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Review brief: Alpha France delivers once again with this double feature of two more obscure French hardcore offerings. While Claude Mulot's Belles D'un Soir is one of the finest French X rated films ever made, Claude Bernard Aubert's Parties De Chasse En Sologne is a very average sex filled offering. Both are presented uncut and from nice 35mm elements, though both have been stripped of their original titles and have had superimposed new titles placed over the originals. Even so, this is quite probably the best releases these films will ever get, and considering their rarity, they're well worth the purchase.
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Boxcover for Lasse Braun 3 Film Collection
Lasse Braun 3 Film Collection 

Release date: 6/29/2008
Reviewed on: 12/21/2008 by classix-comment

Starring: John Wilson, Lindsay, Dawn Cumming, Brigitte Maier, Carmelo Petix, Catherine Ringer, Jean-Louis Vattier, Jacques Gateau, Tony Morena, Nicole Velna, Robert Leray, Sylvia Bourdon, Louison Boutin, Cristel Lauris, Micky Love, Robert le Ray, Trixie Heinen, Jean Gerard Sorlin, Gilda Arancio, Michele D'Agro, Gemma Gimenez, Mike Lennart, Carlo Manuguerra, Frederique Souchier, Chantal Virapin, Raymond Xirnay, Nathalie Morin, Eva Quang, Frederique Barral, Tania Busselier, Pierre Latour, Bent Rohweder, Nico Wolferstetter, Patrick Anderson, Claudio Rosso, Gwenda Farnel, Henry de Mott, Louis Mayer, Tuppy Owens, Véronique Monet, J. C. Baboulin, Aria Arsikainen, Claudine Beccarie, Elisabeth Welt, Monique van Dam, Solvej Kristensen, Wendy Larson, Lavelle Roby, Lykke Frandsen, Lasse Braun, Willy Bracque, Nico Tierlier, Bent Rohwedder
Studio: Alpha France

Review brief: Once again Alpha France has released a film looking so flawless and beautiful that it puts 90 of DVD companies in general to shame. Although Braun's films are vastly overrated, his masterpiece, Sensations, is given a tremendous release which is guaranteed to please even the most jaded collector.
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Boxcover for Femmes De Sade / Waterpower
Femmes De Sade / Waterpower 

Release date: 12/3/2007
Reviewed on: 9/13/2008 by classix-comments

Starring: Sharon Mitchell, Joey Silvera, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Eric Edwards, Annette Haven, Leslie Bovee, Linda Wong, Abigail Clayton, Turk Lyon, Desiree West, Sharon Thorpe, Gloria Leonard, Marlene Willoughby, Tyler Reynolds, Mimi Morgan, Melba Bruce, Monique Starr, Clea Carson, C.J. Laing, Crystal Sync, Shaun Costello, Johnny Keyes, Samantha Morgan, Long Jean Silver, Starr Wood, Philip Marlowe, Susaye London, Justina Lynn, Enjil Von Bergdorf, Craig Esposito, Candida Royalle, Vernon Von Bergdorf, Leo Lovemore, Kikko, Ken Turner, Barbara Belkin, Beverly Steig, Sally O'Neil, Fred Keitel, John Buco, Peter Christian, Enjil von Bergdorfe, Vernon von Bergdorfe, Peter Christiana
Studio: Alpha France

Directed by: Alex deRenzy, Shaun Costello
Review brief: Alpha France does it again by releasing two of the sickest cult classics of American hardcore remastered from 35mm for the very first time! A must buy!
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Review brief: Alpha France has put together an outstanding double feature release of two of the finest films by French hardcore auteur, Claude Mulot. Le Sexe Qui Parle, better known as Pussy Talk, is one of the finest French X films ever made and while it's companion, The Female Object isn't as good, it's still miles beyond most everything produced stateside at that time. Rich with sarcastic humor and social satire, this is a fine double feature any enthusiast of European hardcore cinema should own.
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Review brief: Cast: Brigitte Lahaie, Dominique Aveline, Jean-Louis Vattier, Ursula White Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert (as Burd Trabanree) Production year: 1977 DVD Details Runtime: 87 min Video: Widescreen Sound: Dolby 2.0 Region: 0 (region free) System: PAL Language: French, English dub Extras: Blue One Trailers from 6 other Brigitte Lahaie movies !!! For US customers: to play this disc, your DVD player and TV Set must be able to output and display PAL. DVD transfer quality appears to be decent, unfortunately, I have not seen other Blue One releases on DVD, so I can't compare. There are occasinal dust scratches now and then, but generally, the picture is clear. Synopsis Pierre is having disturbing sexual fantasies featuring his female neighbor (Brigitte Lahaie) and decides to consult the psychiatrist (uncredited female). Meanwhile, Pierre's wife (Ursula White) senses something is not right with her husband and also seeks moral (and not so moral) support from her girlfriend.
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