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Boxcover for Teen Anal P.O.V.
Teen Anal P.O.V. 

Release date: 4/9/2005
Reviewed on: 4/21/2005 by pornopunk

Starring: Kat, Allie Sin, Tina Fine, Paige Turner
Studio: Badass Pictures

Directed by: Skeeter Kerkove
Review brief: Teen Anal P.O.V. has a great cast of cute, young all natural babes so I decided to check it out. I put P.O.V. films into two catergories. Type one is complete fantasy. The stunt cock never says a word and the girls focus is totally on the viewers. Then theres type two were the guy fucks the girl while holding the camera. In these types, the stunt cock usually talks during the entire scene and the girl is interacting with him, instead of the viewer, and we just get to watch. I prefer type one. I rate each scene on a scale of 1 to 10. Ten is a perfect score. Scene One (Paige Turner) We start off with Paige leaving her house for school. Theres some interesting footage of her walking around, eating lunch, and going to class in what looks like a real college campus. Next shes dressed in a cheerleaders outfit standing alone in the parking lot. Paige talks to the camera guy and he gives her a ride home. One thing leads to another and sex soon follows. Paige sucks and licks his cock in her cheerleader outfit.
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Review brief: PRIVATE X-TREME: ASS GAMES Directed by Skeeter Kerkove. Skeeter shoots only anal themed scenes for his movies. Ass Games, like all his other movies features an anal sex theme along with rougher oral sex (deep throating and gagging) and fetish wear (spiked heels, fishnet stockings, latex, etc.) Each scene begins with a short tease sequence and an introduction for each girl by Skeeter. I consider Skeeter Kerkove to be the best when it comes to directing anal themed movies. I know exactly what I'm getting with any of his movies and I know I won't be disappointed. If you've seen some of his other movies, you know what to expect here, the content of this movie is no different than his others. Whether directing for Private, Metro, Mayhem or anyone else, I am always pleased with his movies and I personally recommend this and all others very highly. SCENE 1: Katja Kassin with Manuel Ferrara. Katja bends over and allows Manuel to lick and finger her ass and pussy. Katja gets on her knees and sucks Manuel's cock. Manuel fucks Katja's ass in spoon position.
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Review brief: Summary I rented this specifically to see Britney because I know how dirty she can talk and up the ass is a requirement for her. This is a trashy film and I did a lot of fast forwarding through this movie. Every scene is shot in a small room with funky lighting. The guys are poor performers. The women are not great on the eyes. The women are expected to be submissive and its do this now, do that now, I dont care if youre enjoying yourself or not. The girls really didn't say anything because the guys didn't want to listen to them. Thats not what I want to watch. Every movie in this scene is based on the same concept so you know exactly what to expect. Every girl is dressed in thigh-high boots, a satin corset and shoulder-length gloves. Right away this disappoints me. I want to see some skin. There is no easing into each scene with a little foreplay like you would see in a Jules Jordan movie. Every scene immediately starts off with these guys fascination with the butt pump and every girl has one inserted and pumped up.
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Review brief: First off it must be mentioned how hot this cover is, fucking incredible with three sizzling babes all showing off their asses which have earned the Skeeter Kerkove seal of approval! Gia Paloma: Well we start with a girl truly making a name for herself in 2004. If you click on the sub menu option for her scene you see six boxes and moving over each gives you a simple word or two describing what happens in that chapter. So you have an intro, buttplug, blowjob, anal, double penetration, and finally the pop shots. Sounds like a full plate and you can look forward to this for each scene!! As for Gia she is literally smoking as we see her appear wearing some hot red lingerie. Skeeter provides some great ass moving shots of Gia and of course he gets hands on even kissing the bootie. The buttplug is worked in easily and soon she's engulfing a stiff cock with her mouth. Lighting was a minor concern for me on this dvd and I took a little off for that reason.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 140 min. Production Date: 3 / 9 / 2004 Director: Skeeter Kerkove Cast: Crystal Ray, Britney Madison, Gia Paloma, Jayna Oso, Lyla Lei, Alex Sanders, Bad Bob, Benjamin Brat, Chris Charming, Dave Hardman, Mark Wood, Scott Lyons, and of course, Skeeter Kerkove hosting the entire extravaganza The Short Story Initial Expectations: Smash has been doing some really good things lately, and Skeeter has impressed me from the first time I saw him behind the camera. Im really looking forward to this one! Initial Reaction: Theres a few very minor problems, but its still another great movie from Skeeter. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting hard and nasty sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a variety of sex styles or top notch technical aspects The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good.
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Boxcover for Stick It (Bad Ass)
Stick It (Bad Ass) 

Release date: 5/23/2004
Reviewed on: 7/13/2004 by mr-october

Starring: Alex Sanders, Sabre, Bridgette Kerkove, Scott Lyons, Mr. Pete, Lyla Lei, Benjamin Bratt, Jamie Brooks
Studio: Bad Ass

Directed by: Skeeter Kerkove
Review brief: STICK IT directed by skeeter kerkove. skeeter and bridgette kerkove are currently two of the best directors of anal themed movies. the kerkoves promise that all scenes under their direction will focus on anal sex. their movies also feature a good amount of fetish wear as well as rougher oral sex. running time about 2 hours. no condoms. SCENE 1: jamie brooks with mr. pete. solo introduction. jamie has longer blond hair and wears a pink top with matching skirt, black stockings and black spiked heel boots. skeeter introduces james who wears a chained collar around her neck. skeeter inserts an anal toy into jamie's ass. jamie bends over and allows mr. pete to play with the toy in her ass and also insert it into her pussy. the toy is removed from her ass and put into her mouth, then back into her ass. mr. pete sits and has jamie bend over and suck his dick. she sits on him, taking his dick in her pussy in cowgirl position. jamie lies on her stomach, grabbing her heels and sucks mr. pete's cock. jamie lies on her back and allows mr.
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Review brief: What I Liked Skeeter's Interaction with the girls was outstanding. Crystal Ray was really, really good. Piledrivers were abundant and very nicely filmed. What I Disliked absence of anal creampies, cumfarting DVD Quality good quality. The running time for the feature is an impressive 2 hours and 21 minutes. Synopsis Gee whiz, this film focuses on blazing anal sex and is not, in fact, an ode to a similarly titled Dick van Dyke flick. It's a Kerkove love fest here and it's a scorcher. Scene 1 As with all of the opening scenes in this love story, Gia Paloma's get things rolling by parading around in a red latex corset and boots that look great. Another theme throughout is that Gia is smoking a lung rocket in her opening sequence. Soon, we switch to the King of Sodom who is armed with an expanding, vibrating butt plug that he inserts into Gia's rectum as a warm-up. Gia answers in the affirmative when Skeeter asks if she wants to be analed today. The angry dicks of Bad Bob and Scott Lyons appear on the scene to assist Gia in her quest.
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Review brief: RATING SUMMARY: in regard to the performers and their appearances, no one's looks or actions should detract from a scene. i don't expect a/v quality to be flawless, however everything should be clearly visible and audible. the dvd should have some extra content worth watching more than once. (needs more than trailers and photo gallery.) there is no plot or acting whatsoever in this movie. the "what its worth" amount is an approximate retail price. THE FEATURE: shitty shitty bang bang is the latest release from director skeeter kerkove with smash pictures. considering his promise that every kerkove directed scene will focus on anal sex, i am expecting to find just that as the theme for every scene. SCENE 1: gia paloma with bad bob and scott lyons. solo introduction. includes smoking. gia has longer brown hair and wears a red vinyl corset, red thong, red fishnet stockings and platform heels. skeeter introduces gia. she bends over and skeeter inserts an inflating and vibrating toy inside her ass.
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