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Boxcover for Godfather's Daughter, The
Godfather's Daughter, The 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 3/10/2002 by darkmage

Starring: Steve Drake, Yves Baillat, Emanulle Christaldi, Stephan Kramer, Maurizia Pardiso, Julia Sow
Studio: Gen XXX

Directed by: Silvio Bandinelli
Review brief: The Plot: I'm not really sure what this movie was about. I suppose it doesn't really matter. As far as I can tell, it involves a young lady visiting her relatives in Sicily and how they (horrors!) turn out to be mobsters. Wow, who would have thought? Well, now that she is among the wolves, we watch various people have sex in between meetings where people talk about shipments we never see. Each meeting is either preceded by or followed by "You don't need to know, this is man-business." It is so nice to know that misogyny is alive and well in organized crime circles. In the end, our heroine is kidnapped so a rival Mafia family can get some leverage. Naturally, all hostages must be seduced thoroughly. In the end, the bad guys meet their fate at the hands of Mr. 9mm and everyone lives happily ever after. Well, I suppose the bad guy doesn't live happily ever after, but nobody really cares about him. The Cast: For those of you who follow the flesh, you'll be pleased to know that there are some very lovely ladies in this film.
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