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Boxcover for Hot For Cash
Hot For Cash 

Release date: 4/8/2007
Reviewed on: 11/10/2008 by joe-shaver

Studio: ARI

Review brief: This is a very early film. Nevertheless it tries to have a plot on which to string the sex scenes together. The Volkswagen of a handsome blond thief breaks down in the desert and he steals various vehicles in an attempt to escape.
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Boxcover for Best Men, The (ARI)
Best Men, The (ARI) 

Release date: 10/26/2005
Reviewed on: 9/15/2007 by joe-shaver

Starring: Chaz, Tex Anthony, Kevin Wiles, Bobby Davis, Peter King, Justin Rhodes, Brett Simms, Champ
Studio: ARI

Directed by: Michael Leon
Review brief: The night after the wedding the best men and the groom get it on with one another inspite of the fact that limp dicks abound.
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Boxcover for I'm In the Nude For...?
I'm In the Nude For...? 

Release date: 10/26/2005
Reviewed on: 6/10/2006 by joe-shaver

Starring: Ben Press, Dick Wayne, Mel Rista, Stan Wood, Todd Adams
Studio: ARI

Review brief: These guys should have left their clothes on. I was tempted to submit my review with just that one sentence, but you deserve an explanation. I had never heard of this film when it was a lowly VHS, and rightly so. It consists of three scenes. The first begins as some kind of contest. Three men are dancing nude. As the best looking one is elminated it must be a dog show. Later things turn into a sort of free-for-all. IT's like one of the early ManPlay series, except here the guys are less than average, the lighting is poor, and the photography is the shits. You can't tell who is doing what to whom, but you won't care. At one point one of the guys shows he can suck his own dick. Those 20 seconds are the only highlight. Two bedroom scenes follow. In the first, two young twinks suck cock for ages and then fuck. In the second, two young guys (not bad at all to be honest) suck and fuck.
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Boxcover for Desires Of the Devil
Desires Of the Devil 

Release date: 10/26/2005
Reviewed on: 5/27/2006 by joe-shaver

Starring: Jim Cassidy
Studio: ARI

Review brief: I have to admit to a real weakness. I love old horror and sci-fi films and I love old pre-condom porn. The older and cheesier the better. The horror films dont scare me and the old porn doesnt arouse me, so what is it about them that I love? Perhaps its their rawness, their naiveté, their very ineptness. So even when I could be (and should be) viewing something more worthwhile I give in to my guilty pleasure and watch something like SONS OF SATAN or DESIRES OF THE DEVIL. I dont see a listing for my recently viewed SONS OF SATAN so Ill do DESIRES OF THE DEVIL instead. The film begins with Jim Cassidy waking up to an annoying alarm. Now although this film is a piece of schlock, Jim Cassidy was something else. He was blond and beautiful with a drop-dead gorgeous build. He was an AMG model come to life. An AMG model that sucked and fucked. Indeed the best part of this film is the scene where he poses for a photographer in the standard AMG poses. But Im getting ahead of myself.
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Review brief: This is another of the films from the past decade or so that has been transferred from VHS to DVD and is a sequel to Boot Camp I. It is not necessary to see part one, however, as this one is just a series of unconnected scenes. BOOT CAMP II: THE TRENCHES begin with a solo jack off by the by the overused Rod Garetto. My advice is to fast-forward. When Boot Camp I ended, Tim Lowe, the cute twink with the bent dick, was just begining to join Tony Davis and Les Stine in the bunk below for a last-night-in-the-barracks suck and fuck. Tony, whom I described as a feral-looking twink in Boot Camp I, is sucking on Stines dick. Les Stine is so furry that it looks as though hes wearing a hair shirt. Tim hops down from the upper bunk to offer Les a dick to suck and later face-fucks him. Tim then goes down on Les dick as Tony sucks him. Soon both Tony and Les are both giving their attentions to Tims bent boner. Tim sticks it to Stine. Feeling left out, Tony climbs up to the upper bunk where his dick will be on a level with Tims mouth in order to feed him some cock.
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Boxcover for Boot Camp (ARI)
Boot Camp (ARI) 

Release date: 3/26/2003
Reviewed on: 7/3/2003 by joe-shaver

Starring: Tim Lowe, Tony Davis, Rod Garetto, Matt Windsor, Danny Brown, Lee Jennings, Danny Bliss, Brad Weston, Kevin Glover
Studio: ARI

Review brief: This is another of the films from the past decade or so that has been transferred from VHS to DVD. It stars Tim Lowe a 6ft. twink with 7 in. (As Mae West once remarked, Forget about the 6 feet, lets talk about the 7 inches.) Tims 7 inches are very distinctive. The head bends sharply downward. I had a friend who had a toilet seat fall on his dick when he was little. Tims resembles his. At the start of the film Tim is about to go into the marines and is bidding farewell to his loving brother, Alan Lambert. In the 80s when this film was made, Alan was a somewhat fleshy but cute French-Canadian twink. In the 90s he bulked up from gym work to be an imposing and highly desirable specimen. After this remarkable metamorphosis he appeared in Falcons Grand Prize and Summer Buddies. He then killed himself in a park in Montreal as a protest against some government policy. [Quel domage!] Alan bids brother Tim a fond farewell by going down on his dick. Tim does the same for his brother in a nice 69.
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Boxcover for Soap Studs
Soap Studs 

Release date: 11/4/2002
Reviewed on: 11/20/2002 by joe-shaver

Studio: ARI

Review brief: Another of the early pre-condom videos now re-released on DVD, this one has the attraction of having been produced by the prolific Terry Le Grand whose hallmark was having a sense of humor. The premise for this film is that we are watching a soap opera Lust for Life. Our two soap stars meet, sit on the sofa, kiss and..its time for a commercial! How eerie that Le Grand could prophesy from 20 years ago what TV viewing would be like in the 21st century: one minute of program followed by ten minutes of commercials. Of course if all commercials were like these we wouldnt mind watching them. Our first commercial has two lovers waking up in the morning. When one asks for a good- morning kiss the other says, But your breath! Spurts mints to the rescue.
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