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Review brief: ASS DEEP 2 Directed by Rob King. Five scenes, anal themed. While the sex is not 100 anal, the sex is very close to being all anal as there is only a little vaginal and or oral sex to begin the scenes. Each scene begins with a short tease and masturbation sequence. Ass Deep 2 is the first movie I've seen from Juicy Entertainment, a company which has been around for less than a year. I am usually hesitant to try new companies, as from my past experience I will usually find the content and production values are not up to par with those of the better known and established companies. I am glad to say this movie exceeded my expectations by far. I am always more pleased to see anal scenes like those contained here as opposed to those which devote half or more of the scene to vaginal sex. I am also very pleased to see the large amount of additional content included here. This movie gave me a very good impression of Juicy and I would definitely not hesitate to check out their future releases. SCENE 1: Isabel Ice with two males.
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Review brief: Ass Deep 2 Running Time: 120 min. Production Date: October 2004 The Pocketcomb Premise My guess is very few of you are familiar with Juicy Video. Furthermore, I would assume that even less of you are familiar with Rob King. All I can say is So Sad For You. The cast alone for this title ought to let you know the king of game and pull that these cats have, and once you see the ball in motion chances are you are going to do anything possible to get your salivating ass off the sidelines. If you want to understand where Im going you should see where Ive been. I suggest you check the original Knee Deep. Either way, this is enough ass to make you Christmas warm and bright. Isabel Ice [ /image ] --> 1st time I saw this girl was in Super Duper . I made mention that I was not fond of her looks. The day the review went live, I was flooded by emails asking me if I was blind. On top of people singing praises to her looks, they say shes the sweetest girl in the biz. I had an opportunity to speak with Isobel, and Im I did.
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Review brief: When you think Juicy, what comes to mind? Most people follow Juicy with Steak, Secret even Fart. For me, when I think Juicy, I tend to follow it with fruit, guess its the kid in me. Today Im reviewing my first title from Juicy Entertainment, Ass Deep. Mya Mason [ /image ] --> This girl can look incredible with time and makeup, but for some reason she tends to look rushed on camera. Her hair is rarely done, and her makeup does not look glamorous at all. Mya is 90lbs at best, and about 10 of that is in her ass. She has to be about the skinniest girl in the biz. Despite her petit frame, she takes on all challengers, and this is what makes her a good choice for Ass Deep. You get Anal, DP, Vag, and a massive blast at the end. Good heat, good start. Female Looks 8/10 Sex Rating 8/10 Shayna Knight [ /image ] --> Shayna is a 1st timer in my book. I have seen stills of this girl, and she is a looker. She is from Germany, and today reminds me a bit of Katja Kasin. Male talent in this scene had issues staying hard. He kept falling out of her ass, cause he was too soft.
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