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Review brief: I wasnt looking forward to watching this one when I saw it included a performer whom I truly dislike. That fact made my viewing not just of this film but of many 90s films difficult because it seemed that for a while this performer was in every damn fuck flick made. That old adage familiarity breeds contempt never seemed more apt. He was handsome enough, but he conveyed the personality of an egoistic narcissist; and no amount of good looks can compensate for that. We first see the drifterChris Danodrifting along. Then as we see Paul Morgan returning home we hear an earlier conversation as he bids goodbye to his wife before taking her to a plane. Looking out the window he spies the humpy Chris sunning himself by the pool. Chris is only wearing a posing strap and his muscles are on full display. Paul (playing a stupid hetero twit) suggests Chris move on. But Chris shows Paul his balls. N0not those between his legsbut a pair of Chinese steel balls of the kind used to calm nerves or exercise arthritic hands. These are special balls however.
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Review brief: Even at 62 minutes, this one's waaaaaaaay too long. Six guys are sitting around playing poker. Bored with the game, someone suggests they play strip poker. One of the guys refuses and leaves. Another follows after him. The four remaining guys: Kevin Cobain, Dom Sinclair, Paul Carrigan, and another I don't know lose all their clothing and start having sex. Kevin and Paul pair up; Dom and the other dude do, too. While they are sucking dick, Rick Rogue and another guy see them from outside and they get it on. Then it's back inside for the fucking with Kevin and Dom as the fuckers. Kevin is a nice looker and Paul and Dom are seasoned pros, yet it's hard to imagine more lackluster sex. (Yawn) For the final scene it's the two guys who left the game. I was glad they left. Talk about your anti-climax. The extras include a photo gallery (who cares?) and trailers that are nothing but phone ads for straights. I've seen some pretty bad films in my time.
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