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Review brief: Apparently Smash needed a new face for their stocking fetish series after Mace considered including photos of Jim Legman with every bottle so women could test their aim on a realistic target. Rod Fontana doesn't just take over for him as an aesthetically challenged guy who loves stockings, but runs with it to the point that it's hard to care about his looks. There's a great love for stockings, feet, and legs throughout the movie with plenty of focus on the tease as well as a very enjoyable spirit and a nice variety to the girls. There's also some nice care put into the technical aspects and a little effort put into the extras to help this be a very nicely done overall DVD. If you're a fan of stockings, don't pass this one by.
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Review brief: This isn't your typical porno. We get strong emphasis on the clothing each girls wears most notably the stockings. Rod Fontana definitely has an itch for this type of action as he infuses himself in just about every scene helping the girl with her hosiery plus helping himself to her pussy both with tongue and cock! A nice cast too for this one and there's some interesting play with the cum after the dude pops but you'll have to read on to see what I mean, it's not bad just not something you see in most scenes. Worth a look for sure if you're a hosiery fan.
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