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Boxcover for Love Asian Style
Love Asian Style 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 2/16/2003 by evil_rip

Studio: AVE

Review brief: Love Asian Style Studio: AVE Format: Single Sided Starring: Some pretty Asian ladies and guys First Impression: I bought another DVD based on pretty girls on the cover and back. Oh why oh why do I keep falling for it? AVE is a notoriously terrible studio in regards to its asian movies. Review: On the cover, Dual language English and Chinese. So this movie is dubbed in both english and chinese. Thats right dubbed in chinese. The original langauge most likely is japanese. So hearing it in either language seems very odd. You don't get to hear the women's moaning. And from the sound of it they seem to have only hired two voice actors. A man and a women. So they do all the voice overs in both english and chinese. This was a rather plot driven movie, which the plot kinda sucks. This lady is hired to do sexual things for her friends. Well anyways, the action isn't too bad. But I can't seem to get past the bad dubbing. I really like hearing the natural moaning not this dubbed shit. That is a problem I've had with the AVE vcds i use to own.
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Boxcover for Pure Beauties Collection: Maiko Yuuki
Pure Beauties Collection: Maiko Yuuki 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 11/19/2001 by snowman872

Starring: Maiko Yuuki
Studio: AVE

Review brief: * Synopsis * A few years ago Yukki Maiko was a very popular Japanese AV Girl. When I searched for her on Goggle, the search engine returned 1420 hits so it seems she's far from forgotten. This disc was produced in 1998, when Tai Seng designated her AV girl of the year (1999). This feature is a softcore, Japanese disc which features lots of glamour posing and tease. There's some nudity, and some suggestive gestures, but nothing harder. * What's Hot * Yuuki is a treat for the eyes if you like young Asian women. She's one of those compact Japanese girls who can play the part of an innocent effortlessly. In several sequences on this disc, she's plays the familiar virgin role who is on the verge of discovering her sexuality. For instance, when she's in the tub taking a bath, a toy soldier almost becomes a sex toy, she receives an electric toothbrush as a gift and flirts with the idea of using it as a vibrator and at a modeling session even an ear of corn becomes symbolic of you know what for a few moments.
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