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Review brief: Ok I recall seeing this big poster of the cover for this one in Vegas and Keri was looking so good on it as well as when you met her in person. Now I get to watch that scene along with a few others featuring some hotties, chiefly Jasmine Byrne catches my eye. So let's go along as Tim Von Swine gets these girls to open up their O-Rings! Kat: We start with this cute pint sized girl walking up some stairs and Tim greets her asking what she's here for and naturally she's here to get her O-Ring blown out! Kat then has a seat and we get an interview conducted by the Swinemeister. Kat gives good answers as well as flashing us some nice smiles showing off those braces. Even better she sits back and spreads her pussy for us, then there are two cocks thrust in and she goes for it. Some hot bj footage and this young girl impresses when she takes those schlongs in at the same time. Sexwise it's right to her ass in spoon with some A2M, then doggie is shot and that gives us our first good shots of her gaping.
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Review brief: Ive received very few complaints to my last two reviews so I will follow those up with another one. You also might remember me from HeyNows Quickie Reviews on my very own thread on the Porn Pool board. Fans there numbered well into the single digits. O-Ring Blowout. My first ever advance copy of a movie. I should put some thought into this. Now, is this a title that serves as a subtle tribute to the cause of the 1986 Space Shuttle destruction? Maybe. A quick check of the RLD site gives the following explanation: 100 percent ANAL!!! Featuring the Anal Sensation! Keri Sable - Bonus Scene Devin Valencia. Look Ma No O-Ring! Where's my Donut Pillow? Vive Le Blowout! - Ole To My O-Ring Okay, I guess not. Sounds like this one is about the butt and has nothing to do with NASA. Okay, the movie. Not the best product out there, but some solid, serviceable porn material nevertheless, needless to say, I cant give this more than 3 and one half stars. (I see I forgot my standard warning about awkwardly structured sentences and general lack of grammar.
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