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Review brief: After Hours Cinema has put together two films that don't really go together on this release at all. One of the films, Daughters of Discipline, was made by Shaun Costello and shown at the Avon cinema chain and the other film, House of Kinky Pleasures, was made by Lowell Pickett and is clearly not made for the Avon cinema or at least in its present form it isn't. Unfortunately both films are incomplete and the transfer for both are rather rough.
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Review brief: The Films of Phil Prince: Avon 7 Triple Feature is a mixed bag. The Taming of Rebecca is worth having as a film, but the transfer isn't the greatest and the film is missing a little footage. Angel in Distress isn't the greatest film that Prince made, the transfer is a mess, and is missing even more footage. Daughters of Discipline also isn't the greatest film that Prince made and is on the superior Avon Triple Feature: Savage Sadists / Den of Dominance / Daughters of Discipline release by Vinegar Syndrome. After Hours Cinema has only included a leaflet for an extra.
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Boxcover for Forced Entry (After Hours Cinema)
Forced Entry (After Hours Cinema) 

Release date: 8/15/2007
Reviewed on: 12/4/2015 by flash

Starring: Harry Reems
Studio: After Hours Cinema

Directed by: Sean Costello
Review brief: Forced Entry is the first feature to come from director Shaun Costello, that sadly isn't that good. While there are glimpses of the director-to-be in it, Costello's lack of knowledge on how to craft a feature shows heavily creating a film that is rather boring to watch. After Hours Cinema has gotten a less than stellar print to make the master from and has skimped on the extras.
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Review brief: The Story of Prunella is a roughie from Phil Prince and Avon. The film won't be for everyone but it is one of Prince's better efforts and this release from After Hours Cinema is great.
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Boxcover for Zodiac Rapist Grindhouse Collection, The
Zodiac Rapist Grindhouse Collection, The 

Release date: 3/18/2008
Reviewed on: 8/14/2014 by flash

Starring: John Holmes, Suzanne Fields, Judy Angel
Studio: After Hours Cinema

Review brief: The Zodiac Rapist Grindhouse Collection combines the two Sam Dobbs films together on one release. The films are fun and lighthearted. However, After Hours Cinema has altered both films, one considerably, which makes it hard to recommend this set.
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Review brief: After Hours Cinema has just provided us with a triple feature consisting of two Nick Phillips films and a genuine obscurity, Easy Alice. I've never been much of a Phillips fan, but I know nothing about these so I'm ever hopeful. Easy Alice is another story.
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