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Review brief: ME LUV U LONG TIME #5 SCENE 1: Nautica Thorn + 2 white guys Technicals Intrigue/Quality of Location/Set: 2 Lighting: 9 Camera work: 4 Female Performer Facial Looks: 9 Body Looks: 7 Body Description: Short, kinda stocky, bad acne on butt, butt = big, tits = medium Flab Factor: Low Sexiness: 5 Acting: 4 Male Performer Quality of dick(s): Big one = 9, Smaller one = 4 Body(s): Both Acceptable Aggressiveness (Quality) of fucking: 5 Positions Encountered: Reverse Cow Girl, Cowgirl, Doggie, 2 cum to face (no anal) Quick Comments: Very bland. Typical sex scene. Nothing stands out. Camera zoomed in too close most of the time.
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Review brief: Me Luv U Long Time #5 **** 2003, 2 hours and 20 minutes Red Light District Video Directed by Robbie Fischer Produced by Dion Giarrusso Starring Nautica Thorn, Luci Thai, Sable Simms, Kylie Rey, Lucy Lee, Brooke Milano The Knowledge: Its amazing to me that in 2004, the adult industry still remains impervious to the politically-correct notions of mainstream moviemaking. Only in porn can a white man make a flick entitled, Big Butt Black Bitches and not be called a racist or misogynist. In fact, hed be lauded as the opposite; a lover of women, especially those of color. Its a weird world we live in, no? The rules are completely opposite once you reach the Van Nuys city limits. Porn has always drawn clear lines in the sand and looked the other way, turning a blind eye where it concerns ethnicity and what the square world would call blatant discrimination. In smut, its not considered an exclusion, its called catering to a fetish.
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Review brief: DreamWeaver Reviews Adult DVD Talk Movie Review: Red Light District 1 Dick 2 Chicks General Summary Theme Every mans fantasy - 2 girls to pleasure you in every way imaginable. Swap them up and go from one hole to another. Expectations I'm looking for another strong RLD title with well captured, heated sex scenes, and by the looks of the box cover, a great cast! General Impression This movie was made for every man, regardless of craze and fixation. For the most part, the cast is excellent and there isn't a single disappointing scene on the DVD.
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Review brief: Wow, this one has a fine premise going for it. You start out the scene with two gorgeous girls in baseball jerseys kissing, fondling, and licking all each respective body!! This goes on for several minutes so all you lesbian sex fans will get yours as the girls all lick pussy with genuine lust and the kissing is pretty good as well. Now after this awesome g/g play to begin you then add in a guy or guys to the mix so you get hot sex and a splendid facial finish with some added g/g kissing at the end! Sounds like a winning formula if there ever was one and I will say right now that Robbie Fischer has carried it off beautifully making this one a definite highlight of my porn viewing year!! So let's hit some highlights for each scene! Rosie & Nevaeh: As the scene opens the girls are already in an embrace kissing each other. They are also clad each in a baseball jersey, Rosie is in blue while Nevaeh is wearing an Angels jersey.
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Review brief: Red Light has a series here featuring some good ole fashioned one on one sex, hence the movies apt title. I see a nice variety of performers on hand so let's see just how good they are at one on one! Kimy West: Well a short haired brunette greets us in the first scene. Tease/ Interview: Kimy tells us most guys like either her eyes or her ass the most. She stands up to give us a shot of her bum which doesn't look to bad though it's hidden under her panties. Steve Holmes soon has a seat next to Kimy and they kiss a bit. There is also some finger play and lots of sexy talk between the two. Fans of hairy pussies will like what they see here and Steve isn't shy and dives in for a piece of pie! Kimy then gets a go and gags on his cock before Steve fingers her once again and his fingers pull out soaking wet. Kimy is nice enough to lick them clean! Sex Highlights: They start off in doggie and Steve slaps her ass cheeks to a rosy finish.
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