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Review brief: Priests picking up young street hustlers! Priests getting it on with fellow seminarians! These things dont happen in real life, do they? Well for all of you who missed the amorous groping of your local clergyman or for those of you who wish to relive the experience, HOLIER THAN THOU is just for you. The film opens with Justin Wells giving us a delightful view of his naked ass as he approaches a private altar, bends over to kiss a crucifix, and then puts on his clerical black and priestly collar. Thus attired, good priest Justin is off on his midnight crusade to save a soul. As he drives along he spies young hustler (Jason Crew) waiting for a john. Quickly removing his clerical collar, Justin picks him up and asks if he knows of any place they can go. Jason does. It appears to be a deserted warehouse. Arriving there, Justin plants some passionate kisses on the pretty young hustler and is soon feeding the slender young beauty a long knobby cock. Justins cock responds to Jasons pierced tongue.
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Review brief: I may be mistaken, but I think Inn Over His Head is Adonis Pictures sixth video since it started about a year ago. The 90-minute video has its hot spots in the four scenes, but also appears to be a studio that is still a work in progress. Some hot performers are brought in along with some average looking guys. Coupled with a pretty good director and some not so great camera people, the video has bright moments along with the boring ones. In any event, here goes with the rundown on the video. In this video, Trevor Knight plays the part of the front desk clerk at a gay guesthouse and the scenes basically start there. Trevor, the featured performer here is also the writer of the video and as cheesy as some of the script is, its actually pretty good for lower budget porn. Trevors boss instructs him that he is to stop fucking around with the guests, but you already know that isn't going to be happening. The first two guys who appear in the initial scene arrive requesting a room and carrying no luggage.
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Review brief: The video starts with some country music playing and you almost expect to hear some lyrics by Kenny Chesney or Tim McGraw. It also begins with one of my pet peeves---no opening credits of the cast. Caleb played by Sean West is a country boy from Greenboro and his boyfriend Billy played by Andy Kirra open the movie playing with each other throwing a football and running around. Sean is a handsome faced guy with a pudgy midsection. Andy is pretty much an average looking guy. They find a blanket and being making out kissing and rubbing each others body. Sean is first to start sucking Andy. Andy reciprocates in sucking Sean. By now the country music playing in the background has changed to a more upbeat type. Andy bends over and Sean goes to licking his ass, and follows it by fucking Andy doggy style. The background scenery during the fucking is pretty awesome. I feel its sort of supposed to represent the mountains of Appalachia or Blue Ridge, but its definitely a California valley. There is very little verbal exchange between the two.
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Boxcover for Bed Heads
Bed Heads 

Release date: 9/14/2005
Reviewed on: 12/10/2005 by jay

Starring: Jason Ridge, Trevor Knight, Arpad Miklos, Bobby Williams, Corbin Michaels, Tony Bishop, Troy Punk
Studio: Adonis Pictures

Review brief: Bobby Williams and Trevor Knight are up first in this film. Bobby is having a crazy dream from which Trevor wakes him. Bobby doesn't want to make up cause the dreamis about their landlord and a guy whose car broke down. Bobby tries to fall back asleep to continue the dream, but Trevor insists he tell it to him. Troy Punk and Arpad Miklos are the first part of the dream Bobby talks about. It's great to see these two big hunky men get it on. This has to be the best scene since its just filled will testosterone. After that Trevor wants to tell Bobby a scene about a real experience that happened to him. He talks about how he and the HOT Jason Ridge come together. Next up after that Bobby tells a story that involved himself in a 3 way. But of course the film ends with Bobby and trevor pleasing each other in another sex scene that is sure to impress. This film gives the viewer what they want, chiseled looking men, playing hard. I guess I just want a little more from a film. It got me off twice but I just wouldn't watch it again.
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Boxcover for Thirst (Adonis Pictures)
Thirst (Adonis Pictures) 

Release date: 10/12/2005
Reviewed on: 11/27/2005 by netguy

Starring: Nino Bacci, Antonio Madiera, Rod Barry, Trevor Knight, Josh Carter
Studio: Adonis Pictures

Directed by: Michael Zen
Review brief: When a black hearse pulls up in front of a strip mall, with a sinister driver, Nino Bacci, and offers two male hustlers, Andy Kirra and Antonio Madeira, $500 to fuck around in the back of it, you know theres something evil in the air. Andy and Antonio quickly jump in the back, strip off their clothes quicker then a full moon and begin sucking on one another with an insatiable lust. As they work up a sweat Nino watches from the front seat and plays with his own piece of meat while a camera is filming them in the back as well. Andy and Antonio make a great pair, both are adorable and compliment each other well, Andy with his blond hair and blue eyes and Antonio with dark hair and eyes. As Antonio beckons Andy to suck his big, hard, cock as the sweat just rolls of the both of them and Andy does a fine job of taking him all the way down his throat. After deep throating him a bit, Andy moves down to his ass and gives his a superb rimming before fucking Antonio.
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Boxcover for Lust Counseling
Lust Counseling 

Release date: 6/9/2005
Reviewed on: 9/7/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: Jason Branch, Jack Ryan, Dante Fox, Brad Benton, John Marcus, Park Wiley, Kent Larson, Josh Williams
Studio: Adonis Pictures

Directed by: Mike Donner
Review brief: What an erotic opening! A hand pinches the nipple on a hairy chest as the credits roll by. Two of my favorite performers, Brad Benton and Jack Ryan get out of their car quarreling. Brad is a cute sexy guy (who has a tendency to overact after winning an acting award. He overdoes it here.). Jack is very s-e-x-y. Obviously from their quarreling all is not right with this pair of lovers. Up on a porch, hunky Kent Larsen is getting a blowjob from equally hunky Jason Branch. Two other lovers arrive on the scene: Dante Foxx and John Marcus. Dante has never really rung my chimes, but he does even less here with that stupid tuft of bleached hair on his chin. Its no bigger than a thumbprint and looks as though hes cut himself shaving and stuck a wad of toilet paper on his chin. Older and balding, John does less for me. They call up to Kent and Jason (which doesnt interrupt Kents getting blown). Kent tells them where to find their tent and to go there and take off their clothes. Dante and John have a little spat.
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Boxcover for Running Wild (Adonis Pictures)
Running Wild (Adonis Pictures) 

Release date: 8/12/2005
Reviewed on: 9/4/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: Anthony Shaw, Justin Wells, Nick Capra, Bobby Williams, Corbin Michaels
Studio: Adonis Pictures

Directed by: Michael Zen
Review brief: Hunky Justin Wells is having a series of dreams. (If I had them they would be wet dreams.) He is jogging and passes several hot guys who then go on to have sex with others. Luckily their sex is included in the dream. The first guy Justin jogs by is young Bobby Williams. His pairing is with the delightful Brad Benton. From adorable twink with a voracious sexual appetite, Brad has become a young stud with a voracious sexual appetite. (Could anything be more fun than having sex with Brad Benton? Well, having sex with Brad Benton and all the other guys in this film would qualify.) Brad is soaking in a hot tub when we first see him. He motions for Bobby to join him. As Brad rises up from the water to pull off Bobbys briefs we see that Brad has already sprung a boner. These two dream boys suck and rim until Bobby says hes cold and wants to go indoors. (How could anyone get cold with Brad Benton even in Antarctica?) Lying on plush pillows on the floor, their lovemaking continues with each fucking the other. Justin next passes Corbin Michaels as an UPS deliveryman.
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