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Review brief: Private's 'Sex Angels: 2' is now with us, and for this version Mya Diamond is joined by Lilane Tiger and Tiffany Hopkins as her fellow angels - and by Sonia Baby as a "fallen angel" bad-girl. There are other girls, too, in the supporting cast, but the emphasis is firmly on these four leads. Tiffany Hopkins is one of those Private starlets who has an impressive chameleon quality - her image is capable of radical transformation from one appearance to another, depending on theme, hair-style, make-up and costume. In this film, she appears as quite a fleshy sexpot, her body-type contrasting well with the girly, petite Lilane Tiger and the apple-bottomed, apple-breasted Mya Diamond. Tiffany is good value here - she gets well and truly fucked in her scenes, and she's especially good at giving deep throat and taking it up the ass. Newcummer Sonia Baby is a slim girl with a down-and-dirty, slutty look which suits her "fallen angel" persona. In fact, in her 'Exclusive Scene', there is more than a hint of 'heroin chic'.
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Review brief: Title: Sex & Revenge 2 Released by: Private Reviewed by MD James "Sex & Revenge 2" is supposedly part 2 of an erotic thriller. Having never seen part 1, this reviewer sort of found himself a bit lost as to what this was all about. We start with a black-and-white scene. A stranger in workboots walking while a babys musical chime plays. A door opens, the stranger appears in black, wearing a hood that barely covers his face and brandishing a flashlight and a gun. He talks to someone about them owing money and being given two choices. Apparently option one involves the gun as it fires twice. He takes his mask off and curses at the baby as he pulls the gun out again. Does he shoot the baby? Well we dont know because we cut to the titles. We see a girl getting blitzed out of her brains at a bar. The bartender makes a play for her right there in the bar, and chases everyone out so he could get some action.
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Review brief: A very nice variety and some hard fucking, really makes this title a must-have. I have not been a fan of Privates for quite some time, because the quality, IMHO, had waned considerably, but now, having taken a chance on this particular title, I must admit that they have rose my interests once again, and I look forward to many more hot titles from them. The fucking is what you will expect, but there is a three-way scene in what looks like a dungeon that really stood out and made this DVD. The guy fucks these two beautiful young lasses brains out, and gives them no mercy. A lot of anal, RC, and cowgirl push this scene forward. He dumps his load on their chests, and if there is any scene that you should see, its this one. Give this one a try. It has some semblance of a story, and the sex is right on the money, and thats coming from someone who is not the biggest private fan.
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Review brief: Sex Angels is Private's XXX version of the Seventies TV series Charlie's Angels and the two Hollywood remakes. Like the two mainstream movies, this one is a campier version of the original TV series. The three detectives are dark-haired Gwendoline (part-Asian Mya Diamond playing the Lucy Liu character), petite blonde Marcy (played by the luscious Sandy Style), and statuesque Tracy (amply handled by Jenifer Dark). Sylvia Lancome and Tony Ribas play the main villians. I'm not going to describe all the sex in Xavi Dominguez's 146 minute feature since that has been done quite well in another review. Introduction (non-sex) The Angels are trying to defuse a bomb; Tracy (Jenifer Dark) elects to cut the blue wire. Boom! Oops. We cut to Wally's Private Investigation Agency, apparently located in beautiful San Francisco -- at least according to the location shots (or stock footage as the case may be).
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Review brief: Review of 'Sex Angels' / 'Sex Angels: Special Edition' Private has made 'Sex Angels' the subject of a full promotional campaign, investing the film with a real sense of occasion. The marketing strategy includes: - a 'Sex Angels' mini-website with high-concept wallpapers; - a DVD Special Edition; - photo features in 'Private' magazine #182 and 'Triple X' magazine #59; - privileged 'Sex Angels' entry buttons on the 'Other Titles' menu page of concurrent DVD releases; - a dedicated page in the current 'Private' catalogue, - and banners in the 'Private' on-line shop and on their members' site home page. But does Xavi Dominguez's film live up to the expectations which all this hype has created? My answer is that it isn't quite the movie I expected, but I definitely enjoyed it and I'm happy to have added it to my collection. The Hollywood 'Charlie's Angels' blockbusters are fast-moving parodies of the original 70s TV series, and they're sexy and funny in equal measure. Dominguez pursues the parody too, but he limits it to a handful of set pieces of variable quality.
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