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Review brief: Okay, I decided to get this movie for one reason: Carmen Luvana. I've never seen her work before only knowing her as a pretty face that I see at a convention. Well I chose the wrong movie in this series of vignettes that relate to a catholic school. Carmen is involved in two scenes. A 3 girl lesbian romp with Aveena Lee and Monica Sweetheart does not satisfy the quotient. She is also in a b/g/g with Jazmin and some guy named Tommy X. Tommy X looks sickly as the two nurses please each other. You'd think eventually he'll get into the action. He does... except he's the one being fucked by a strapped-on Carmen. If I wanted to watch a guy getting fucked I'd watch a gay movie. What made the thing worse is that Tommy has these red lesions on both edge of his balls. Blech. The non-Carmen supporting scenes had some of my favourite people like Kayla Marie, SMG Roxanne Hall 2K, and Tiana Lynn. The sex was fine but the scenes were all lit too darkly to see that much.
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Review brief: Being a big fan of the Extreme Behavior series, I was looking forward to checking this one out. It did not disappoint. There may be a few slow spots in it, but for the most part the sex is hot, and the feature itself is top-notch. This is another couples-oriented dvd, and it does have some slightly harder fucking than you would find in a couples flick, but it is not very hardcore, so the couples crowd will enjoy it. All the scenes are very well-done, but Masons scene with Mickey G. is my personal favorite. Not because it is slam-bang action, but the way she takes over the scene and controls him like her own personal fuck toy is very erotic. The true highlight of this scene is when she gets on top of him and rides him. This is some of the best Cg action I have seen, and it really is a damn shame that it doesnt last long at all, because to watch her pump her hips and pussy up and down on his cock is truly a thing of beauty.
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Review brief: An excellent feature from A&E. That?s all I can say. This is one sure fire fuck DVD. Get this one the next time you are at your local smut peddler. There is only one concern with this feature, but other than that, I can?t recommend it more highly. The first scene is with Randy Spears and Tianna Lynn. It must have made some time ago because Tianna is now an exclusive girl with Elegant Angel. She plays a catholic schoolgirl who apparently has the hots for Father Randy. After some great cocksucking, he eats her pussy and fingers her hot slot to a couple of great squirting orgasms. Next, he fucks her in mish while she rest on a pulpit. She has several more orgasms. After he hits her from behind (and she squirts once more), he shoots on her great chest. Very good scene, with only one problem. More on that later. The next best scene (even though there isn?t a slouch in the bunch) has Monica Sweetheart getting plowed in a locker room by two lucky studs.
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Review brief: This DVD is Volume Four in a series that I am familiar with, but have not seen until now. Every single scene is very well done, and has something for everyone. G/G, light bondage, great oral action (both BJ and pussy eating), multiple positions, and with Aria on the scene, an obscene amount of squirting, which brings me to the best scene on this DVD. The Main Event. This scene is being held in what appears to be a hospital room. Aria is wearing a very sexy white candy strippers outfit, with her big titties hanging out. She gives great finger fucking action to a beautiful woman, slamming her digits in and out of her pussy. After what appears to be Aria giving said lady a pussy enema, its Aria turn on the table, and thats where the fun really begins. The other lady can definitely wield a glass dildo, because she slam fucks Aria until she is squirting everywhere. When Aria feels that it is time to take care of business herself, she starts by furiously finger fucking herself to several squirts, and then slamming the glass dildo into her pussy to get herself off several more times.
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Review brief: A quick review of this title. This is pretty decent DVD, but for anyone who is a fan of Arias when she lets fly with the girl juice, dont pass this one up,. She squirts over ten times in her scene, getting fucked with a glass dildo, and finger fucking that sweet pussy of hers to some really nice squirting orgasms. I usually get titles with her in them just so I can see her launch her girl juice, and sometimes it is hit-and-miss. But, this scene once again puts her in the top tier of squirt queens in the business. The other scene have some pretty good fucking, and they all include RC, mish, anal, Bjs, and some nice pussy eating. Each scene has some nice set ups, and one of my other favorite girls, Kami Andrews, does some nice GG action in her scene. Man, this woman has one of the best asses in porn, and she proves that she likes pussy as well as dick in her scene here. This is the other scene on this DVD that is worth seeing if you are a Kami fan and like to see her mix it up with another chick.
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Review brief: Title: Extreme Behavior 3 Company: Adam & Eve Length: 1 hour and 23 minutes (83 minutes) Production Date(s): November 26, 2003 Release Date: February 27, 2004 Condoms: Scene 4, Scene 6 Director: Toni English The Abridged Version: I once wrote a satirical review of an installment of Jill Kelly Productions Unbelievable Sex in which I debated whether or not the sex was indeed unbelievable. Well, I am tempted to do the same here with Extreme Behavior 3. Is extreme behavior really displayed here? However, I am reluctant to go that route simply because this video is not worth the effort of crafting biting satire. It is an Adam & Even product made for couples with the title extreme behavior slapped onto it. The scenes are truncated, focusing more on the foreplay than the actual sex. There is no unifying storyline or theme present, as a title card introduces each vignette as soon as the scene that precedes it ends. Foot fetish, general s/m, lesbianism, anal sex, geisha girls, and tickling are the supposed fetishes represented here.
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