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Boxcover for R.A.W.: Raw Amateur Wankers
R.A.W.: Raw Amateur Wankers 

Release date: 4/7/2010
Reviewed on: 4/15/2010 by netguy

Studio: AMG

Review brief: The guys are all pretty hot for being amateurs and the camera work was good for the most part but the editing was crappy towards the end. What started off pretty hot ended for me with a limp dick. Ace, Dante, and Luke (even without sound) were the highlights here.
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Boxcover for Hardcore Film Classics: Vito & The Love Bandit
Hardcore Film Classics: Vito & The Love Bandit 

Release date: 7/11/2006
Reviewed on: 2/3/2007 by joe-shaver

Studio: AMG

Review brief: Back in the Dark Ages when Bob Mizer was filming nude models on 8mm and calling it art to keep from getting in trouble with the law (which he did anyway) who would have thought Bob was also making hardcore features? The proof is here on this DVD! Wow, if the law knew about them Mizer would probably have been executed. The films are not up (no pun intended) to our present day offerings but I can imagine viewers who were lucky enough to get these at that time must have worn the skin off their weenies. Even now they are capable of engorging organs. HARDCORE FILM CLASSICS consists of nine shorts of varying length and quality. All but one are in color and have post-dubbed music. One has post-dubbed voices. The one that is post-dubbed is the first and longest: Vito and the Love Bandit. Young Vito is on the sofa looking at a porn magazine and stroking his stiffy when a young masked bandit crawls through the window. The bandit is so distracted by Vitos dick that Vito is able to snatch the gun away and order the bandit down on his cock.
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Boxcover for AMG Resurrection: A New Beginning
AMG Resurrection: A New Beginning 

Release date: 12/2/2005
Reviewed on: 12/29/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: Jason Adonis
Studio: AMG

Directed by: Dennis Bell
Review brief: The American Model Guild which began in the mid-forties under the direction of photographer Bob Mizer was a pioneer in male nude photography and film. Two generations ago it gave lots of gay men their jollies. The models were required to wear a posing strap as the male genitals (even though supposedly made in the image of god) were regarded as filthy and obscene. Even then Bob had his problems with the law. His story and that of the Guild is told in the film BEEFCAKE. The photos from the forties and fifties are certainly tame by todays (even yesterdays) standards so in the seventies copies of these publications could be picked up for a dollar a piece on the sale tables in the porn shops on 42nd street. Now Dennis Bell, an enterprising young photographer, has bought out the old studio and in celebration of its 60 years in existence has brought it into the 21st century with its first hardcore filmAMG RESURRECTION.
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