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Review brief: Another horror porn, but done seriously this time. A bland but sometimes bloody remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but with absolutely no style or substance. We do get a bunch of punks though. But WHO CARES?
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Review brief: Death, gore, and hardcore sex: what more could you ask for! The girls look great and the sex is hot in this horror-porn remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. A must see.
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Review brief: An average movie that doesn't last long enough to complain about. The runtime on this DVD is under 90 minutes so don't blink or you might miss it.
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Review brief: Here we have Cum Stain Girls that is directed by alt porn filmer Rob Rotten for Hustler. Rob Rotten is mostly known for his work in the alt porn genre, releasing films like "Porn Of The Dead" and "Chronicles Of A Pervert". This release however, does not enter into the alt Porn genre, but a plain old hardcore gonzo flick. Rob has done a great job of picking some very hot girls for this release. All of the scenes have a weird and funny setup that helps to get the scenes going, without just the regular old get naked and fuck setups.
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Review brief: General Impression Punk porn ? Gonzo ( as in Hunter Thompson-esque) porn ? Well, maybe so, cuz here we have director/performer Rob Rotten's visual homage to Hunter, and visceral homage to punk sensibility colliding cock first in this dvd. So how's the sex ? Sex Highlights Look at the cast list. Buncha cuties right ? Yeah. All do anal here. So now it doesnt seem too freaky then eh ? Well... Wonder what the ' Fear and Loathing' one mighta looked like doing the nasty ? Check out Rob's take, as he dp's the petite pairing of Kat and Jamie Elle. Nice load sharing to end their anal adventures in Gonzo-land. Frustrated porn-shelf stocker, Johnny Thrust conks his noggin' and imagines the perfect anal dream girl come to life, to make his anal dreams come true. Who better to embody the anal ideal than Taryn Thomas ! I liked that the vast majority of the anal here takes place in mish, a very sexy and under utilized position as far as porn these days goes.
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