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Boxcover for Handsome Drifters
Handsome Drifters 

Release date: 4/22/2006
Reviewed on: 4/30/2006 by joe-shaver

Starring: Kurt Young, Clay Maverick, Austin, Chris Ramsey, Cal Lawrence, Alexi Firrera, Tyler Grey
Studio: AMR

Review brief: Austin Ashley, the star of this film, once told me I was stupid. But I didnt get angry at the snarky narcissistic little bastard because when theyre pretty you can overlook many things. This was ten years ago, about the time this film was made. The last film I think he made was six years ago. He will be 32 in October. In HANDSOME DRIFTERS Austin plays a young guy living in Florida at the estate of a wealthy man who likes his boys to wear as little as possible when they work around the house. At night Austin and the boys work at the guy's bar where I assume they dont wear much if anything. As the film opens Austin and another of the boys, Chris Ramsey, are about to wash a couple of cars. Austin tells Chriswho like Austin is a pretty young thingthat he is fed up with it all and plans to borrow one his daddys cars and head west. Chris suggests that since Austin is feeling blue, he should go jet skiing with Cal Lawrence and he will wash the cars alone. In return he wants a favor from Austin. (Guess what?) So Austin lets Chris pull down his pants and suck on his cock.
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