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Review brief: "50 (65) Guy Cream Pie 2" serves up a lone actress, the insatiable Ariana Jollee, being taken in just about every conceivable manner by a huge gang of nameless Euro studs. Pretty much all of the possible combinations are represented here, including oral, vaginal, anal, double penetration, and even a bit of double-anal penetration. The vast majority of the cum-shots are internal, with both anal and vaginal cream pies abounding. Ariana is in top physical form and maintains an enthusiastic and eager attitude throughout she is a true champion. If you are a fan of cream pies, gang bangs, Ariana Jollee, or just full-on, hard, hardcore sex, this DVD is for you. It is definitely deserving of the highest rating.
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Review brief: Ariana Jolee makes for a wonderful cum captain; after a slow start, the team puts in a big effort...fantastic to watch so many cocks sliding in and out of the same hole, sharing each others sperm.
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Review brief: 65 Guy Cream Pie Starring: Ariana Jollee Director: Tristan Segal Studio: Devil's Film In recent years, there has been a plethora of of gangbang movies. Each one indistinguishable from the last. They usually start with a weak plot (if there is one), and the rest of the movie is just a multitude of cocks finding their way into the girl's pussy, ass or mouth. Then ending with up a cum bath for the girl. Then there's the 'world's biggest' series, like 'ice queen' Jasmine St Claire 300. 80/90 amatures wearing condoms, are recycled until the figure 300 is reached. Even the counting method is dubious, the organisers probably overestimating the numbers to promote what is a lame gangbang. So what is special about Ariana's '65 Guy Cream Pie'? Well, there still no plot, but it includes the latest fad in porn movies, the internal ejaculation.
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Review brief: Prologue I'm not particularly into creampies, and gangbangs always seem to be better on paper than they are in execution. But this video has it's appeal as pure spectacle. The idea of Ariana Jollee, who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk, taking on 65 men who will all dump loads inside of her, is just too good to pass up. One thing I'd really like to see here is the artifice, the performance, stripped away from Ariana, and primal forces take hold. I don't want to hear her say she's cumming, or how much she's loving it. I want her body to do the talking. Clinging and out of control. With this many dicks, someone has to hit that spot. She looks awesome on the cover, so let the games begin. Ariana Jollee is posing by the door of an indoor pool. She's looking mighty fine in her micro mini skirt and corsetlike blouse. She also looks to be horny as hell. Posing and rubbing her naughty bits, revealing her fine body.
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Review brief: 65 Guy Cream Pie 2004, 1 hours 32 minutes Devils Film Directed by Tristan Seagal Starring Ariana Jollee My Life as of January 19, 2004 -- On the tube: ESPNs TILT, from the producers of Rounders you should catch this series about high-stakes poker players featuring Michael Madsen before its too late. Mainstream flick In the DVD Player: Garden State. I wanna make Natalie Portman my girlfriend. No, really. I do. Zach Braffs directorial debut is worth owning. In the CD Player/Winamp: One Thing by Amerie. Its this one thing that caught me slippinan infectious, danceable and party-ready banger, dont be the one caught slippin when this hits hard in the coming weeks. You heard it here first. Get used to hearing the name of producer Rich Harrison, whos also responsible for J-Los new single, Get Right. [ /image ] --> What You Should Know: By all reasonable logic, Ariana Jollee should be burned out. Since hitting the ground running in late 2002, the scorching Ariana has yet to turn in a bad scene.
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Review brief: Welcum fans to a very unique title. It isn't every day that a girl fucks 65 guys on film and to do something of this magnitude takes a certain kind of girl. I would say Ariana qualifies for such a type of scene as you are about to see. This girl eats, sleeps, and drinks sex like it's water and I think my girl is very thirsty here!! I know there was some discussion on this board about this scene when it came out she had done it and everyone is entitled to their opinions as to the pros and cons of undertaking such a big scene. For me it all boils down to Ariana's health and if all the necessary precautions were taken before the scene was shot. As long as all the tests and any other variables that needed to be addressed were addressed then it's a matter of personal preferance I think. There are girls who do 15 guy gangbangs and don't get such attention, all this is is a bigger number doing the same thing. You have the finish of the creampie which is not a favorite of mine at all but again as long as the health issues were taken care of then I say go for it.
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Review brief: If you like dirty cum filled gangbangs than this is the movie for you. It's all here. Ariana starts off teasing the camera and then teasing the guys. She then begins to blow them all for about a 1/2 hr. After that the sex just beings and she is put in doggie, standing, dp, anal dp and then back to DP. Then for the next hr we have all the guys cumming inside her. The only problem I have is that the first 50 guys or so evertime after she gets came in she immediately takes it out. No lot Cum Filled Ass Overload where the guy would fill the girl up and she would dump it all out. She does do that for the last 15 guys and put it all in cup and dumps it out all over her body.
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Boxcover for Gangland Cream Pie 4
Gangland Cream Pie 4 

Release date: 11/4/2004
Reviewed on: 1/4/2005 by linus

Starring: Patricia, Julian St. Jox, Domineko, Sylvio Mata, Sabrina Black, Billy Banks, Julie Silver
Studio: Devil's Film

Directed by: Tristan Seagal
Review brief: Gangland Creampie 4 - Preview Expectations: I'm always on the lookout for a good creampie production. I'm not the biggest fan of the genre, but when it's a well done production it can be really something special and wonderfully nasty. I have checked out Devil's films before, not this line, but other series and been mostly satisfied with thier productions. I like the female cast in this one, and it looks to be a whole lot of interracial mini gangbanging action with creampie finishes, and that could be good. Initial Thoughts I'm a bit torn on this one to be honest. On one side you have some hot babes in some decent interracial mini gangbangs, and on the other side you have some pretty horrible creampies. The sex is pretty hot, the girls get ravaged nicely and generally have a good attitude and are enthusiastic about things, but in a creampie video it's hard to be pleased with it when the creampies are this bad.
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