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Boxcover for Basket Balling
Basket Balling 

Release date: 2/14/2003
Reviewed on: 2/5/2003 by joe-shaver

Studio: Avenger

Review brief: The name Basket Balling is the best thing this one has going for it. Duh, guys have baskets (Yup) and they got balls. (You bethcha!) Unfortunately the same cleverness doesnt carry through to the film itself. If you are into feet you might want to pick this one up. Foot lovers know there are few enough films that cater to the delectable toe-suck as a prelude to sucking something larger. But if you are not into this particular fetish you wont get much of a rise here. The first scene features Corky Adams, who now goes by the name of Shawn Young (is this name twinkier or something?) discovered in a locker room with a sort of rough looking but uninteresting newcomer. They have a few lines of dialogue but it is so poorly miked and, as the echo of the empty locker room distorts it even more, we get only a bit of it. It is enough to know that the so-called straight guy with Shawn/Corky has never fucked his girlfriends ass. Would you believe Shawn/Corky volunteers for it? Well he does. But first he has to suck some dick.
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