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Review brief: This will be the first of my reviews of the "Cult 70s Porno Directors" series from ABA. This collection of three films by true schlock filmmaker Ray Dennis Steckler is a truly awful grouping of terrible films. They're pretty much all the same film in that none of them has a plot and for some reason all involve roller skates. Go figure. Steckler, who also made horror themed porn under the moniker Sven Christian, was never looked at as even a good director outside of the hardcore industry and thus the reduction of his already miniscule budgets and the inclusion of hardcore sex into his films makes them even more tedious as entertainment. I suppose the sex scenes could be described as "erotic" but that would have to be from a very jaded perspective. There is a lot of sex though if that makes this package any more enticing. Overall the films are of OK AV quality. All from VHS tapes with Indian Lady faring best, but all being watchable enough to be able to make out the "action." All also appear to be uncut (though I couldn't image such crap being cut anyway).
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Review brief: Year of Release: 1981 DVD Runtime: 1 hr. 16 min. 13 sec. Credits (As they appear) Starring Debbie Truelove Toni Reenee Charles Antony Jerry Davis with Andrea Martin Rick Valenzio Sunny Summers Kelly Mathews Harry Moran Angela ODay Starr Johnson George Beaumont Photographed & Edited by Hans B. Anderson Written, Produced, & Directed by Cindy Lou Sutters MTVs Real World, CSI, The Casino, Dr. Vegas, Father of the Pride, American Casino, etc. Television is quickly turning Las Vegas into one of the most recognizable cities in the world. The glamour, the lights, the mega resort casinos. Was Vegas always this big and clean? Why not take a trip to the Vegas of yesteryear and see how much it has changed. The story of Indian Lady if you can honestly call it a story has Debbie Truelove roller skating back and forth across early 1980s Las Vegas, voyeuring her friends during their most intimate moments.
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