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Review brief: Me Luv U Long Time #6 Prologue I'm on an Asian girl kick and Red Light District has dropped Me Luv U Long Time 6 into the mix. The women in this volume are exquisite and I look forward to their corruption and debauching. Lily Thai starts out talking dirty to us and baring her lovely, pierced tits for us. She teases us with her still covered pussy, playing with herself through her panties. She removes them and strokes her kitty, still talking trash. I'm ready. Where's the meat? She wants a big cock. Julian appears, and he's hard as a rock. Lily can barely get her mouth over the tip, but she works it nice with hand and tongue. While Lily is washing his balls, Julian requests a taste of her pussy. She gets wound up in a hurry and springs a major leak. She says she never had anyone make her cum eating pussy. Really? Julian sticks his head back in and does it again for extra measure. The cameraman pulls away just as she's soaking his face.
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Review brief: ME LUV U LONG TIME #5 SCENE 1: Nautica Thorn + 2 white guys Technicals Intrigue/Quality of Location/Set: 2 Lighting: 9 Camera work: 4 Female Performer Facial Looks: 9 Body Looks: 7 Body Description: Short, kinda stocky, bad acne on butt, butt = big, tits = medium Flab Factor: Low Sexiness: 5 Acting: 4 Male Performer Quality of dick(s): Big one = 9, Smaller one = 4 Body(s): Both Acceptable Aggressiveness (Quality) of fucking: 5 Positions Encountered: Reverse Cow Girl, Cowgirl, Doggie, 2 cum to face (no anal) Quick Comments: Very bland. Typical sex scene. Nothing stands out. Camera zoomed in too close most of the time.
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Review brief: Me Luv U Long Time #5 **** 2003, 2 hours and 20 minutes Red Light District Video Directed by Robbie Fischer Produced by Dion Giarrusso Starring Nautica Thorn, Luci Thai, Sable Simms, Kylie Rey, Lucy Lee, Brooke Milano The Knowledge: Its amazing to me that in 2004, the adult industry still remains impervious to the politically-correct notions of mainstream moviemaking. Only in porn can a white man make a flick entitled, Big Butt Black Bitches and not be called a racist or misogynist. In fact, hed be lauded as the opposite; a lover of women, especially those of color. Its a weird world we live in, no? The rules are completely opposite once you reach the Van Nuys city limits. Porn has always drawn clear lines in the sand and looked the other way, turning a blind eye where it concerns ethnicity and what the square world would call blatant discrimination. In smut, its not considered an exclusion, its called catering to a fetish.
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Review brief: This has been a good series for Red Light exposing some hot Asian babes and this time is no different. I see Katsumi and Roxy are in this along with some other new Asian girls so enjoy the ride as these girls luv U Long Time!! Roxy: This gorgeous girl is up first and we see her sitting on a couch for a little interview. Tease/ Interview: She's a London babe plus she has a little Thai in her. Roxy had done some exotic dancing before the porn biz and this particular scene is early in her career, less than a week. Roxy knew she'd be good at porn since age 13 and she is quite proud of her pussy which is neatly trimmed. As for a favorite position she loves taking a big fat cock in her pussy doggiestyle! The interview now over Roxy begins talking dirty to us as her hands roam over her tight body. Great ass shot, whew it is one fine bootie!! Erik and Lex soon join her and EE goes right away for her pussy while Mr.
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Review brief: I just read Bono's review of this vid and I agree that this is a good series. I love Asian girls and I think there should be more high-quality Asian-themed vids. I also agree that the girls in this volume, just like in volumes #1 & #2 are very attractive. In particular I think that Lucy Lee and Nina Lynn are gorgeous. And Kitty is just the cutest little thing (her double facial cumshot is the hotest part of the vid). With all this being said I must honestly say that I still came away disappointed in the vid. Why, you ask? Answer: ONLY 1 ANAL SCENE!!!!! Now I realize that this is an Asian-themed vid not an anal-themed vid. I don't accept that excuse however. This is not the late 70's or early 80's when they could get away with very few facial cumshots and almost no anal. I feel that in order for any vid to be completely hot there must be a lot of anal, no matter what the theme. Personally, I want every scene to have at least some anal and end in a facial. Not everyone feels the same and I can understand that.
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Review brief: Red Light has a pretty good series going with Me Luv U Long Time. The first two had some pretty exotic looking Asian women doing all the things you'd want them to do!! I expect similar results from this volume. The director for this, Robbie Fischer has assembled a good looking cast so let's not waste anymore time and get to some luving! Lucy Lee: She has a nice attractive face with nice shoulder length black hair and she has a nice smile. This is quite early in her career when this scene was shot, about a week! Lucy is a fan of the blowjob which makes her welcum on this viewers screen. She offers the interviewer a demonstration of her talents! Next we see Lucy is totally nude as Brian Pumper joins her. Brian turns her around and the sex gets going right away and we see: Doggie & Scissors-- Brian pulls his cock through his pants and slides into Lucy's wet pussy. Good firm strokes and we see Lucy looking back as Brian keeps stroking. Lucy also turns around to suck on his cock so she gets a taste of her own juices.
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