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Review brief: When a desperate girl on the street sells Kevin James a ring that she stole from her father, his (...sexual...) luck changes...and so does everyone else's who comes into possession of the bejeweled band. Such is the case in "Ring of Desire", a good, 1981 release from Peter Balakoff and Gourmet Video. Indeed, the ring finds itself passed around the various corners--and between the assorted characters--of Hollywood, from lawyers to actresses to writers to prostitutes and so on, and whoever owns it at the time finds him- or herself quite lucky ( in "getting lucky"...). With a clever, though simple plot, good acting, a number of shorter sex scenes, and a strong cast, this little fuck-flick from yesteryear is actually a lot of fun and worthy of a watch...particularly for fans of the classics.
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Review brief: Peter Balakoff (aka Ted Roter) was one of many former exploitation film directors turned hardcore film directors to make ends meat. Some did well while others floundered. Roter is somewhere in the middle. Although his films are frequently poorly shot and feature less than pleasing production values, he makes up for these minor faults through his surprisingly smart scripts and above average acting from his cast of relative unknowns. Here we have two of his least seen films, Hollywood She-Wolves and Paul, Lisa, And Caroline. Although She Wolves is nothing more than a run of the mill porn, PLC is a surprisingly insightful look at a menage-a-trois lifestyle. Roter's stock actress Gena Lee is Caroline, just married to Paul (played handsomely by director Roter) who decide to engage in swinging with Paul's sometimes fling Lisa. Roter creates strong, realistic characters with real problems which are handled with maturity and class. Gena Lee gives another wonderful performance proving that she certainly was one of the finest thespians in the whole of the industry during the late 70s.
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