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Review brief: This is a great box set for interracial sex fans that gets all the better when you consider the price. You get four movies lasting over eight hours with plenty of interracial sex and great talent like Katja Kassin, Venus, Melissa Lauren, and and Tiana Lynn. The technical aspects vary a bit but are normally pretty good and there's some decent effort put into the extras on each DVD. This is a box set worth picking up if you don't already have these movies.
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Review brief: Prologue One of the most potent fantasies in erotic literature and the minds of jealously deranged racists is the legendary sexual prowess of black men and their effect on defenseless white women. By title, this video is going to pander to that impulse, which, if done well, can make for some powerful erotic video. Seriously, I know there won't be much more than a set up and fucking here, but it was a thought. Tiana Lynn is in this feature, and she's right off the bus. One of the first performances for the very popular squirter. I think this pre-dates her gushing but she's cute and fleshy. I think one of the women here, Casey Pink, used to go by the name of Phyllisha Anne. If so, she was cute and nasty, a fine combination. One of the women on the back cover looks like 90's star Papillon. That would be a nice bonus, although I don't believe she qualifies as caucasian. Anyway, it should be good if the guys can deliver. We start off with a montage of Tiana Lynn poses.
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Review brief: White Wife, Black Cock #3 Running Time: 120 min.Est. Production Date: April 2004 The Pocketcomb Premise Smash isnt new to the game, but its not that often that I hear people talking about them. Ive seen 4 titles from Smash so far, and I will say that 3 out of 4, I would recommend. That said, Im overdue for reviewing their work, so lets get started. Nicole [ /image ] --> This super cutie reminds me of Bree from Top Nut Bitches . She has a thick ass and a few extra pounds, but shes so bad that you forget about her less than solid frame. The best part about this entire scene is Nicoles good looks. The sex is slightly above average but lacks chemistry. Tyler Knight tried to bring the goods, but his boyish looks make it hard for me to buy this cat as dick slingin hustla. Female Looks 8/10 Sex Rating 8/10 isabella [ /image ] --> Another full figure Thickems who was drivin everyone nuts with her pictures over at LA Direct . This is the 1st title that I know of her working in, but I could be wrong.
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Review brief: I thought this movie overall was good. I like interatiall a lot. The audio video quality was good and the stars even better...The only reason to watch this movie is for Venus and Kelli. Venus has dark brown hair and a gorgeous face. Kelli is a petite blonde that also has a gorgeous face. They both takle some mean dick. They are the only hot ones worth watching. The other girls were a bit heavy for my taste, but did pretty good scenes. If you want to see these hot girls getting down with black dudes, this is the movie for you. Cool music in the backround too.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 134 min. (cover states 140 min.) Production Date: 4 / 2 / 2003 Director: Xavier Cast: Phyllisha Anne (listed here as Casey Pink), Chloe, Nadia Dreams, Papillon, Tiana Lynn, Cun Tree Pipes, Hugh G. Rection, John E. Depth, Mr. Marcus, and Wesley Pipes in sexual roles and Scott Long, Frank Lauifi, and Roger in non-sex roles The Short Story Initial Expectations: White Wife Black Cock 2 wasnt too bad, so Im going into this one with some decent expectations. Initial Reaction: It isnt bad, but it is pretty forgettable. Who Should Watch It : Heavy interracial sex fans Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting top notch technical aspects and camera work The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are a bit of a mixed bag. The audio level varies quite a bit through the feature, with the setups being especially quiet. I found myself adjusting the volume pretty regularly through the movie, and it definitely interfered with my enjoyment of it.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 103 min. Production Date: 4 / 26 / 2004 Director: Xavier Cast: Isabella, Luisa, Francesca, Britney, Nicole, Christina, Tyler Knight, Mr. Marcus, John E. Depth, and Julian St. Jox The Short Story Initial Expectations: Ive been impressed with most of what Ive seen from Smash. Im looking forward to this one. Initial Reaction: Its pretty average, which is a bit disappointing for Smash. Who Should Watch It : Fans of interracial action Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting top notch camera work The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The audio is okay. Its fairly clear, but the level changes within a few of the scenes making some parts very hard to hear. Theres also a few background noises. On the plus side, Smashs movies have been plagued by funky audio where the music came out of one speaker and the performers came out of the other. That problems gone here, and the audio is nicely balanced between the speakers. The video is pretty good.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 124 min. Production Date: 10 / 15 / 2003 Director: Xavier Cast: Katarina Kraven, Sheridan Leigh, Venus, Kelli Jennsen, Melanie Jagger, Wesley Pipes, Domineko, John E. Depth, and Jr. King The Short Story Initial Expectations: Ive had mixed luck from Smash, but for some reason Im going into this one with fairly high expectations. Initial Reaction: It has a few faults, but is still a very good interracial movie. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting a good variety of sex with black men and white women Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a lot of ass to mouth or extremely nasty action The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The audio is pretty good. Most of it is clear, but there are a few areas where the dialogue is a little muffled. The level also changes very slightly in a few places. The video is nicely done. Theres just a hint of grain and things are well lit.
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Review brief: Expectations Smash tends to produce a quality product. This is the first volume in this new series, so I have nothing to base it on except Smash's reputation. But that is enough to get me enthused about this DVD. Technical Director Xavier Extras Behind the scenes, trailers, photo gallery Target Audience Gonzo fans, Interracial fans Condom Use? No Who's Hot? Tianna Tianna is a hot, though trashy looking redhead wearing a skimpy teddy. She plays the vamp as her husband hooks her up to be fucked by a black guy. She blows him with abandon and fucks him like a pro. About the only problem with this scene is that she is supposed to be a normal wife, but she has both of her nipples pierced like a stripper. Oh well. Good scene! Whack Factor: 7 Casey Casey is a long, lean blonde who actually looks like she might be a real wife. Attractive and not slutty. She is out driving with her hubby when the car breaks down. As he goes for help, two black guys convince her to go back to their room and get fucked.
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