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Review brief: Prologue In the ever compartmentalized world of porn, there's a niche for everybody and everything. Latina women have an ever growing category, and on a personal note, have long been some of my favorite people to know and socialize with. Sweet, fun and fiery, with some old world attitudes about men and women. Devoutly Catholic, yet sexually free. I like them, and so, apparently, does Tim Von Swine, who gets to helm this video. The absolutely luscious body of Nikki Nievez graces the cover, and amongst the cast is Marquetta Jewel, whose fabulous rear is creating a stir these days. I've seen Dulce tame Mandingo, and my girl Victoria Sweet has been relegated to a bonus scene. The other chiquitas must be en fuego for that to happen, so let's see. The video opens up with the striking looking Dulce sitting on a couch and wearing purple undies. She tells Von Swine that she's a mutt composed of Mexican, Egyptian and Peruvian.
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Review brief: I had a much longer review but when I tried to Edit it, it got lost. I just cant rewrite everything again over a flick I didnt care for...but I will try.. Featuring 5 scenes...2 with no ass fucking, all girls except one were shaved...the one who wasnt was unkempt hairy and not trimmed at all.. I didnt care for this..or Red Light at all. The girls are kinda "meh" in the body department. And seeing chicks with black and blues on their thighs, not to mention one with an angry ass pimple on her butt cheek didnt bode well for my stroking session. At one point a guy actually tells a girl to work on her cum swallowing skills!...another scene has a guy shoving his ugly ass big toe into a girls mouth..*gack....yet another has some guy who looks like he just got out of prison laugh when one chick swallows his cum..."she actually swallowed it!" he said...
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Review brief: Well here we have a title celebrating the spicy side-- Latinas!! I must confess to not knowing to many young ladies of this nationality making porn but I see some hotties here for sure led by Nikki Nievez who is gracing the cover for this. Tim Von Swine is the man behind the camera here so let's catch a few scenes this guy shot. Carmen Sancha: Well this girl is a personal fave of Tim's I believe as he's shot her a few times and even used her in a bts boner footage so you know he's liking what he see's here. The scene starts with Carmen and her fingers having some fun caressing over her pussy. Tim lets the camera take in this young ladies body and she lets him know she's ready to be banged out!! Our young lady hails from our next door neighbor, Mexico. The two have fun talking while Carmen has fun with her body. Tim has fun touching her body some before our cocksmen is brought in and using a fine side shot we are treated to Carmen giving head. Sexwise you see this latina nailed doggiestyle, then it's on to mish, reverse cowgirl-- great shots here Mr.
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Review brief: Welcome to a new romantic jizzfest courtesy of the mind of Mr. Tim Von Swine. I haven't reviewed to many Latina titles but do think the girls I see her a very hot. I am somewhat familiar with Avy Lee Roth having seen her in a few titles and Chanel Chavez as well. So let's get right to the action shall we. Meagan Martinez: We start with a very cute young latina sitting on a couch wearing some sexy lingerie. Swine is there to have a chat with the girl and you get the usual questions but really you are checking this hot babe out aren't you, heck Swine is with his camera. We get a great spread open leg shot by Meagan and she pulls her panties aside letting us see her snatch. We learn she hasn't slept with that many guys before trying out the porn biz. Swine also gets to pull directors privelege and cop a feel on her nice tits. Michael Stefano then joins in and he certainly knows what to do. There are few laughs as they start the scene with him feeling her boobs and he also samples them before moving down to eat her pussy.
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Review brief: Nasty Hardcore Latinas Volume 2 Initial Thoughts: Jessica Dee directed the first volume in this series, and it was one of my favorite discs of the year, and probably my favorite Latina disc. So I had to check out the second volume in the series, but I was a little shocked to see that Tim Von Swine had taken over the directing duties, not sure as to why, but not to worry, he has successfully picked up the torch and carried on the series in a good way. There is so many super sexy Latina girls out there now, and this cast is full of them, and thier all more than willing to get the job done, it seems like the enthusiasm level in porn has gone up in the last few months, there are a lot of discs that have such willing ladies, and this one is right up there.
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