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Review brief: This one contains three jackoff solos and two suck-n-fucks. The first soloist is cute Ethan Spence, a national guardsman of twenty, who is first seen in camouflage gear before stripping down to nothing. Very desirable this is the best of the jackoffs. Kader, a young navy lad, is the next to skin the sausage. He has buzz-cut his pubes. Hes OK, but nothing to write home about. Mark Woods is the cover lad and obviously one of the studios favorites. He thinks very highly of himself. Much too highly, but he is cute. He cums on the lens. The duos begin with Nathan and Seth. Nathan is in navy whites. Seth is really quite suckable and fuckable. Nathan once out of uniform is also quite humpy. Seths dick is very hard when Nathan fishes it out to go down on it. Its irritating to have flashbulbs pop during their scene. (Its the sign of a cheap studio when they dont take separate still photos.) It's also a bit distracting to hear someone in the background dying of emphysema. I get really turned on though when its Seths turn to suck dick. He seems to love cock.
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Boxcover for Salty Semen
Salty Semen 

Release date: 10/1/2005
Reviewed on: 1/8/2006 by netguy

Studio: Barrack X 69

Review brief: Coverboy stud pup Anderson is up first with a solo scene, and after some brief introductions the director gets him to drop his pants to reveal an already somewhat hard cock. Hes pretty cute and has a decent sized cock that he strokes for the camera. Hes done a number of videos were told and as he continues to jerk himself off the director jokes around with him. He removes his shirt and bares his smooth, brown chest, continually working over his cock. He eventually shoots a nice load from his uncut cock and as he walks away to clean up shows us his firm bubble butt. Jeremy Haynes is up next, another cutie with a slender build and a big, long cock. The cameraman is different this time and doesnt talk much only in the beginning to tell Jeremy to remove his shirt. As he lies back in the grass he grabs a big bottle of lube and gets his cock worked up. He stares into the camera and does a fine job of playing with himself, really working it for the viewer and seems to be a natural performing solo.
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Boxcover for Latino Bareback Love Boat
Latino Bareback Love Boat 

Release date: 11/29/2005
Reviewed on: 12/21/2005 by netguy

Starring: Leon, Matt Woods, Denny Brown, Enrique, Brian Patrick Johnson, Kaden, Rico Mantos
Studio: Barrack X 69

Review brief: The cover of Latino Bareback Loveboat is a bit misleading as this isnt a complete barebacking film except for the last two segments, and their isnt even a ship, but rather a backyard and a sofa. That aside, this isnt half bad, and I mean half. The Latino performers though do have some nice sized dicks and sure do shoot a mean load thats for sure! The film features 5 amateur segments with the first three being solos that are mediocre at best and the last two are some decent condomless fucking action. The biggest problem I find with these amateur productions is the damn camermen or directors who feel the need to make stupid small talk with these guys who could really give two shits. Theyre just in it to make a few bucks and sit back and jerk themselves off. So stop talking! As he sits outside on a deck, Brian Patrick Johnson is introduced to us first. Hes young, dark skinned, and is half Latino and half Irish. The cameraman asks various questions, his stats, sports hes played, and so on, and then gets him to remove his pants.
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Boxcover for Cocked and Loaded (Barrack X 69)
Cocked and Loaded (Barrack X 69) 

Release date: 5/22/2005
Reviewed on: 11/23/2005 by netguy

Starring: Matt Woods, Josh Williams, Lucas Center, Burt Hector
Studio: Barrack X 69

Review brief: Cocked and Loaded is a series of vignettes featuring a variety of young, straight, servicemen 3 solos and 2 pairs. The results are really a mixed bag. If it wasnt for the annoying cameraman talking and some shoddy camerawork this wouldve been a helluva lot better. The last two scenes are much better then the solos and at least there is action as opposed to someone just sitting there beating off. Hector, a marine from L.A. , enjoys hooking up with girls and jerks off whenever he gets the chance in the barracks. He slowly removes his uniform and strips down to nothing. As he sits in a plastic lawn chair the unknown cameraman makes small talk with him as he gets his cock nice and hard. Occasionally he glances at a porn magazine to help him out and basically just sits there and jerks off. Nothing real exciting. Brady a freckled, red haired kid from Tempe, Az, is up next. This time theres a different cameraman and pretty much no small talk, we just get to witness Brady jerking off as he sits on the edge of a pool.
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Boxcover for Those Who Service In the Military
Those Who Service In the Military 

Release date: 4/13/2005
Reviewed on: 11/5/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Barrack X 69

Review brief: Did you ever know anyone who kept up a constant stream of meaningless chatter in a high-pitched voice that rattled on like machine gun fire and drove you absolutely bonkers? Well, youll find him behind the camera at Barrack X 69. He simply will not shut up. Apparently being turned on by the guys pounding their puds in front of him makes him nervous so he yaps, yaps, yaps like a little frightened dog. He thinks hes funny too. Hes not. A submarine is a long black thing filled with seamen is the apex of his humor. Once I started viewing I realized why this sat in my viewing pile for eons. After having viewed one of these recordings with the poor mans Jay Leno I was not up to another one anytime soon. It will be even longer before I view one again. The guys are not half bad. In fact some are damn cute, and Im really amazed that they are able to get hard and cum with motor-mouth going on incessantly. I certainly cant. The action for the first three scenes takes place outdoors at a pool. Toby, a young army guy in a uniform and green beret, is up first.
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Boxcover for Lean, Mean Fighting Machines
Lean, Mean Fighting Machines 

Release date: 4/13/2005
Reviewed on: 6/26/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: Lucas, Alejandro, Josh Williams
Studio: Barrack X 69

Review brief: Barrack X 69 is another of those amateur companies that lures young servicemen to strip and stroke. I was less than enthusiastic about the previous film from this studio I reviewed, but this one gave me a fair amount of pleasure. This was due solely to the young performers whose looks and charm overcame mediocre camera work and my annoyance of the garrulous photographer who thinksmistakenlythat hes clever and funny. The first wanker was Lucas, a young twenty-year-old from the Coast Guard. There is a horrible tattoo of a badly drawn angel on his back and a rather nice tattoo on his right shoulder and arm. Lucas is cute. Hes very sweet. He says hes into bondage and being whipped. He also says he tops and bottoms. Arrangements are made for him to return and do a scene. Unfortunately its not on this DVD. DAMN! I suppose well just have to go to their web site and search for it. I, for one, definitely want to see him in action. Ethan Spense is nineteen. He too is cute. He closes his eyes as he pulls his pud. Im cummin, he announces. And he does. The final pud-puller is Armando.
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Boxcover for First Time Fuckers (Barrack X 69)
First Time Fuckers (Barrack X 69) 

Release date: 5/19/2005
Reviewed on: 6/11/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Barrack X 69

Review brief: Since no one in this entire film fucks, the title is grossly misleading! Theres just jacking off, some inept cocksucking, and some ineffectual dildoing. None of which defines the word fuck in my book. First up (no pun intended) is Jaime Wayans, a young black marine who has won a purple heart. He strips and prepares to jack off. Now this leads me to a question about these amateur masturbation films. If you want a guy to get hard and cum would you chatter away and distract him from the matter in hand? Its one thing to offer encouragement and flattery, but to talk as though you were just sitting around drinking beer strikes me as absurd. Anyway despite the magpie behind the camera, Jamie does cum, although at the moment of ecstasy the camera is on his face not his cock. Bryan age 21 is a handsome farm-boy type with a very nice body that has been disfigured by a bible verse on his chest. It says something about Yahweh teaching his hands for war and his fingers for battle.
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