initially says 19 but he's mistaken) Rico from the Bronx.
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Boxcover for Devil Dogs 1
Devil Dogs 1 

Release date: 4/19/2002
Reviewed on: 11/26/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Body Shoppe

Review brief: Yet another of those films where young guys 18-20 are assembled to talk about pussy and jack off. "Uncle Don" gets to grope a couple of the dimwits' dicks as usual. Many of these youngsters have despoiled their bodies with hideous tattoos. In the second scene the two perfomers (one of whom has shaved his pubic hair) are watched by another guy and a slut. (I love shaved dicks, but I don't know why a "straight" guy of 19 would shave his pubic hair?) There is a 20-year-old named Burke that does a rather nice solo. He has a redish cock and cherry red balls. (severe Barber's rash?) The fourth scene features two uglies that I had to fast-forward through. The final scene is a scene that can also be found in the film SCREWED. In it a cute gay named Neal (who pretends to be a married man) sucks the cocks of two straights and gets fucked by one of them (who also has no pubic hair???). It's interesting that one of these straight guys (the one with the bald crotch) not only returns the favor to Neal by sucking his cock, but gives head to his straight buddy as well.
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Boxcover for Dark Erections 3
Dark Erections 3 

Release date: 6/11/2004
Reviewed on: 10/23/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Body Shoppe

Review brief: This is a less than average release from Body Shoppe. There is the usual annoying talk from Uncle Don in his gravely voice about pussy and girls not showing up for the filming. A patter than no one believes especially the guys who know they have just come here to jack off. It s all designed to make us believe these guys are straight. Then too there is that ugly hand with a wedding band that reaches out from time to time to cop a feel. As its title suggests this is to feature dark dick so we see mostly blacks with one Latino and one ultra white dude. First up are Tommy and Flame. Tommy is the ultra white guy. Hes shaved off his pubic hair. How many straight guys do you know who shave off their pubic hair? They dont touch one another, but Uncle Don cant resist stoking Flames uncut meat. They jack-off standing on a mirror. Gooda, another black follows. He wears a sailor hair and has a small dick. Troy, a big light-skinned Afro-American is next. He also is minimally hung. He jacks off watching TV. Ra, a young uninspiring Latino has a big uncut cock.
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Boxcover for Screwed (Body Shoppe)
Screwed (Body Shoppe) 

Release date: 8/12/2002
Reviewed on: 5/29/2004 by joe-shaver

Starring: Bobby, John, Jason, Shawn, Greg, Calvin, Remy, Pepper, Ken, Bryce, Neal
Studio: Body Shoppe

Review brief: There is one scene in this that is quite good, and one that had potential if they had properly exploited it, but the rest is pretty dull. The good scene is with Bryce London and a youngster known only as Neal. Now the whole concept of this film is straight guys giving up their virginity. Certainly if anyone could seduce a straight, it is Bryce. As Ive mention in other reviews he is handsome, built, and sucks a mean dick. He can also fuck. Neal is very cute. When Bryce first touches his leg he removes the hand. Next time, he doesnt. (Enough coyness.) Bryce leans over to suck the kids cock. In no time at all, Bryce maneuvers into a sixty-nine position and Neal starts sucking Bryce with no hesitation whatsoever. Either this kid has done this before, or its a remarkable natural talent. Nor does he hesitate to give Bryce a super rim job. Bryce sticks his tongue up Neals hole as well. Bruce then inserts his dick. Ive never done this before, Neal says with a slight smirk that would have done Clinton proud denying anything went on the oval office.
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Boxcover for Raw Southern California Meat 2
Raw Southern California Meat 2 

Release date: 11/29/2003
Reviewed on: 1/17/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Body Shoppe

Review brief: The use of the word Raw in the title suggests that this DVD offers bareback fucking. It does not! In fact there is no fucking at all. Thats the bad news. The good news is that lecherous Uncle Don keeps his mitts to himself during this one. I always squirm with unease when he reaches forth that gnarled old hand with the wedding band to cop a feel of a young guys boner. He does pat a chest at one point, but the guys peters are spared his unwanted and awkward ministrations. The film follows the usual format of this series. After much talk of pussy, young straights (although in some there appears to be a gay guy bursting to get out) strip, pull out their peckers and jack off while watching straight porn. (We hear that continuous phony moaning of porn femmes as they get plowed in the background.) Two kids of the baseball cap brigade, Alex and Sisco are the first to appear. Alex is a scrawny, unattractive youngster with a mass of freckles and blackheads. He has a snotty attitude. The only things interesting about him are his dick and his low hanging balls.
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Boxcover for Cum Shots 1: Short & Sweet
Cum Shots 1: Short & Sweet 

Release date: 11/21/2003
Reviewed on: 12/20/2003 by joe-shaver

Studio: Body Shoppe

Review brief: Straight guys jacking off, sucking dick, and fucking male asses is like watching dogs walk on their hind legs. They dont do it well, but you are surprisedand a bit titillatedto see them do it all. That is the secret behind the amateur films from The Body Shoppe. I would find the films a lot more enjoyable if Uncle Don didnt engage them in conversation so we see how incredibly dumb these guys are, and if he didnt reach out with that ugly old hand with a wedding ring (who is he fooling?) and grope these dimwits. (I just feel so terribly embarrassed for them.) CUM SHOTS appears to be a compilation of well, cum shots that have been gleaned from amongst the chaff of these films. We are spared much of the inane chatter about pussies and guys pulling on their puds until we think they are going to pull them off to cut right to the juicy bits with only a few moments of preparation before the blast. There are a couple of real beauties here. The first guy up is one of them. His name is Bob and hes a young uncut blond marine with a fine body.
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Boxcover for Southern California Surfers
Southern California Surfers 

Release date: 1/15/2003
Reviewed on: 6/8/2003 by joe-shaver

Starring: Mark, Shane, Alex, Rick, Skylar, Jim
Studio: Body Shoppe

Review brief: Body Shoppe films are the ultimate in voyeurism. We jack off watching guys jack off watching porn. This group consistsas the title statesof surfer dudes. They are listed as professional surfers, an obvious euphemism for surfer bums. When the handsomest of these dudesShaneis asked, Are you a professional surfer, he replies, Well, yes, but I dont get paid. Shane is the first of these dudes to appear on camera. We meet him on the beach and watch him get into his surfer gear. He is slender with cobalt blue eyes and a nice cut dick. When the action moves to the bedroom and the jacking off, this delightful appendage grows to an impressive size. (I would be happy to pay Shane. But not for surfing.) Next we have a twosome with Jim and Alex. There is a table in the room littered with take-out bags and containersthe surfers diet. One of the guys has light-brown hair and is not very well toned (he does have a big dick); the other is shorter with dark hair and a nice average dick that lists to starboard. He is cute.
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Boxcover for Bobby's Marines
Bobby's Marines 

Release date: 3/27/2001
Reviewed on: 8/6/2002 by joe-shaver

Studio: Body Shoppe

Review brief: Some of the films from Body Shoppe featuring straight guys (supposedly marines) who jack off on camera can be interesting and even uplifting. This is not one of them. There are seven scenes in this one, and nine guys; none of whom could be called attractive. First up is a guy with a mass of tattoos who undresses and proceeds to masturbate while an oriental chap chirps along in an unintelligible accent. (The sound is atrocious in this film, the guys are muffled so that when they speak it sounds like merff moo mumm. The only thing really audible is a woman squealing while being fucked on a stag film playing to inspire these unattractive guys to achieve an erection.) There are two twosomes one of which follows. In both, the guys sit at opposite ends of the sofa with a pillow between them so that there is absolutely no danger of them accidentally touching one another. One of these guys is very thin and cute with a very long bent cock. A close-up reveals him to have acne all over his torso that diminishes the cuteness somewhat.
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