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Boxcover for Elixir: Love Potion 1
Elixir: Love Potion 1 

Release date: 9/26/2006
Reviewed on: 11/28/2006 by wizzerbud

Starring: Pablo Montero, Poax, Vitor Manzini, Sam Mendes, Adriel Ventura, Humberto Cesar, Juan Navarro, Rayko, Regis, Wagner Touro
Studio: Tribal Pulse

Directed by: Pietro
Review brief: Elixir Love Potion is a Tribal Pulse production that takes place out of South America. The video, at almost 2 hours, has four scenes in it. Since all the models performing speak in either Spanish or Portuguese, I do not really know what they are saying when they speak. The only language I understood in it was the universal language of sex and there was plenty of that. As the film opens, there are 9 guys sitting around a table with an older gentlemen and he is holding up some bottle that has a couple of labels on it. One says Tester and the other says Catuaba Pau Brasil. (I googled Catuaba and learned that it is some herb derived from bark that is supposed to have sexual stimulant effects.) The guys are handed what appears to be a survey or test or maybe some info about the bottle. They are all given a glass of this potion; they toast, and are on their way. Two of the guys head out to the swimming pool and find another guy already sitting at a table by the pool. They pour a glass of the potion and are soon rubbing on each other.
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Boxcover for Beauty Prison
Beauty Prison 

Release date: 3/1/2006
Reviewed on: 3/22/2006 by wizzerbud

Starring: Alan Bueno, Gustavo Moreira, Tommy Castellari
Studio: Tribal Pulse

Directed by: Pietro
Review brief: Tribal Pulses Beauty Prison starts out with one puzzler---where did the title come from? The entire video takes place in a health club. Initially looking at the opening credits and seeing the cast makes you think this video is going to be a scorcher given the hot looking cast, but the 75 minutes of video goes through four lackluster scenes. We have an English speaking person who gives a brief one or two sentence introduction to each scene. Nowhere along the way do we get any insight as to where the title came from. The first scene opens with two guys, Alan and Gustavo, ready to hit the showers after their workout. The background voice tells us they are gym buddies. However, before they shower, they start stripping and making out. They spend some time kissing and licking each others chest and then Gustavo gets down on his knees to suck Alan. Neither of these guys is all that handsome but their nice muscular athletic build makes up for it. Alan has some low hanging balls that bounce around as he is sucked.
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Review brief: Here is a film that can be recommended for its beautiful scenery but with serious reservations as regards the sexual activity therein. The basic problem is that in three of the four scenes the sex is not truly reciprocal. In three of the scenes there is one who rims and fucks but does not suck dick, while there is one who sucks and is fucked. It is an annoying pattern and produces rather lukewarm sex. We begin with two lovers awaiting the arrival of four guests. There is just enough time to get in a quickie and they do. Robson Moreno, the fuckee in this twosome is a real sex pig who seems to enjoy sucking dick and getting fucked. His partner, Rafael Nunes, is rather churlish and indifferent making it rather one-sided. This is to be repeated throughout the film with one exception as noted above. The second scene occurs in a truly idyllic setting. A river rushes around large rocks. Jonas Santos a chunky youth encounters Caio Macedo, a tiny youngster in a yellow Speedo.
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