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Boxcover for Manplay MP-026: Nailed
Manplay MP-026: Nailed 

Release date: 11/14/2006
Reviewed on: 12/11/2006 by joe-shaver

Starring: Tober Brandt, Scott Wilde, Matt Cole, Cole Ryan, Aaron Giant, Kyler Cox, Max Blue, Nickolay Petrov
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Brian Mills, Ray Dragon
Review brief: Its getting harder and harder to tell Titans Manplay series from their regular productionsand thats certainly not a complaint. Its especially difficult when this one features such Titan exclusives as Tober Brandt and one of the lusts-of-my-life, Cole Ryan. The film opens with Tober Brandt and the built and beautiful Matt Cole engaged in some pretty heavy cruising. Tober shows Matt his hard dick, but its the display of Tobers meaty ass that brings Matts own hard cock out into the open. Matt crosses over to Tober. Rampant cocks spar with one another as Matt pulls on one of Tobers nipple rings and the studs kiss. Tober drops down to consume Matts raging hard-on. Its one hell of a blowjob. When its Matts turn to go down on Tober, he gives as good as he got. Then holding fiercely to Tobers cock, Matt brings forth a copious load from that inflexible shaft to spatter his chest. Matt rises to erupt on Tobers crotch. With the oral over, its time now for the anal. Matt bends over and presents his ass for Tobers pleasure.
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Review brief: In something of a return to the classic Manplay series there is no plot, just 9 hot guys doing what they do best in 3 dick-stiffening scenes. The first scene takes place in a locker room. Vin Nolan, Felipe Carson, and Logan Penn get one anothers attention and begin to engage in a bit of crotch-play when David Locke enters to make it a foursome. Vin is a hunky dude with a mustache and goatee; Felipe is a muscular Latin stud; Logan is slim and sexy with a military haircut and a large snake tattoo on his right thigh that doesnt distract from the other snake between his legs. David could use some gym work and a shave, but he has a nice hairy chest and is quite desirable. Felipe sucks Vin and Logan sucks David before David drops down to service Logan. Vin is not averse to giving Felipe some head as Logan returns to swallowing David. Eventually they switch partners with Logan going down on Felipe while David takes over sucking Vin. They get together for David to service the other three. Vin has a go at the others as well.
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Review brief: I really wonder why Titan and other companies insist on giving us a preview of the action after weve already bought or rented the DVD. I much prefer to be surprised and I expect others do too. BOOT CAMP: Manplay 24 hasas the title suggestsa military theme. It is in many ways a halfway return to the familiar Manplays of old: groups of guys getting together and having what appears to be (but isnt) improvised sex. There are two threesomes and one foursome and they just get better as we go along. In the opener we find 3 guys standing more or less at attention. They are Darius Falke, Adam Faust, and Sergio Anthony. At twenty minutes I found the oral segment of their scene to be much too long. They then shoot their loads and move on to eating ass and fucking. The next twosome is more to my taste but those who like em rougher and more rugged may prefer the first trio. These three studs are the very sexy Danny Dune, and the stunning Dominic Pacifico and Jon Matthews. Their oral segment is just the right length before its time to eat some ass and fuck.
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