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Review brief: If you dont believe the music in the background can totally ruin a film then check this one out. The music consists of a guy on the piano who plays the same two bars of music over and over ad nauseum: duh dee duh dum dum, duh dee duh dum dum. Its like the notorious Chinese water torture. The only way one can get into the film is to mute the fucking piano or speed things up to 2x which also kills the sound and watch this as a silent film. Its in Italian with subtitles so you wont miss anything. I like to practice my limited Italian so I was pissed off. ARGH! As to the film itself it has a plot to move things along. Two young ragazzi need a place to stay and agree to let an older guy fuck them once a month for 20 off the rent. The film opens with him fucking one of the boys. This kid has more piercings than a pincushion and is rather scruffy. Hes an amorous little beast however, kissing the landlord with that pierced tongue and giving up his ass without qualm. The landlord leaves his shirt on for the fuck so I know little about his physique. He has a pretty big cock.
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