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Review brief: Wives out shopping and then getting picked-up by Shane & his elephant cock!
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Review brief: Teen Cum Dumpsters #2 Studio: Freak Deaky Entertainment Special Features: photo gallery, trailers Pick Your Pleasure: tease, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, spoon, cowgirl, cumshots Bonus Scene The premise is girls show up at a house and are interviewed for porn scenes basically. The first scene is filled with lots of close-ups on penetration but there is a nice barstool shot of the girl bending over the bar stool getting fucked from behind. There is a good amount of pulling out during the scene. The next scene has a cute red head with red freckles who gets fucked. Shes fucked from behind on all four, rides it reverse cowgirl, spoon, then is fucked on her back some. There are again a lot of close-ups on penetration. The next scene has a really skinny cute blonde who gets all nude and sucks some cock. Shes fucked from behind on all four and appears to be dripping with cum around her pussy which looks pretty hot.
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Review brief: The positives here are the YOUNGEST legal girls on the scene, most seething with lust and possessing gifted, tight bodies and natural tits. Without Rod Fontana and his moron camera dude, this flick could have been great. But their degrading and controlling of the girls borders on abuse, espcially the camera dude who has a problem keeping his insulting mouith shut. Jake treats the girls well but even his (different) camera dude keeps making the girls say they're teen cum dumpsters over and over and over and over.... Another problem is the lack of last names for most of the girls, whom I'd like to see again. Now the positives: scene 1 features a potential star in AIMEE, who says, "I don't have a last name yet", then says it'll be Starr. In her "interview" she says she started fucking at 13 and is "addicted to porn". That's my kind of girl! She puts a slurpy blow job on Jake, deep throating him at will and gagging til her beautiful, slutty face turns red and her nipples elongate. She raises her fist when she squirts for the first time in the process of fucking the shit out of Jake.
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Review brief: Prologue White chicks being initiated into black cock love. That's the premise, even though at least two of these women have extensive experience in this area. In fact, Cherie and Roxanne Hall are the biggest reasons for my interest. Covergirl Adrianna Nicole is another. I haven't seen Sofia Sandobar or Anjelica Lauren before, but with Boz and Sledge Hammer providing the meat, I expect that they'll be tested sufficiently. Pretty, blonde, Adrianna Nicole is dressed casually in dungarees and tight pink top. She's just hanging and answering the director's questions. Boz is just off frame, and he peers in when mention is made of her round butt. Mention is made of Boz's size and Adrianna wants to see it. She gets momentarily dumbfounded when his cock is produced, but her instincts are golden as she closes in on it. Adrianna doesn't give it a cursory suck, she tries to inhale the monster and walk her lips down the shaft. Her top and bra get whipped off as Adrianna decides to get serious with this thing. She has beautiful tits.
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Review brief: Overview Mrs B saw this disk and thought it'd be fun to check it out ( uh oh !). Good call, or free fall ? Let's see. What I Liked Kinda fun watching the porn babes' and Mrs B's reaction(s) to the sight of Shane Diesel's thick and beefy meat log ! Mrs. B's fave scene here was with cover babe Italia. Nice natural bod with brown hair, she lets out some loud ass 'AHHH's' when Shane's sledgehammer goes inside Italia in deep mish. After getting acclimated to his meat, they switch to doggy, vigorous doggy as she's maoning, and Shane responds by pounding Italia's head into the couch as he thrusts from behind. More fuckin' ensues after some p2m, now in cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl giving us a prime view of Italia's bod. Best part happens at the end where Shane lays Italia belly down, flat on the floor, and goes back to fucking her in doggy.
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