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Review brief: Paul Thomas writes and directs PERVERT (2010, LFP Video-Paris on the Prairie Productions) with not one but two perverted tales.
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Review brief: This is a fantastic adult feature. The movie nicely works with two vignettes with a very nice thread to connect them, and the sexual scenes mesh perfectly with the non-sex scenes. There isn't anything close to even an average performance through the movie, and the direction and camera work are spot-on as well. The technical aspects show just as much care with a presentation to rival mainstream productions, but sadly the DVD stumbles at the last moment by being nearly devoid of extras. This is a fantastic feature on a DVD that fell just short of a perfect rating due to a lack of extras.
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Review brief: A new show from Paul Thomas and it takes us to a couple different scenarios that play out over the course of the movie. It's two scenes broken up into four parts essentially. There is some jumping around during them, more so in the second one. Basically it's all about being a pervert and this movie uses some role playing to convey this to us.
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