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Boxcover for Lingeries

Release date: 2/24/2004
Reviewed on: 2/24/2004 by lee-o

Studio: Blue One

Review brief: LINGERIES Studio: Blue One Run Time: 1.25:10 Director: Mark Principe Extras: Trailers Date Made: 2000 Video: 4:3 Cast: Laura Angel , Nikki Anderson , Zenza Raggi , Mike Foster , Alberto Rey , Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Type: feature Region: 0 (all) , PAL Condoms: 0/6 scenes Lingere: 3/6 scenes THE STORY Laura Angel plays a worker in a lingerie factory who dreams of leaving behind her life of sewing for the glamour of modelling . In her imaginings she accomplishes her goal by sleeping her way to success , and we get to watch her progress . Along the way she takes the ex lovers of Nikki Anderson's model and makes them her own . The sets are very limited with little being seen except for a few catwalk shows , a dressing room , and the lingerie factory . In fact we're only ever shown the outside once , right at the beginning of the piece .
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Boxcover for Machos

Release date: 12/19/2003
Reviewed on: 12/18/2003 by hardware

Studio: Blue One

Review brief: Title: Machos Cast: Kate More, Oceane, Chipy Marlow, Laura Angel, Maeva Exel, Elodie Cherie, Olivia de Treville, Nomi, Helene Sylver, Cynthia, Ian Scott, Bruno SX, Ed, Steve, Titus, Sebastian Barrio and a bunch of others. Cut to the chase: This is the story of two horn-dogs who get turned into women so they have to experience the other side. It's silly but mildly amusing, especially Kate More's performance as Bruno in a woman's body having sex for the first time. Interestingly, there's no penetration shots in the film. All the women except Olivia de Treville get sodomized, and Elodie, Cynthia and Nomi get DP'd as well. It won't set the world on fire, but if you like the cast then you'll probably be happy with the DVD. The dialogue is in French. PS - condoms are used throughout the movie. Features: Main menu Chapters Ad for the movie Making of Scenes: 1) Olivia and Ian Bruno, Ian and Ed(?) come to catch some rays on the beach. Olivia, wearing a skimpy black bikini, is snorkeling nearby. Ian decides to go for a swim and tries to chat her up.
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Boxcover for Der Boss
Der Boss 

Release date: 11/21/2003
Reviewed on: 11/19/2003 by hardware

Studio: Blue One

Review brief: Title: Der Boss Director: Fernando H Cast: Kelly Trump, Dru Berrymore, Uta Mielke, Susanna Engel, Zenza Raggi, Steve Holmes, Horst Kallinke, Theo White (Franco Roccoforte) Cut to the chase: I had a really hard time following this French version of a German release, but, in a nutshell, Kelly and Horst do a hostile takeover of Zenza and Steve's company, or something like that. Steve plays the bumbling partner who ends up shooting Zenza when they have a falling out, which appears to fulfill Kelly's evil plan. In between, everybody fucks everybody else for no good reason. Dru and Kelly each have two scenes and put in very nice performances. The guys tend to keep their clothes on during the sex scenes so you gals may be disappointed in this one. No condoms were used. Features: Main menu Film Scenes - jump to the six sex scenes Film announcement Other film announcements (Blue One's top twelve) Scenes: 1) Dru and Zenza Dru and a lab-coated assistant work in a room containing some chem lab type stuff.
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Boxcover for La Dresseuse (The Trainer)
La Dresseuse (The Trainer) 

Release date: 10/15/2003
Reviewed on: 10/14/2003 by hardware

Studio: Blue One

Review brief: Title: La Dresseuse (The Adjuster) Director: Alain Payet Cast: Zara Whites, Lea Martini, Kate More, Dru Berrymore, Fovea, Oceane, Daniella Rush, Mark Barrow, Bruno SX, Phillipe Dean, Ramon, Kevin Long and Yan Scott Cut to the chase: This is billed as the 'explosive return of Zara Whites.' According to the cover, it earned the Hot D'Or in 1999 for 'Meilleur Realisateur Europeen'...Best European Director? Anyway, my French-to-English translator says the title means 'The Adjustor,' but I suspect it's 'The Ringmaster.' At any rate, just looking at the female cast should tell you that this one has plenty of eye candy, and I assure you they get put to good use. My main complaint is that Zara only did girl/girl, darn it. If you're new to Euro-porn, this wouldn't be a bad one to start with (but see the note at the end of this review first). I would describe it as mild raincoater.
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Review brief: Les Petites Soubrettes du Grand Hotel Blue One Directed by Ricky Grimaldi Starring: Jessica Fiorentino, Krystal de Boor, Sandra Key, Giulia Dal Fuoco, Nikky Blu, Paola Valle, Terry Visconti, Franco 30lance, Luca Bazzluca, Denis Martin, Fausto Moreno, Andrea Monti, Andrea Nobili, Jackal, Mirone Danola, Miro Merola. Running time: 2hrs 14mins (feature), 33mins (making of), 43mins (extra scenes) Format: PAL/Region 2 encoded Language: French A polished Italian production, dubbed into French in this Blue One edition, "The Little Chambermaids of Grand Hotel" is the first I've movie seen from director Ricky Grimaldi. The Story The story is simple but effective - as the Grand Hotel is due for demolition to make way for a supermarket, hotelier Mario, played by Franco 30lance (Trentalance), reminisces about amorous events during the venerable establishment's golden age.
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