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Boxcover for Fence Jumping Again
Fence Jumping Again 

Release date: 12/5/2002
Reviewed on: 8/11/2003 by robhammer

Starring: Tina Tyler, T.J. Hart, Jason, Drew Andrews, Bruce Hill, Skylar, Sean, Tanya Tyler, Andy Devine, Skyler
Studio: Bi-Chance

Review brief: Running Time: 61 1/2 min. First Date of Production: April 2000 Cast as listed in the opening credits: Skyler, Andy, Drew, Bruce, Tanya, Sean, Jason Note on cast credits: I recognize T.J. Hart, Tina Tyler, Drew Andrews and Bruce Hill. I don't recognize the other performers and there is no attempt made to ID them. Music: There are various slow solo instrumental themes that play. I would have liked it better without the music. It doesn't add any heat makes the scenes seem boring. Scene Selection: 8 slides. Review: Scene 1: Tina is at a bar and the bartender asks if she would like a drink. She says that she would rather have something to eat and glances over the bar. That must mean oral sex so Tina lavishes him with a blowjob then titty fucks him. Tina is good with her mouth but the filming is very amateurish. He is like a statue and doesn't make a peep. They seem to be enjoying the slow fuck but the close up penetration shots don't do anything for me. She gives him a hand job and makes him cum. Scene 2: I can hardly recognize T.J.
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Boxcover for Bi Trauma
Bi Trauma 

Release date: 2/16/2002
Reviewed on: 8/4/2003 by robhammer

Starring: T.J., Drew Andrews, Steve Pierce, Blade Thompson, Mason Flynt, Ariel, Cody Tyler
Studio: Bi-Chance

Review brief: Running Time: 73 minutes First date of commerce: August 1999 Female Cast: T.J. Hart, Ariel Male Cast: Blade Thompson, Drew Andrews, Cody Tyler, Steve Pierce, Mason Flynt Initial Comments: Here is another generic Bi Chance number with uncredited crew and director. There are no extras, just 2 web links and the audio setup menu. Scene Selection: 9 preview clips. Review: Scene 1: Ariel, T.J., Blade Ariel and T.J. sit in the living room and talk about the house. Ariel asks T.J. if she plays with boys or girls. T.J. says both. They make out and trade titty sucking, undressing piece by piece. They are laughing and having fun, though Ariel's lines seem rehearsed. I hate this background music. It's supposed to be "happy" sounding, but for me it's just annoying. The lighting isn't great and we see shadows of the crew. T.J. is very engorged as Ariel works her pussy with a peirced tongue. This is slow tease and T.J. looks pleased. They seem to be having fun.
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Review brief: Running Time: 82 min. A Male Media One Production 1999 Printed on DVD: First date of commerce Jan 2000, 2002 Female Cast: Tina Tyler, TJ Hart Male Cast: Bruce Hill, Ethan Starr, Cody Tyler, Drew Andrews, Jason Nikas, Blade Thompson Note on Cast Credits: I've seen most of the male talent before, but haven't had to match up names with faces. If I've made any mistakes, let me know so that I can correct them. Audio/Video Quality: The video quality is good. The background music volume is consistent. The audio from the performers goes up and down, at times making it difficult to hear them well. Music: Same porn rag background all the way through. Disc Problems: A couple of slight video skips. Comments: I've scornfully eyed this title a few times at my local video super store. Most of the truly bisexual people I know are pretty secure about their sexuality, and not at all confused. I met one woman who emotionally flip-flopped like a fish out of water, but come on. Anyway, the pickin's are a bit slim for this genre, so what the hell.
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